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Started by Razaron, August 24, 2018, 05:48:09 AM

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The tallest hills of Tanaan Jungle were now a plain of lifeless dirt with swirling winds that picked up the dusty surface making it difficult to traverse. The only signs of life on these hills were to the very pinnacle, Rylak’s still nested here and Razaron would have to climb his way to the top and kill an adult to complete his om’riggor. Gorgush had given his son Razaron an almost impossible task to complete especially at his age but Razaron wanted to show his father how much he had grown, he had always longed for his approval and acceptance. So now here he stood at the foot of the dead hill, there was no going back, he either completed his Om’riggor or died trying. During the Om’riggor Razaron was removed of his armor and clothes and was only allowed one weapon, navigating the hill with no tools to aid him was a struggle.  The dead dirt would crumble under his grasp and securing a footing was challenging at best but somehow Razaron persevered to a credible height, he had something to prove and that determination would keep him going. He some how neared the summit, the wind was much stronger the higher he climbed and now dust was being blown from the dirt which made it visibly harder to see. Suddenly a monstrous roar reverberated at top the hill and before Razaron could react he was knocked off his feet and lost his grip off his axe. The rylak now stood on his back legs with his gigantic wings in full display trying to intimidate his prey, Razaron quickly rolled away ignoring the pain of being ambushed as the two-headed rylak now snapped at him trying to finish him off quickly. Razaron’s life was now in jeopardy, the impossible task looked all that impossible, he was defenseless and was doing all he could to evade against a much larger beast. If only I could get to my axe? Where is it? He thought, he couldn’t see far because the dusty earth had created a cloud, he tried to peer through but it was too late, the Rylak had recovered and had knocked him to the ground and was a bout to finish him off.

Abruptly a female cry came rushing out of the clouds which caught the Rylak off guard, it was the Matron, she must of followed Razaron on his om’riggor. With one flash strike she had slashed at the Rylak in the back with her polearm, the Rylak screamed in pain knocking the Matron away with a beat of it’s wings. “MOVE RAZARON!” howled the Matron, she had given him time, time he used to get to his feet and tried and search for his axe. The rylak's two heads and four eyes now stared directly at the threat in hand, it scurried towards the Matron biting and growling. The matron slowly walked backwards jabbing with her polearm trying to keep the beast at bay when she tripped over a rock and landed on her back, the Rylak took no hesitation this time as it started to gnaw away at the Matron’s abdomen. “No!” cried Razaron now armed with his axe he charged over and landed a fatal blow on the Rylak that severed both of it's necks beheading the creature, it's gigantic body went limp and fell to the earth.

Razaron cradled his grandmother as blood was pouring out of her midsection, “I can save you, let me use the-the techniques you’ve shown me!” The matron put a finger to Razaron’s lips stopping him, “No, this wound would kill you trying to save me.” The Matron coughed with blood now coming out of her mouth. “Why didn’t you tell me you were my grandmother?” Razaron sobbed trying in vain to stop the bleeding with his hands. “Because if anyone knew they would of stopped me seeing you, your father never forgave me for not saving you both. Your mother Kazraka had a difficult pregnancy, when you were born something went terribly wrong and I only had the power to save one of you. She begged me that I saved you, that I did.” The Matron coughed once more with even more blood. “When Gorgush looks at you Razaron all he is seeing his the killer of his beloved mate, this is why he is cold with you. But I could never be..” The Matron put her hand on Razaron’s cheek, “Oh young Razaron you take after your mother.” The Matron said looking at him deeply. “You wanted to know my name did you not? Well you were named after me young Razaron, I was named Razara.” Razara let out a small smirk as remaining life drained from her face and body, Razaron clutched at his grandmother and let out all of his emotions with a cry that would wake the ancestors.

Razaron arrived at the bottom of the Tanaan hill, Razara’s body over his shoulder and one of the bloody heads of Rylak clenched in his hand. To Razaron’s surprise there was a welcoming party, Gorgush was there with some of the other Bleeding Hollow clan. “What do we have here? You’ve performed your om’riggor no doubt about it.” Gorgush said eying the rylak’s head. “But what is this?” he looked at the corpse on Razaron’s shoulder. “She’s dead? The Matron is dead? You sort help in your om’riggor? ARE YOU INSANE?” bellowed Gorgush. “This is meant to be a solo kill to prove yourself and that witch killed herself so you could complete your task?” Razaron had heard enough, he carefully lay Razara’s body to the floor and dropped the head of his kill and walked with a purpose towards his father. “My boy couldn’t even complete his task by himself..” Before Gorgush could get anymore words out of his fel mouth he has been struck by Razaron’s fist as he fell backwards on his arse. “I don’t know who you are anymore, but you’re not my father!” Razaron had said with a dead eyed stare, Gorgush touched his lip and checked his hand to see if he was bleeding. “So I’m not your father? Then you’re not my son! I will accept your om’riggor kill but for now till the end of days you will be known as Razaron the Insane.” Gorgush got to his feet “You are not worthy of Gul’dan’s gift!” Gorgush said spitting in Razaron’s face, Razaron brushed away the bloody saliva, he didn’t care anymore nor did he want this gift. He walked away listening to the Bleeding Hollow orcs cursing him from behind, it was time to light a pyre for his grandmother Razara.