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Chapter II: The Honor of Orcs

Started by Kozgugore, March 22, 2018, 06:50:57 PM

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Part 1: Old Grudges (25th of March, 2018)
Part 2: By Demons Be Driven (27th of March, 2018)
Part 3: Fury Road (30th of March, 2018)
Part 4: No Place Like Home (3rd of April, 2018)
Part 5: Empires and Heroes (6th of April, 2018)
Part 6: Planting a Flag (8th of April, 2018)
Part 7: The Hunger Game (10th of April, 2018)
Part 8: Conquerors and Murderers (13th of April, 2018)
Part 9: Hearts and Minds (17th of April, 2018)
Part 10: Spearbreaker (20th of April, 2018)
Part 11: Uprising (22nd of April, 2018)
Part 12: The Night of Spears (29th of April, 2018)

The Burning Legion has been defeated, yet the world is not at rest. It is wounded - a god's blade having pierced its heart - and the Horde and Alliance quarrel over its scraps. Meanwhile, however, other denizen of the world have not been sitting idle.

In the absence of the Horde's military from the homelands, old enemies have been allowed to grow unchecked. Four months ago, the Red Blade already witnessed first hand how the Kolkar clan in the Northern Barrens had grown in discomforting number. Its local leader, Warlord Krerak, had tolerated the Red Blade's incursion upon their lands in exchange for eliminating the Burning Blade threat atop Dreadmist Peak. Now, however, the Kolkar have grown ever more confident with the increase in their numbers. Raids upon caravans and locals are a common occurrence as the Red Blade, too, witnessed when the son of a local pig farmer begged for their aid as his family's home was attacked by a Kolkar raiding party led by one of its champions, Worza. Sargeras' piercing blade intervened the battle that ensued that evening, but it was undoubtedly not the last encounter the orcs will have had with the emboldened Kolkar clan...
Kozgugore Feraleye - Chieftain of the Red Blade



Part 1: Old Grudges
25th of March

Centaurs upon orcish soil! Normally, it is not a thing for anyone to be too surprised of. But so close to Orgrimmar walls? That will not stand. It was with this in mind that the Red Blade, accompanied by some welcome allies of the Shatterskull Marauders, set out from Razor Hill to patrol along the Southfury River. According to several reports, Kolkar centaurs had slowly begun to encroach closer and closer upon the borders of Durotar, piercing deep into the eastern regions of the Barrens. Even for the emboldened Kolkar, this was unheard of...

With one party led by Kozgugore Feraleye and another by Vraxxar Wildmark, the orcs split up to cover as much ground along the river as possible. Several chance (and frankly, strange) encounters were had along the way, but certainly no concerning signs of centaur intrusions. When Feraleye's party ventured to the southernmost reaches of the riverbank in Durotar however, they did indeed find a host of twenty or so centaurs on the opposite side of the river. They appeared to be foraging for food, thrusting their spears into the water. The two scouting parties regrouped as they crossed the bridge into the Barrens to confront the Kolkar intruders, approaching them as stealthily as possible to ensure a successful surprise attack. After all, what better message to send, in order to ensure the centaurs will think twice before returning to Durotar's borders?

Kargnar Bloodpaw led a small party of wolf-mounted orcs to the centaurs' west flank, ensuring they would be trapped between the orcs and a river of crocolisks. With the sounding of the Chieftain's war horn, the order to attack was given. Scores of Kolkar died quickly at the blades of the orcs, standing no chance against their overwhelming might. Even as the centaurs were driven further and further into the river however, one of them had managed to sound a horn of his own. Reinforcements were closing in quick, leaving the orcs with but little time to finish them off before they would have to meet with another war party of centaurs.

A charge in the orcs' flank was inevitable as the reinforcements came within sight. Unable to finish off all of the centaurs, the orcs turned to form a defensive line against the incoming charge of thundering hooves. The centaurs would soon be upon them, when suddenly... their leader ordered them to a halt. Their leader, a big, elderly centaur, hailed the orcs and introduced himself as the former Warlord Krerak of Clan Kolkar, the same Warlord who once granted the Red Blades passage through his lands in their pursuit of the Burning Blade cultists some months ago. He claimed his followers were merely there to forage and live off the lands, harbouring no hostile intentions. What is more, however, he attempted to reason with the Red Blades... to join his side. Krerak, as it turned out, was deposed from his throne as Warlord of the Kolkar clan in the Barrens. His Champion, Worza, had usurped him, resulting in Krerak's exile along with those few who still chose to loyally follow him. Krerak offered a proposal to the orcs: help him retake the Kolkar throne of Warlord, and they would have his solemn vow that any raids on Horde lands and caravans would cease. After all, it was worth the gamble for Krerak, who at this point had very little to lose...

Unfortunately for Krerak, the orcs rejected. Though some were in favour of allowing the former Warlord a chance to prove himself, among which Kargnar Bloodpaw, Vraxxar Wildmark and Rhonya Steelheart, others, including the Chieftain, could not find it within themselves to trust the word of a centaur whose followers previously still pillaged and raided the land freely. Besides, what honour is there in the words of a centaur, a sworn enemy of the Horde? The Code of Akashok forbade the orcs to pledge alliances with outlaws to the Horde and the dishonorable, so the former Warlord was given their final word. Chieftain Feraleye allowed Krerak and his band of loyal followers to gather up their wounded and dead. After that, however, they were to depart these borders to never be seen again. And should they choose to do so regardless, they would risk doing so with the promise of a guaranteed death. Thus, both clans tended to their own wounded and went their own way. Orgrimmar's request to root out any possible threats along the Durotar border had been dealt with. It was time to return to Razor Hill and await further orders...
Kozgugore Feraleye - Chieftain of the Red Blade


Part 2: By Demons Be Driven
28th of March

It was promising to be a quiet night as the orcs settled around a bonfire just outside of Razor Hill. Word of a battle being waged over the scraps of a human keep in the Barrens had reached them, but for the time being, the Red Blades were being held back in reserve as the conflict remained under control. There was more than just the human threat to contend with, after all. The centaur threat had been driven away from their borders and further orders were awaited to be given from Orgrimmar. It seemed the night would pass by quietly as the orcs were about to tell tales of old around the fire... But then, spiritual energies were carried by the winds. The fire suddenly sparked to life, its flames carried high into the sky. Before the orcs had any chance to shield their eyes or avoid the licks of the flame, the fire turned bright blue from within. It engulfed the orcs, wrapping them into its warm blanket... but it did not harm them. Instead, it lulled them to sleep, carrying them off to a time and place far away...

