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From Seed to Sapling

Started by Drakada, January 16, 2018, 11:46:48 PM

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From Seed to Sapling

The Cataclysm. One of the most destructive events I had ever borne witness to. When Deathwing erupted forth from the earth he brought with him a wake of destruction and carnage. The skies burned red, the earth churned and split into gargantuan chasms, and the waters heaved into towering waves of death and mayhem.
I stood and watched, helplessly as the world I had fought for many times was being shattered beneath my very feet. I wished to bright my shield to its defense but the task was beyond me. Impossible. So I was forcefully resigned to be that of a spectator for the worlds mounting pain.

But this woe did not go unnoticed, as earth was plunged into despair and anguish, it was drawn upon my pure wish to defend it. My woe was their woe, their pain was my pain.
Within me they saw potential, an orc that was willing to defend that which he held dear at all costs but not reckless enough to throw themselves to oblivion.
It was then that it began to watch me, follow me. Throughout the years since that dreadful day it has had me under its gaze and was testing my ability to remain true to those feelings.
When Ragnaros threatened our people with his fiery allies and Deathwing burned the skies, I stood with members of the horde, shoulder to shoulder. Willing to die to defend those who would become our future.

When the mists surrounding Pandaria lessened and Garrosh was corrupted by old gods. I let go of my clan ties to stand against that which would threaten more than just beyond myself.
When the portal turned red, and orcs from another Draenor began to flood our world. I worked with people I would have called my enemies to beat back a greater foe.
And when the demons came, I stood with my people and defended those that I could from the perils of the demonic invasions.
Now, as I stand here looking up at a face of pure, fiery rage I am once again filled with a similar feeling. Helplessness. As the sword is plunged deep into the earth it felt as if time had stopped and I was to watch this being I could not stand against wound that which I hold dear.

Then the voice came.

“Seven years ago a similar event drew my gaze to you.”

Shock jolted through me, I was being watched? How did I not notice? Why are they here now?
I turned to face my observer but found nothing but trees frozen in the wind. Where are they and what do they want?

“I can tell you have questions, and you will find your answers now, or in time.”

The mysterious voice’s presence was there now. I could feel what I had never felt for the past seven years. A faint lingering gaze too subtle to notice unless its presence was made known.

“Once again the world cries out under great pain, as do I”

What does that mean? As to answer my question the ground quacked and shifted. The rock and dirt lifted and congregated into an earthen form of floating stone and mud. The earth elemental was imposing but not in an oppressive way.

“Now, as then, the very earth is sundered but there is more on the horizon”

A brief glimpse. A wound swarmed by two large masses. One red and one blue. The wound seems to be bleeding and these masses are clawing for it. Sometimes the red overwhelms the blue, but other times the blue overwhelms the red. It was gone again in a flash but I understood.

“The future holds not peace, but turmoil. Even now as the earth itself is being assaulted by a being greater than you or I”

The future holds no peace. Not now, not ever. As long as we Orcs draw breath our enemies will seek to wipe us from this world and we will fight for our right to exist. This world needs to be shared, but it’s not big enough for everyone.

“Your superiors and theirs will return to their deep-seated rivalries and bring arms up against one another. You must endure.”

It speaks truths. War is a certainty. I cannot let myself be overcome by it. A warrior is not born, it is made and those warriors bare their scars. This world bares many scars and this will be another it shall wear triumphantly.
The elemental shifts, the presence shifts with it. An aura of certainty, and stability replaces its once imposing presence.

“I know that my trust, and my blessing was not misplaced. Turn now, face that which you fear with my blessing and my backing. That of earth”

I turn as it speaks, looking up at the face of hatred that I now know is Sargeras, dark titan of the burning legion, and feel not fear, or hopelessness, but a sense of purpose. But I have so many questions. They fill my mind. Turning I go to ask.

But there is nothing.

No sign that there ever was anything.

You will find your answers now, or in time.

In time it is, I turn back, as I was before the visions. My gaze fixated upon the blade that is being thrusted into the world I have fought for many times before.
Time begins anew. But things have changed. I feel a sense of hope for the future and I know there is more to this, I can feel it now.


 Very interesting - so, a lot more to Big Guy Drakada than meets the eye...

Thanks for sharing!