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A peon with a purpose - The life of Droof

Started by Droof, December 10, 2017, 06:58:44 PM

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When an orc pup is born they let  out a roar as they enter the world. The mightier the roar the mightier warrior will the orc became. Droof's roar wasn't mighty, if anything it was annoying.
Droof was born a classic peon to a pair of classic peon parents from a long line of proud peons. Many won't believe you when you tell them that there are proud, hardworking peons. There really are, with many viewing themselves as the backbone of the orcish war machine. Droof was raised to be the proudest.

Droof was born in an initiative to bring more warriors and laborers to the Hordes invasion at the start of the first war. Born on the other side of the portal, inside the Frostwolf Clan, made Droof see much travels during his upbringing, his parents bringing him wherever the Frostwolf Clan settled till they finally arrived to the northern parts of the Eastern Kingdom. Deoofs parents, being laborer and animal tenders, rarely saw any battle. The closest Droof came to battle in his youth was when he came eye to eye with a gnome at the age of 9. The gnome, not the mightiest of warriors either, stabbed Droof in the lower left arm before Droof bonked the gnome in the head with a mallet till the gnome fled the scene. This changed Droof and his self-view, making him over-confident and self-important.

Droofs parents, Pep-Pep and Mem-Mem, had taught their boy to follow orders and when the orc Thrall received a vision, liberated the Orcs of Lordaeron and set sail for the new home in the west was the newly mature Droof right there with him! Droof once spoke with the future warchief, not very impressed as he came across as both a hunk and a nerd. Still, Droof followed orders. There were many wolves who came with them on the trip which ment a lot of showeling of wolf dung. Droof also cooked a lot during the travel.

Droof landed with the other orc forces in Kalimdor and would help establish Durotar. Droof soon heard that there was a greater mission at hand, a mission to save the world from demons. This would be great for Droof who wanted to help out at the frontline of the war for the world. Unfortunately he only made it halfway through the Barrens before Thrall ordered Sergra Darkthorn to establish a camp with their new Tauren allies. Orcish warriors and peons, Droof being among them, were dumped there to eventually build the Crossroads.

So instead of finding oracles, teaming up with elfs and humans and finally stopping the destruction of Azeroth was Droof tasked with building a chicken coop and lumber for wood to build walls. Though life wasn't too slow in the Crossroads. It was by far one of the most vibrant towns in all of Kalimdor. Droof would meet travelers and traders on the regular and the town became a popular spot for adventurers once the newest Horde was established. With those came also plenty of attacks from the Alliance, often late at night. Droof was always in safe hands though, either sleeping in the saftey of an orcish borrow or from a far when tending the different farms outside the town. If he was in the towns centre during an attack he could always count on Sergra Darkthorns axe to decapitate any pink skinned invader. Life in the Crossroads was good.

One day, while working at one of the farms, was Droof handed the task to take money into town to buy the farm a plowing kodo. Droof was given a bag of gold and was sent on his way to complete this simple task. Droof had never seen this much money before, let alone held this much money. Droof grasped the bag tightly as he entered the market when he was approached by one of them fancy Blood Elves. They had joined the Horde not long ago and Droof had not seen one up close yet.
The fancy elf told Droof that he had an offer fohim and presented a case of beans, beans that when planted would grow enormous and eventually lead to a treasure in the sky. Droof laughed out loud at the elf, telling him that Droof sure was no moron and that he had heard that fairytale before. The elf was quick to turn around to make his away from Droof when he was grabbed by Droof. Droof told the elf that Droof really wasn't an idiot easily tricked and that Droof knew that a shirt fancy as the one the elf was wearing sure must be filled with magical powers and magnificent style that would dazzle any enemy. The elf admitted Droofs genius and luckily for Droof he had just the right amount of coin!
Droof returned without the kodo and for the coming winter was the farm kept from starvation because they milked the wolves and boars. Droof couldn't care less. He knew that with his new, magic shirt he was destined for greatness!

Droof continued his work in and around the Crossroads, soon rising among the peons. He would earn the nickname "Droof the Wise" among his kin as the Horde needed to rebuild the Barrens as the Cataclysm happened and Droof, having a keen eye for details, spotted many flaws in the peon formans plans for bridges and houses. Droof even saw that the many spikes on the orcs new buildings were a serious workplace hazard, though this criticism did not come through.
One day, as Droof was picking eggs from his old chicken coop that he built so many years ago, he came across a pig who had taken shelter in the coop. As he lifted the pig he found that it had laid its own eggs. Droof did what any smart and causious orc would do and went straight to cook them and eat them. He found them delicious and from that day on would the pig, now called Stevie Oinks, follow Droof wherever he went, providing him with fresh eggs every morning.

Droof had by now accepted the Crossroads as his home and he happily worked its fields. But sometimes, late at night, he dreamt of something more, something bigger. Maybe he would be called to work with laboring on the frontline, or be swept up by a fearless warband. Some day will he would leave the Crossroads. Some day will he find his purpose.


This was great to read through! Truly the stuff of legends. :D I love the additions of some nice, little pieces of art too. Definitely added to the whole! Without a doubt as fun to read through as it is to RP with!
Kozgugore Feraleye - Chieftain of the Red Blade


Those pictures really made it.

Always loved your style Droof! Let there be more!
Okiba Spearbreaker - Nag'Ogar and Warrior Monk of the Horde
"Strength, Discipline, Mastery."


This is awesome! Except for the few spelling mistakes this was a wonderful read! The illustrations really just add the icing to the cake :D
Rashka Facebreaker - Battlesworn of the Nag'Ogar


Wait, I just realised...

It was Helmut Spoon that stabbed our dear Droof!?

The stunted fiend! D:
Okiba Spearbreaker - Nag'Ogar and Warrior Monk of the Horde
"Strength, Discipline, Mastery."


Lovely backstory!
Is Droof still around? And has the mystery of Stevie Oinks laying eggs ever been solved?