They awoke in what might well have been hell in its own right. Fire had spread in the forest in front of them, and the thunders of war echoed all around. They were no longer in their own time, nor in their own bodies. This was the Third War and the Battle of Ashenvale. Sergeants pushed them onward to march into battle before they had any chance to regain their bearings, explaining that Warchief Thrall had ordered the enemy here be put down. How did they end up here and, more importantly, why? There was little time to mull over any of these things. Soon, they were beset upon by orcs... red-skinned, fel-ridden orcs! They carried upon them the banner of the Warsong clan, but they saw no ally in the Horde grunts. Without warning or remorse, they came charging straight at them! A hectic battle ensued, and though the orcs managed to stand fast against the Chaos Orc onslaught, orcs were dying left and right. They had to push through to survive this strange dream, and fast.

Wave after wave, the dreaming orcs overcame as they pushed onward into the forest. Signs of battle and carnage was all around them, and even the sky was not safe as large, fiery boulders came crashing down from the canopy above and plummeted into the earth in front of them to rise up and halt their advance. The Warsong clan stood beside the demons of the Burning Legion! This must be what the Warchief ordered them to fight, rather than the elves in this very forest. In a strange twist of fate, orc now fought orc in order to help save elves and humans alike. Despite these strange circumstances, the orcs continued their advance upon the enemy when finally, the end goal was in sight. The Chaos Orcs were besieging a small, elven settlement that was hanging by a thread, its defenders overwhelmed and about to be crushed for good, would the orcs not intervene. There was a brief moment of pause as they wondered whether to truly fight through these orcs who were once their brethren in order to fight a potential enemy of the Horde, but they finally chose to press on regardless of the odds and circumstances. The settlement and its few surviving civilians needed them...

Chaos warlocks, raiders and even a blademaster stood in their path as they rushed to the defense of the few remaining elves. More of the orcs fell as only a handful remained to put a stop to the cruel slaughter. It was only by their combined attacks that the orcs managed to persevere over the overwhelming odds, but victory was eventually seized by the New Horde! There were but a handful of civilians and sentinels left in the settlement, but what was to become of them? Their ultimate fate was left in the orcs' hands... Would they allow the elves to live... or would they put them down, knowing in the back of their minds that these elves might full well pose a threat to the Horde and their own offspring one day? There was a brief discord among the orcs' ranks as they attempted to decide the civilians' fate. In the end however, a great majority stood in favour of sparing the populace. They had suffered enough this day. As the decision was made, a small, night elven child suddenly stepped forth to address the orcs. When she spoke however, her voice had more than just the tang of youth and innocence about it. There was an underlying echo of something else, something older entirely, backing her words up. “Only judge others by their honor,” she proclaimed. “Be hospitable and generous to those in need. That is our way. That is the Code of our ancestors. And thus shall it ever be.”

What did the words mean? To the grunts of Thrall's New Horde, they were strange words to hear from a child's mouth. To the Red Blades who witnessed this vision deep down, however, they were recognized as some of the words of their very own Code of Honor. But how did a child come to speak such words? They were given little time to contemplate this. The white veil of the vision began to advance upon them, washing over them like a rejuvenating shower. It forced them back into consciousness.

The Red Blades woke up around the same fire they had previously gathered around. Its fires had died down however, leaving little more but small embers. For how long had they lost their consciousness? And what was the purpose of this dream?... Or was it a vision, sent by the Great Spirits themselves? The child's words certainly appeared to hint as much. But why did the spirits see fit to bestow upon them such a powerful vision of the past? The orcs were left to discuss the vision's message around a dying bonfire, leaving them with more questions than answers. Time will have to tell what purpose such a harrowing vision served...
Kozgugore Feraleye - Chieftain of the Red Blade


Part 3: Fury Road
30th of March

Orders from Orgrimmar had arrived at long last. With the centaur threat removed from the Durotar borders, the shipping lanes from Orgrimmar and the Barrens had to continue uninterrupted. To ensure a safe passage for a large caravan heading from the Mor'shan Ramparts to the Crossroads to help resupply the ongoing war effort, the Red Blade clan had been commissioned to help escort the wagons.

Upon arrival, the caravan's leader, Tekeascheka Twohide, or Teka in short, hailed the Red Blades. With some orcs taking place upon the caravan wagons while the others positioned themselves around the caravan on their wolves, the caravan was ready to make for the Crossroads. The journey was a surprisingly comfortable one as a red sun was slowly setting upon the sands of Durotar. When the caravan rolled into the Barrens, however, caution was warranted. After all, the local centaurs were still suspected to be bold as ever, so unpleasant surprises may be lurking on the horizon at any moment... and they did.

A thunderous horde of centaur raiders came riding down the hill as the caravan had just made its way into the Crossroads. An ambush! And a well chosen one, at that. The Red Blades, aided by two Shatterskull Marauders, made for the front of the caravan to meet the threat and managed to fell several centaurs before they made contact with the vanguard of the caravan. Just as the two sides clashes, however, the wyvern riders among the clan, Kai'gron Ripclaw, Verzan Skywise and Rykana Skywise, called out from the skies to warn the clan of a second attack - and an even bigger one - approaching upon the rear flank. The Chieftain made the call and ordered the caravan to charge straight through the attackers in the front.

A high speed chase followerd, with Kolkar raiders harassing the caravan wagons upon all sides! Several times, raiders managed to break through to the wagons in an attempt to relieve it of its cargo, but every single looter was caught up to in time before they could make off with any supplies. Even so, the raiders' assault was unrelenting. Wave upon wave they came, resulting in one injury after another for the Red Blade defenders. With their impressive stamina and strong, four legs, the centaurs could easily keep up with the Red Blades' wolves and the caravan kodos, resulting in the Red Blades fighting tooth and nail over every inch that would take them closer to the safe harbor of the Crossroads.

Though the caravan was fast closing in on the Crossroads, the wagons would not be able to hold out for long. Javelins were throw into thet pack animals and the wagon wheels, hampering the caravan's progression all the more. What's more, Mal'Garr Firefist, Razaron Madeye and Kozgugore Feraleye in particular suffered heavy injuries during the frantic ride to safety. Yet another wave was approaching upon the caravan from the south, headed by a particularly large Kolkar. They charged into the battle with high speed... but rather than to assault the orcs' caravan, their leader crashed into two of the Kolkar raiders, toppling them over and crushing them underfoot! His followers scattered and began to chase after the raiders, reinvigorating the Red Blades' spirits as they rallied and began to chase after the raiders along with them. Within mere seconds, the raiders wavered and were routed completely! The caravan made it through, though only barely.

