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Guidelines for Newblood Training

Started by Nosh'marak, August 09, 2018, 11:46:39 AM

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Greetings everyone!

Based on regular members (Gosh'kar and Nag'ogar) being able to tutor New Bloods on their path to swearing their oath, we officers decided it's time to give some proper guidelines on how Newblood training should be done, as it can be harmful to the overall community in the Clan if Newblood training is all over the place and not done properly. :) Keep in mind that the do's and don'ts in this post are extremely important, and should not be strayed from. Adding flavour to your tasks is alright - Changing the core principles is not!

Newblood training is a process in which an Orc who has sworn their oath tutors a New Blood Orc in the ways of the Red Blade Clan, including our culture, our code of honour, and how our Orcs act and think. This is normally a process that takes around a month, but times can vary from a few weeks to even a few months. When doing these Newblood Trainings, it's important to keep a few things in mind.

What to do when training a New Blood:

  • Teach them about the Code of Honour/Code of Akashok. The Code is one of our most fundamental pieces of culture, and dictates how Orcs should act and treat the world around them; and thus is extremely important for the New Blood to learn and understand.

  • Teach them about the Paths in the Red Blade Clan. One of the most important parts of the Clan is the structure within it, and considering a New Blood will eventually be confronted with the prospect of choosing one of the two paths, it is extremely important to learn about them both; hierarchy and values alike.

  • First and foremost encourage player interaction. Not only are the tasks there to teach New Bloods about culture and Red Blade life, but also to have them fit in. It's highly important that the New Blood gets to interact with other Orcs during each and every one of their tasks, in order to know and trust who they surround themselves with.

What not to do when training a New Blood:

  • Give marks for unrelated tasks. Marks are only to be given for completing tasks, and for extraordinary feats of strength that are directly connected with the wellbeing of the Clan and its members. If you send your New Blood to gather ten bear butts in Ashenvale and give them a mark for it, you're doing it wrong!
  • Repeat any tasks. This one goes without saying; it's not quite productive to hand out the same tasks over and over again to New Bloods. As a tutor, you're expected to put in at least a fair bit of effort in to making the New Blood's journey the best it can be. Try to add some flavour to the tasks, based on the Orc you're handing them out to; it'll ultimately help them feel more welcome!
  • Give tasks not based around player interaction. As said previously, Newblood Training is all about making the New Blood feel like they know who and what they surround themselves with, and that they fit in to the clan. If an Orc is simply sent to say, knit their tutor a scarf or conduct a ritual to ancestors of the Clan all alone, they won't actually know who they're doing this all for.

Examples of tasks that can be given:

  • Listen to and/or tell an X amount of stories from others or yourself.
  • Speak to an X amount of Orcs from each path and learn about their path, and why they chose it.
  • Aid an Orc of higher standing with X amount of tasks or lectures.

That is the basic jist of Newblood Training! It's quite important not to skip out on any of these, because as said, if Orcs are simply rushed through training and do not get to know the Clan properly, it'll end up hurting the community in the long run.

Now go out there and train some New Bloods, all of you Nag'ogar and Gosh'kar!
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