When the wagons rolled to a stop to oversee and repair the damage, the centaurs who came to the clan's rescue came to assess their situation. The centaur leader was none other than Krerak himself, the same centaur who happened upon the Red Blade barely a week ago. Back then, his offer to join forces against the Kolkar clan under Worza's leadership was outright rejected by the Red Blade. Now, however, the orcs were one lesson and vision wiser and found themselves in the uncomfortable situation of being indebted to a centaur. Once more, Krerak gave his proposal for a pact to join forces and to usurp Worza from the local Kolkar throne... and this time, the orcs accepted. In exchange for respecting the Horde's settlements and caravans and not encroaching beyond the oasis' borders any further, Krerak would receive the Red Blade's assistance in quelling the increasingly overwhelming Kolkar threat. Much would remain to be done before the end of such a goal would be in sight, however. A great deal of planning will have to be done. As such, the Red Blades agreed to meet with Krerak and his followers in their hidden den in several days hence to begin planning a rebellion that would shake the very foundations of the Barrens...
Kozgugore Feraleye - Chieftain of the Red Blade


Part 4: No Place Like Home
4th of April

The pact has been sealed and the first step down a long road of insurrection was about to be made. The Red Blades, accompanied by several of the Shatterskull Marauders, set out to the south of the Crossroads to meet up with the deposed Warlord and make a plan of attack. As the orcs arrived at the abandoned raptor den, the severity of the centaurs' situation quickly became apparent. The women and children in Krerak's care appeared weak and underfed, not to mention far fewer in numbers than the orcs had initially even suspected. Especially since the Red Blades themselves took out several of Krerak's followers in their initial encounter, a lot of work remained to be done. Thankfully, tonight presented an opportunity to rectify that.

Krerak outlined everything that needed to be done. The Stagnant Oasis was the end-goal, serving as the rival Worza's seat of power and Krerak's former home. They must be weakened, while Krerak's herd must be strengthened. As it stood right now, they had no chance of facing Worza and his forces in open battle. A lengthy war had to become unsustainable for Worza, as he had the means to outlast Krerak in the long term. Through continued attrition and public humiliation, Worza's forces must be thinned so that Krerak's may stand a chance against them. Before all of that could happen, however, the foundation had to be laid. Krerak and his followers required a safe haven to call home.

The orcs and Shatterskulls turned to the Lushwater Oasis to the west. According to Krerak, its inhabitants were exiles and outcasts of the Kolkar clan. They had to be either driven out entirely, or convinced to join Krerak's band. A plan of attack was made by the orcs, and they decided that the best course of action, was to leave as many of them alive in order to bolster Krerak's weakened forces. In order to do this, Thur'ruk Trakmar Beastbane was selected to represent them as their champion, in hopes of challenging the outcasts' leader in open combat. They set out to the oasis and began to encircle the centaur encampment there, intending to intimidate the inhabitants into a challenge with their leader. Though several of the centaurs lashed out at the orcs right away in an attempt to drive them off, those that resisted quickly found themselves cut down. The challenge was issued for the outcasts' leader to show himself... and show himself, he did.

Accompanied by a few bodyguards, their leader, Hezrak, mocked the orcs' challenge. Nevertheless, in his hubris, he saw fit to humor them. The chosen champion, Trakmar Beastbane, stepped forth to face him and spared little time in engaging the centaur. Distracting the centaur by throwing his polearm at him, Trakmar charged at Hezrak and quickly managed to pin him down. Though he lost his weapon, it turned out the large Mag'har's most valued weapons were his very own fangs and claws. Ripping into the centaur's throat, Hezrak attempted to maintain his distance from the large orc in order to utilize his spear. His efforts quickly proved to be fruitless however, as the elderly Thur'ruk, despite his age, was surprisingly swift on his feet and managed to break one of the centaur's legs. This cast the centaur off balance and allowed Trakmar the freedom to wrap his hands around the centaur's neck and jaw to rip his head off in a mighty display for the other gathered centaurs to behold!

Trakmar Beastbane raised the ripped off head for them all to see, knowing they would respect strength above all... much like orcs. "Not far from here," Beastbane proclaimed to them, "there be a former centaur Warlord who intends to bring his clan something better than raiding defenseless merchants for naught but scraps. More honorable than most of your kind, he will fight for what he thinks be right! You may join us. Live with something better, or stand against us and meet a similar fate to this one." Aghast and amazed at the swift defeat of their leader, the gathered centaurs were quick to fall in line. They would accept Krerak as their new leader, and Krerak would have a new safe haven for his followers. The first sparks for a rebellion had been made. Next, it would be time to cut the competition...
Kozgugore Feraleye - Chieftain of the Red Blade



Part 5: Empires and Heroes
6th of April

Reports arrived at the Crossroads of a nearby ritual site that had been gravely disturbed. The Red Blades had been hard at work preparing their next move against the centaurs, but they had to continue to ensure that the Horde's own interests continued to be looked after in the meantime. And defiling a ritual site so close to home, that would surely not stand. The Red Blades set out to search the site not too far from the Crossroads itself, in search for the culprit.

Upon arrival, there was curiously enough no sign of who might have disturbed the site. Supplies and effigies had been strewn about and disturbed well enough, but nowhere on the ground was there any sign of centaur hoof prints or otherwise. The orcs spread about the site to investigate, but there was little need for them to linger for long. A sudden, powerful gust of wind threw the orcs down upon the ground, rendering them unconscious. When they awoke, it was in a different place and time entirely... much like the last time that they received a vision of the Battle of Ashenvale. But where were they now? Their own skins were brown. Pure. Uncorrupted. And not of their own. What's more, the grassy plains of Nagrand around them were unlike any they had ever seen, as was the thundering sky above. An unlikely sight for the tranquil plains of Nagrand. Most notable of all, however, was the immense crowd of orcs they found themselves surrounded by.

A large clamour erupted as the orcs around them began to cheer at one of the orcs who began to climb atop a formation of rocks in front of them. There were murmurs of a certain 'Nelgarm' overheard by the orcs when the pivotal figure raised his hand to call for silence. “Defilement and destruction!” the elder orc atop the rock formation cried out. “This is what the ogres have brought to our revered temple of the elements! In their greed, they have driven us from the Throne! And in their ignorance, they have DESTROYED it with their foul magics!”

The crowd began to cry out their anger, but once more, the elder shaman referred to as Nelgarm called for silence. “It is a blessing! For never before have so many clans united to stand for a single cause! Shadowmoon! Warsong! Frostwolf! Blackrock! Laughing Skull! From the northern wastes to the southern plains, our banners have flocked together to deny Imperator Morok! The Throne of Elements has been destroyed, but we will rebuild! Today, all of you are the champions of the Furies and will go with their blessings and vigor in your hearts! Let no ogre go unpunished! Death to the ogres! Death to the Gorian Empire!”

With a tremendous cheer from the horde below upon the fields, each of them cried out in unison. “DEATH TO THE OGRES!” they cheered, and the orcs felt compelled to join in. Something overtook them in their lust for vengeance of the desecration of hallowed ground. Something primal that stirred in them, overtaking any sense or reason and making them forget all about how they came to be here in the first place. They found themselves swept away by the tide of marching orcs as the banners of many different clans began to flock to the battlefields surrounding the Throne of Elements... with them at the fore. When the bridges to the Throne came in sight, they charged without hesitation, eager to draw the blood of the defilers!

Cohorts of ogre legionnaires attempted to stand their ground against the waves of orcs, but even with the support of the magisters behind them, they were forced to give away their ground. As the battle raged on, there appeared to be two different faces to the enemy. One of them was an ogre Centurion by the name of Glokthol, who led the defense of the regular brutes. Another was a High Magister by the name of Volgorosh, in charge of the magisters responsible for the study and - ultimately - explosion of the Throne of Elements. Whereas Glokthol seemed concerned for the fate of his own troops, Volgorosh seemed to care little for friend or foe alike, allowing both to get caught in the crossfire of his spells and treating either with utter contempt. Both swiftly found themselves overwhelmed by the orcish onslaught when it turned out the very elements themselves stood by their side in the course of the battle, and when they were pushed all the way back to the Throne itself, the two leaders were the last ones standing. All that awaited, was for their fate to be decided...

The orcs, thus, stood at a crossroads. What was to happen with either of the captives? Volgorosh made a case for himself by pleading for his life, claiming he had valuable information to give to their chieftains. Though some orcs found themselves compelled to comply to the ogre's wishes, others disagreed and desired to cut him down on the spot. A heated discussion followed between the orcs from all the various clans, with each their own perspective on what happens to dishonorable enemies - for this foe had certainly proven to be that much throughout the battle. In a moment of negligence, Mal'garr took the opportunity to set the magister aflame with the elements' blessing, putting a premature end to the discussion. Then, there was Glokthol, however. He had shown certain honour through the battle and had given the orcs little reason to believe he had any dishonourable intentions. It was Thrash'Nak who allowed the brute to pick up a weapon to defend himself with, allowing him to die a worthy death with a weapon in hand. Though the ogre was barely able to mount a proper defense due to his sustained wounds, he was given an honourable death. He fell to the ground, gasping his last breath.

Suddenly, the clamour of battle and the thunder in the skies above ended. An eerie silence befell upon the battlefield, when suddenly the slain Glokthol, in his defeated, maimed state, rose above the orcs once more. When he spoke, however, there was something otherworldly about his voice. As if something different entirely had taken a hold on him. “Slay a dishonorable foe, even if that foe is helpless,” the ogre’s husk uttered. “And slay an honorable foe who is not helpless. That is our way. That is the Code of our ancestors. And thus shall it ever be.”

It was with those words that the orcs were pulled back out of their dream state, carrying them back to the ritual site once more. As it turned out, no centaurs were responsible for the disturbances after all. It was the spirits themselves who wished for the orcs to tread upon these spiritual grounds, so they might be imparted with another wisdom. Once more, it seemed the spirits saw fit to bestow upon them a reminder of an aspect of the Code of Honor. No doubt it would be a lesson that would become relevant in the days to come, knowing the ramifications of their previous vision...
Kozgugore Feraleye - Chieftain of the Red Blade


Part 6: Planting a Flag
8th of April

The dark of night had fallen, and orcs were stirring in its darkness to set about their plans to strengthen their ally. Krerak was still far from posing a proper challenge to Worza's forces, so the orcs had to find a way to bolster his ranks. Their plan was to venture to the Stagnant Oasis, where one of the rivals to both Worza and Krerak made his home. His name was Sharrek, and this warlord relied on overseers and enforcers to keep his warriors in line. The orcs' plan was simple: cut off the heads of the overseers to sow discord in the warriors' ranks and force Sharrek out of hiding to face them in person. Then, with or without his head attached to his neck, they would one way or another ensure that his warriors would fall in line to follow Krerak instead.

The orcs had split up into two groups. The first was led by Vraxxar Wildmark and the second was headed by Karnna Blackfeather. Both experts in the arts of subterfuge, they were to ensure each orc in their charge would make it through the oasis unseen and would successfully cut down the leaders in each camp. On Vraxxar's end, it was Kai'gron Ripclaw who spearheaded the attempt by using his blow darts to take out many of the first camp's guards, putting them soundly to sleep before the rest would sneak in to cut down the overseer up close. The second camp was nullified in no small thanks to the shaman Razaron Madeye and his callings upon the elements of wind, taking down many of the centaur warriors before the overseer would follow.

On the opposite end of the oasis however, Karnna's pack faced some greater hurdles. Having less subterfuge at her disposal, but rather the likes of a noisy warrior and an elderly warlock in the form of Thash'Nak and Mal'garr Firefist, she and Regnan were left to flank their target campsite. With the two unlikely warrior and warlock friends presenting a distraction for the centaur warriors, Karnna and Regnan went around to cut the overseer from behind. In the ensuring chaos, they set fire to the campsite, which lured out patrols and alarmed warriors from the other, neighbouring campsite. It allowed the party of orcs to sneak through undetected to neutralize an overseer who was left with only three guards.

When the last overseer's head rolled, Sharrek at last came out of hiding. He called upon the intruders to show themselves, and show themselves they did. Much to their surprise, this Warlord Sharrek proved to be quite different from most of the other centaurs. He seemed to care a great deal about appearances, striking the orcs as particularly vain. Using this information to their advantage, the orcs managed to win him over to Krerak's cause by seducing him with the future prospect of one day usurping Krerak from his newly regain Warlord title. Though it would be unlikely to happen, Sharrek's hubris was enough to sway him. He pledged his warriors to Krerak's cause, strengthening the latter's numbers.

Though a sound success, the victory was ultimately a fairly small one, however. The orcs killed a fair number of Kolkar warriors to fight their way through to the overseers, thinning the amount of warriors that Sharrek could provide to Krerak. Will their combined might be enough to challenge Worza? Only time will tell...
Kozgugore Feraleye - Chieftain of the Red Blade


Part 7: The Hunger Game
10th of April

The time had come to go on the offensive. With Krerak's forces slowly gaining in strength, it was now time to thin the opposition and tip the scales in Krerak's favour by weakening the reigning warlord. With directions given of his old oasis by Krerak himself, the orcs were shown various points of interest on a map of the Forgotten Pools. On one end, there was a supply shed containing vital supplies to help Worza outlast Krerak in the long run. On the other, there were the champions' tents, where the veteran warriors of Worza's clan had made their home. Both targets were selected to be taken down in a nightly raid, but preparations had to be made carefully. The Kolkar still greatly outnumbered anything the Red Blade could muster, so tonight had to be a night for subterfuge.

The orcs split up into two groups in order to hit both targets simultaneously. One of them was led by Vraxxar Wildmark and Kyrazha Throatrender. It was they who would go after the supply hut. The other group, led by Karnna Blackfeather, would strike at the clan's champions. Through careful coordination, they split up once they reached the edge of the oasis and ensured their attacks would take place at the same time. Kyrazha's group successfully managed to navigate their way in between the various outlying Kolkar camps, making their way to the supply shed without detection. Once there, all it took was a lit arrow flying through the sky to light the fuse to chaos.

The flying arrow was all the signal the other group needed to assault the champion's camp. With an explosive charge thrown into their midst, a handful of centaur were taken out even before they charged in next to cut down the hapless veterans, who were caught off-guard. Meanwhile, Mal'garr Firefist's magics set flame to their tents, while Karnna, Regnan, Prachanda and Durrosh sank their blades into the centaurs' flesh. Even the champion, who came running out of his tent in a panic, found himself burnt down by Mal'garr's fire in an instant, reducing him to little more but ash.

Meanwhile, the supply raid could not go any better. Sending out several more fire arrows, the team set fire to the remainder of the supply hut, successfully evading patrols of centaurs who had been sent out to investigate the last known source of the fire arrows. A substance of flammable material thrown onto the roof of the supply hut was enough to finish the job, setting the hut alight in a blazing inferno. Their task was done, and they hastily began to circle around the northern end of the oasis to link up with the other group.

The aid proved to be more than welcome. With the loud explosion of the blasting charge, the camp had drawn the attention of several more centaur warriors, led by yet another champion. The battling orcs found themselves outnumbered as the reinforcements charged in! Behind them however, another wave came charging in... A wave of orcs! Having successfully flanked the reinforcements, they made quick work of the newly arrived veteran warriors. A slaughter of centaurs followed, as the champion, too, was quickly cut down. Two centaurs were all that remained of the surprise attack, and they were allowed to flee from the site in order to spread the word of the Red Blade's assault. Word of this would no doubt reach Warlord Worza at the end of this night... and with him, all of the Kolkar clan would soon learn that none of them are safe any longer. The Red Blade and the Kolkar rebels were on the rise. And soon, they would come at them in full force...
Kozgugore Feraleye - Chieftain of the Red Blade


Part 8: Conquerors and Murderers
13th of April

The spirits linger in the most unexpected places. Where all the orcs had expected only centaurs to be their host as they approached upon the Lushwater Oasis to make their next plans with Krerak, something strange happened. The waters of the oasis began to stir, an unknown presence of spiritual nature disturbing them. The orcs came closer to the pools to investigate the source, when suddenly the water rose up in a great wave and washed all over them! It rendered them each unconscious, taking them to a faraway land and time...

Once again, a spiritual force had taken the orcs to a vision of otherworldly nature. With the orcs likely used to these visions by now, one would think that they should have been able to keep their senses by now... But that was far from the truth. In fact, this time more than ever before, they were taken by an overwhelming desire to shed blood! The Draenei city of Shattrath stood before them... and Shattrath was burning. Siege machines and a horde of orcs surrounded it, with the dreaming orcs in its midst. Furious voices that demanded the blood of the Draenei filled the air, rousing the orcs' innate lust for blood. Their own, conscious selves may have been hidden deep within, but they were trapped in the minds of blood lusting orcs. Some of them even family that they once knew... or perhaps even their younger selves! The vision twisted their minds as they were swept away by the current of the blood haze, making it very difficult indeed to resist temptation.

The horns of battle were sounded, and in a great tidal wave, the orcish Horde swept over Shattrath. Though a few defenders attempted to nobly defend its citizen, they ultimately were doomed to fall to the orcish onslaught. In their blood haze, even the citizen were cut down despite the codes and morals that the orcs previously so ardently lived by in their own time and bodies. They pressed deep into the city, cutting their way through its many districts and civilians along with it and stopped only by what few defenders who could - if only briefly - muster a defence.

Something happened as the orcs progressed, however... As the screams and death throes of the innocents resonated all around them, some of the orcs began to be slowly pulled out of their blood haze. One by one, Vraxxar and Karnna and then Kozgugore and Regnan began to regain their senses, allowing them to see with their own, conscious eyes the tragedy that befell not only upon the people of Shattrath, but also the once so noble and honour-bound orcs. The comrades they once knew to be honourable continued to press on through the Draenei ranks and civilians. In the face of such an overwhelming force, what were they to do? Though some more than others, they began to fight back against the blood-crazed orcs, attempting to hamper their attempts and, for Karnna and Regnan, even attempting to cut down their own clansmen. As the Draenei defenders made their final stand, they slowly began to persevere over the orcish onslaught as the orcs began to fall one by one, unable to keep up their rampage.

The image of a High Priestess of the Draenei suddenly showed herself. Flanked by what few last remaining Draenei defenders, she cast a bright light upon the orcs. Those that were not slain by their own companions' hands or already lifted from the blood haze now, too, found themselves relieved of the curse. It was then that the priestess began to speak, though it was clearly not in her own voice. “Cannibalize neither friend nor foe,” she said. “And do not succumb to the ways of the unnatural. To the ways of demons or their magics and practices. That is our way. That is the Code of our ancestors. And thus shall it ever be."

As she uttered the last words, the veil of the spirits' vision began to recede over the orcs, bringing them back to the world of the living. As the orcs once again found themselves opening their eyes in the oasis they previously thread upon, the High Priestess' final parting words gave them a sincere warning, an almost bestial growl heard resonating in her voice.

"We were once the demons. Do not succumb to it again.”
Kozgugore Feraleye - Chieftain of the Red Blade


Part 9: Hearts and Minds
17th of April

Even centaurs have families.

It may be easy to forget such a fact when most of what orcs endure and witness of their people are raids and murders. But even they were once born and nurtured by mothers and taught to hunt by fathers. It was a fact that the Red Blades, too, were made familiar with today.

The mission was simple: to set out along the western road from the Crossroads to meet with a small war band of warriors from Krerak's clan, who would then join forces with the orcs to lay waste to a part of Worza's camp in an effort to further weaken his forces. The war band's leader, Champion Jorek, greeted the orcs with cautious optimism, having been instructed by Krerak himself to follow their instructions and to allow them to lead this raid. The plan was to attack two parts of the camp at once. By splitting up, they sought to sow as much chaos and death as possible, ensuring Worza and his forces would be further demoralized. With one party led by Kai'gron Ripclaw and another by Nosh'marak Ironclaw, the centaurs were left to guard the rear of the attack.

The tactics employed had already been tried and proven by now. Like with past raids, the orcs began by applying fire to their enemies' homes. Their tents were set alight in a swift attempt to deliver as much panic and death as possible, before they swooped in to cut their warriors down up close. The plan was as sound as ever, as the centaurs were caught completely unawares and found themselves cut down left and right. Something was different this time, however... some of the centaurs did not even take up any arms to fight. Whereas some of them came running out of the burning tents, their dry hides set aflame, others simply attempted to run in an attempt to escape the chaos... These were not warriors! They were not even fit to fight. Civilians were caught in the middle of the battle, with a handful of them being slain by the fires and even one stray dagger. Though a large remainder of them still managed to flee further into the heart of the oasis, their warriors were left behind to try and cover their retreat and fight for their own lives... Lives which were soon forfeit.

Despite the Kolkar warriors' attempt to fight back, they were no match for the Red Blade's attack from the dark. All that remained were burnt down tents and the scattered bodies of the slain. When they saw the dust of battle had settled, Jorek and his accompanying centaur warriors moved in to assess the damage done. They approved of the slain warriors of Worza, leaving less for them to contend with... but then they saw the slain bodies of the innocents, and the burnt down markings of the tent that signified it as a family hovel. The previously elated centaurs became infuriated by the innocent casualties of war, laying the blame on the orcs. The orcs, in turn, accused the centaurs for not giving adequate information on the inhabitants of the camps.

A confrontation seemed inevitable, as the centaurs believed the orcs should have known civilians might be caught in the midst of things, rather than to haphazardly set tents alight without knowing its contents... When the two groups seemed dangerously close to turning on one another, reason came to settle things between them. Reinforcements were no doubt on the way, following those who had managed to flee the site of battle. The orcs decided their Chieftain could mete out justice, should it be deemed necessary. In the meantime however, the damage had been done. Though the orcs had never intended for innocents to be caught in the flames of battle, they had to live up to their mistakes. The Code of Honor, intentionally or otherwise, had been trespassed. It was now to the Guardian of the Code of Honor, Akashok the Great Wolf himself, to decide over the fate of those responsible for the transgression made... And to the orcs to salvage the unlikely alliance between them and the Kolkar rebels.
Kozgugore Feraleye - Chieftain of the Red Blade



Part 10: Spearbreaker
20th of April

Warlord Worza's grip on his people was weakening. Each day, more centaurs abandoned his cause following his failure to protect them and their own homes. Though the accidental killing of innocents was an unfortunate consequence of the Red Blade's previous attack, an unintended side-effect was that the centaurs there grew more desperate in escaping from Worza's unstable reign. So desperate was his desire to maintain some measure of control over his people, that Worza had apparently ordered his warriors to stand on guard on his oasis' borders both day and night, ensuring none would escape it. That did not keep some from trying, however...

In the cover of night, a family of centaurs had broken through the guards' lines. In their panic however, they ended up north of the oasis, isolated from Krerak's troupe. At Krerak's request, the Red Blade set out to help escort the escapees to safety. It would not be an easy task given their proximity to Worza's oasis, but many orcs rose up to the challenge. Some even showed eagerness to try and prove their skills in leadership, resulting in Kroat the Rallier, only a New Blood at the time, being appointed the pack leader under the supervision of Rrosh-tul Nosh'marak Ironclaw.

Kroat led the orcs north, sparing little time in rushing to the northern part of the Barrens. As they dismounted from their wolves there, the sounds of battle could be heard in the distance... harpies had set themselves upon the centaur refugees! Through the orcs' swift intervention, they managed to save all of them just in time. It appeared the orcs' reputation among Worza's clan preceded them, as the refugees' leader, Gervash, knew full well who he was dealing with. Though he and the families and few warriors with him regarded the orcs with caution and some even contempt, they were compelled to fall in line and accept the orcs' offer for aid. It was only by their help that they would have any chance of making it to the southern end of the Northern Barrens.

The orcs set up a defensive formation around Gervash and the centaur refugees as they set upon the path to the south. Unable to run full speed due to some of the refugees' wounded, raiders from the Kolkar clan managed to catch up on them, however! Twice, the orcs had to fight off an attack as they were set upon from all sides, having to fight tooth and nail to ensure none of the refugees would find their death upon the Gold Road. Despite overwhelming numbers, only two fell in the chaos of battle before the orcs and refugees would continue their way onward. All these weeks of experience fighting the centaurs had certainly paid off.

The escort continued southward, and though the orcs had to remain clear of the Crossroads due to the nature of their escort, the Lushwater Oasis, the refugees' new home, awaited. Before they could get that far, a dust cloud betrayed movement on the horizon, however... But rather than having to face more centaur raiders, this was a disturbance of a different nature altogether. They were orcs on wolfback, brandishing weapons. They stopped in front of the orcs, surprised to see them escorting the centaurs.

Their leader stepped forth. He introduced himself as Vorkash Spearbreaker, a name he had earned breaking the many spears of his centaur enemies. They were his enemies because three months prior, the Kolkar clan had raided his family's home and pig farm, murdering all of his family along with it... What's more however, is that the Red Blades themselves were there. It was Vorkash who came running to them to ask for their aid in the farm's defence all those months ago. They managed to fight off the war party led by the then-Champion Worza at that time, but only because Sargeras' sword piercing the world of Azeroth had interrupted the encounter. Vorkash had learned from that day of the Red Blades' readiness to help defend him and his home, and vowed to follow in their footsteps by eradicating every last centaur out there. This time however... it were those very Red Blades who stood in the way of Vorkash killing one of the warriors responsible for the death of his family, Gervash.

The centaur stepped forward and admitted his role in the raid. The orcs stood at a crossroads, having to choose between a scorn orc seeking blood vengeance or a centaur looking to guide his innocent family to a safe home. A difficult choice had to be made... and it was eventually Trakmar Beastbane who made the decision. Gervash would have to honor Vorkash' demand for a fair fight if they were to lead his family any further into safety. Seeing no other choice, Gervash indulged the young orc in his duel.

The two circled around each other, the one waiting for the other to charge... Vorkash was the first to make his move, and in his furious charge, he held his axe aloft. Gervash was not without some vigor himself however, and he managed to dodge the strike of Vorkash' axe, before piercing his spear into the vengeful orc's flank. The orc fell from his wolf in a cloud of dust. A fair settlement had been made, even if it wasn't to the young orc's liking. For now, he would have to wait for his revenge... until a day would come that he would chance upon Gervash in the field once more. The Red Blades had resolved the matter as diplomatically and as honorably as they could, ensuring the innocent refugees' safe arrival at the oasis and suppressing Vorkash' demand for blood... for now.
Kozgugore Feraleye - Chieftain of the Red Blade


Part 11: Uprising
22nd of April

The orcish people have seen many hardships in life. They may have brought suffering and death to others, but they too have paid dearly for it. Tonight served as a harsh reminder of this, as the orcs were led to another vision of unknown origin.

It started with a request at a nearby mine. Peons there had ceased all work due to a cave-in and mysterious sounds haunting the mines. Upon arrival, the orcs could straight away sense a spiritual presence in the mine. As they forged further into the mine shaft, the energies - and ominous sounds along with it - began to increase... and the light of the torches and any other light sources the orcs themselves attempted to create, fade. With a shrill cry that echoed through the tunnels, the orcs were taken into complete darkness. It became difficult to tell where they were, who was with them and whether they even had their eyes open. The blackness carried them away, taking them to a different darkness altogether...

When the orcs awoke, or perhaps simply regained their bearing and senses, it was the darkness of night that greeted them. Blackened clouds began to conceal the light of the pale moon as a storm was brewing in the distance. It was not only the weather that was dark, however... it was life itself that was at its darkest. The orcs found themselves carrying little more but some rags, their feet covered in wet mud as they stood scattered in a walled encampment... an internment camp. The orcs were prisoners of a human camp, surrounded by a great number of orcs who had fallen to the same fate. A feeling of lethargy slowly began to overcome them as the stupor of their fellow inmates proved to be intoxicating. What more was there to live for, save for to wait for a dishonorable death in these filthy camps not even fit for animals? The great wars were lost. And now, the orcs' honor, too, was lost.

The overwhelming sensation of loss and sloth threatened to overwhelm the orcs... when suddenly, a terrifying scream more piercing than the thunder that raged above them could be heard splitting the night from outside the wall. Were those sounds of battle? At that moment, a young, blue-eyed orc emerged among the fellow prisoners. "Those are our allies outside the walls! They have come to free us!" he shouted. "Can you feel it stirring? Can you feel your spirits longing to fight, to kill, to be free? Come, my brothers and sisters!" Without pause, the orc charged to some of the guards and began to attack them. From the nearby ramshackled prison huts, orcs began to emerge with makeshift weapons made of stones, joining the assault. The dreaming orcs themselves were caught by surprise as much as the human guards were... but even so, the blue-eyed orc's call to arms began to stir something within them as well. A jagged bolt of lightning struck the main wall and in the breach, a tide of lithe green bodies followed! They were led by an orc clad in imposing black plate armor and an orc whose eyes glowed red in demonic hellfire in the darkness of the night. It was an impressive sight. And inspiring one. And it roused the orcs to battle!

With stick and stone and tooth and claw, the orcs began to fight for their freedom. Through the first gate and its jailers, and then out of the courtyard and its muck, onto the road above and its checkpoints. As the battle ensued, the orcs slowly began to find back their vigor and strength, rejuvenated by the sight of battling orc exemplars and the scent of freedom that was theirs for the taking. Despite the odds they faced against the armored guards, they fought their way to the gate, where the orc invaders were keeping the breach clear for them to escape through. The green, open fields beckoned, and the blue-eyed orc and his companions led them through the cover of night to safety when they had all managed to scale the remains of the prison wall. Freedom was theirs!

Escaping into the night, the leaders took them to a site with an ancient pile of standing stones. There, they climbed upon the stones and began to rally the orcs present, prisoners and warriors alike. "Succes!" the orc clad in the black plate armor and hulking hammer cried out. "You are free, my brethren! You are free!" The crowd around him roared and cheered in unison, elated by the success of their escape attempt. They began to chant the name of Doomhammer, and shout praise for the emergence of a new Horde. A better Horde. An honorable Horde. The dreaming orcs shouted and cheered along with them, roused and inspired by this sight of their peers. It was then that time suddenly seemed to stop, however. The maws of the cheering orcs surrounding them stood agape in mid-cheer, but they did not move nor make a sound. The only thing that the orcs could see moving, was the head of Doomhammer himself... and a light awoke in his eyes that implied something different altogether. Something ancient, and powerful. As it began to speak, its voice resonated with spiritual energies.

“Avenge any physical harm done according to balance and justice,” the ancient voice said. “And fight your enemies to the very end. Always. That is our way. That is the Code of our ancestors. And thus shall it ever be. Through your actions and the actions of your fathers and mothers, you have achieved true freedom. Treasure it. Fight for it. Die for it. Let none take it from you ever again.”

There was a sincere tone of severity in the being's voice. As the world around the orcs began to collapse and take them back into darkness, its final words resonated as a final parting gift. A final word of advice for the orcs, for they would not lay eyes upon this ancient being of power in any such visions for a time to come again... “Shok, Arash, Vrashaa. Be free. Through freedom, be strong. And through strength, be proud.”
Kozgugore Feraleye - Chieftain of the Red Blade


Part 12: The Night of Spears
29th of April

Ever since the return of the Red Blade clan, their banner had seen only limited action upon any large battlefields. The only proof of conflict upon its colours, was the dried up sand of Silithus as its cloth danced in the Barrens' winds. Tonight, however, there would be more upon the banner than just sand...

The time had come to mobilize every orc and centaur available for battle. Worza's hand had been forced, and he had now amassed a small army to face Krerak and the Red Blades in the open field. Upon first sign of this, the Red Blades made for Krerak's oasis to draw up a battle plan. Upon arrival, the Kolkar exiles were already well on their way to prepare for war. Families were readying their warriors who were about to go to battle, and Krerak and his champions were setting up a plan of attack. Upon his recommendation, the orcs would be best served to hold the center of the front lines, ensuring the flanks would be held by the swiftness of the centaurs' own legs and the champions who led them. Having agreed upon the plan, the orcs set about making their own final preparations. Under Thur'ruk Kogra Windwatcher's guidance, a ritual was set up to invoke the Great Spirits of the clan, calling upon their protection for each orc as they had drawn upon them the runes and markings of the wolf spirits with the blood of the sacrificed. The Red Blade was ready for war.

A long herd of centaur warriors accompanied the Red Blades to the battlefield, ranging as far as the eye could see to the horizon. When they arrived, many already stood ready for battle... yet there was no sign of the enemy. Briefly, there was the notion that Worza might have had other plans for his warriors and might plan a ruse, but such elaborate plans are too far-fetched for the likes of centaurs. Within moments, his warriors began to flock from the treeline of the oasis like a mass of ants. They did not attack just yet, however. Instead, an imposing figure came riding towards them, flanked by several bodyguards. It was the Warlord Worza himself.

Worza was not surprised in the slightest to see the Red Blades having joined forces with Krerak, for he despised both equally given his previous run-ins with the orcs. Even so, he gave the orcs a choice to abandon Krerak's cause, for it was a matter between centaur and centaur. Worza's words fell upon deaf ears however, as the orcs were determined to stand by the word they had given Krerak. Tonight, orc would stand beside centaur for the greater good. A night not only of the spear, but of the axe as well. Disappointed and disgusted, Worza withdrew back to his own warriors across the open field. Battle was about to determine the fate of the Kolkar clan in the Barrens...

Chieftain Kozgugore Feraleye stepped forward to inspire the orcs with a final, rousing speech, before personally giving the order to charge. A violent clash of orc and centaur versus centaur ensued, leaving many dead and wounded within the very first seconds of the battle's onset. This was no battle that is typically described as beautiful and glorious. It was a slaughter and a pure mess of centaur limbs and heads, as the centaurs' reputation for their crude means of warfare easily equaled that of the orcs. Amidst the chaos, the imposing Warlord Worza slowly hacked his way towards the front line of orcs with his immense and crude blade, flanked by two of his finest champions. Meanwhile however, a messenger arrived to inform Krerak that the left flank was threatening to fall to the pressure of the enemy ranks! Forced to withdraw some of his own troops, Chieftain Feraleye ordered Rrosh-tul Nosh'marak Ironclaw to take several orcs with him to return to their wolves and see to the left flank instead. This had now become a battle not only against the centaurs, but against time as well, with the left flank threatening to fall on one end, and Worza closing in on the other.

Followed by Kai'gron Ripclaw, Karnna Blackfeather, Atar'ka, Mal'garr Firefist and Vraxxar Wildmark, Rrosh-tul Ironclaw was quick to retaliate on the left flank. In a lightning strike, the orcs struck the enemy centaurs in their flank and were allowed to charge freely through them! Meanwhile however, Worza approached fast upon the center and its defending orcs, waving his enormous blade around in wide arcs and taking down orcs and centaurs alike in the process! Through sheer determination and iron will, both of his champions managed to be picked off in no small part thanks to Kyrazha Throatrender, whose arrows struck true upon both. This did not relent Worza himself however, as he was nigh-unstoppable in his berserk rage! The left flank had to be rolled up quick in order to seize control of the situation... And as if guided by the spirits themselves, the left flank would soon bend the knee! Many centaur warriors, including the champion holding their flank, fell underneath the might of the wolf backed orcs as they ran rampant across the left flank and worked their way towards the center. Before they could reach them however, Worza soon began to realize his imminent defeat.

Counting his losses, Worza turned tail and ran, instead ordering his warriors to seek shelter at the treeline of the oasis. Hounded by the Red Blades, Shatterskull Marauders and centaur exiles on their heels however, many of the fleeing enemies were cut down before they could make it... and those who did, managed to form only a feeble last stand. The orcs briefly reformed their lines, before they charged once more and broke the last line of their defense entirely! The centaur warriors ran rampant across the oasis, hunted down by orc and centaur alike as victory seemed within grasp!... And yet, it would all be for naught, if Worza would not be counted among the dead. Instead, the Warlord managed to hack his way through his attackers and attempted to flee the oasis to live and fight another day. Refusing to let the Warlord get away, the Chieftain ordered Rrosh-tul Ironclaw to outmaneuver the fleeing centaur with his wolf backed warriors.

Cloven centaur hooves proved no match for swift wolf feet that night. Cleverly outmaneuvering the retreating Worza, the Red Blades managed to corner the defeated Warlord. Even then, Worza refused to give in, however... even if the Red Blades would not have given him any such courtesy to begin with. The Warlord made a worthy last stand for one of his kind, warding off some of Karnna's attacks before being set afire by one of Kai'gron's vials and decapitated by Karnna's spirit-blessed blade. Then, the blazing remains of his body were kicked by a charging Kai'gron, cast from the highest edge of the ravine at the Great Divide. With his head rolling down the hill unto Chieftain Feraleye's boots and his burning carcass falling down into the pits below, Worza's death marked the end of the Kolkar uprising...

The orcs and their allies cried out and cheered in victory as Worza's head was held up high on display. When Krerak and his retinue followed to join them, he too saw that victory was achieved that day, and in no small part thanks to the orcs' intervention. He was left to admit that if it were not thanks to their aid, Krerak's cause would have been futile from the very start, considering the vast amount of warriors that were still at Worza's command. Now forced to uphold his end of the bargain, Krerak solemnly swore in the presence of orc and centaur alike that from this day onward, the local Kolkar clan would no longer conduct any raids upon Horde lands or caravans, and remain isolated in what few oases the Kolkar called their home. With both ends upheld and their honour intact, the two unlikely allies finally decided to part ways. After all, both agreed that, for all the blood they had shared together, orc and centaur make unlikely and, frankly, uncomfortable allies. Far better is it to simply part ways and expect either side to never have to conduct business with the other again. Even so, a number of valuable lessons had been learned throughout both this battle and the campaign. For without honor, what is any orc or, indeed, any self-respecting individual, upon this earth? No matter appearances, allegiance, race or otherwise, a person is to be judged by the merit of his honor alone... And honor, that is what goes above all else for these Red Blades. Even if it can be found in what would normally be their enemies. Perhaps a lesson that, in the future, too, shall become relevant...
Kozgugore Feraleye - Chieftain of the Red Blade