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Stepping down

Started by Grogok, January 01, 2018, 11:00:26 PM

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Greetings to everyone within the guild
For about six or seven years know I have been part of this guild, although on various characters, the most known is of course Kargnar, and the last two years or so I have been an officer as well, something which at first, I were very humbled by and tried to do my best to make rp as interesting and fun as possible for all involved. However ever since the hiatus and the subsequent Reboot of the guild, I have had a lot of doubts, about my place in the guild, about my position as an officer both IC and OOC. I felt I could not give as much as you all deserved.
I noticed I had a harder and harder time to even want to show up to rp, and that I got easily tired of everything. This all resulted in me taking months were I continuously considered stepping down, both from the OOC and the IC position of an officer within the guild, and today I finally took a decision of stepping down. I have already cleared this with the other officers, and some of you might have noticed I am no longer a moderator on the Discord, nor listed as an officer on the website. This is the reason why. And I expect that when Koz have the time to log into the game I will be moved from Rrosh-tul to Trueblood as well there.
The last two years as an officer have been a lot of ups and downs with a lot of problems, but I wouldn’t have changed it for anything as I not only learned a lot about myself, but also a lot about how one deals with problems between other people, how one works together with a team to create stuff that others enjoy and/or learn from, all things that I can use in my real life.
I don’t know how active I will be on the rp scene now that I have stepped down, since I have a lot to think with that, not even sure if I will keep rping Kargnar or maybe invent some other person, or maybe take a break all together
As a last thing, I want to say thanks to all the people who listened to me and helped me over the past few months, as well as thanks to all the people of the guild who have made it fun to be an officer over the past two years or so. 

And to the officers both “old” and “new” good luck and take care, it is all in your capable hands now.

Your Friendly neighbourhood Den father.
aka Kargnar


Sad to see Karg! A true back bone of the officer team, especially on a IC level.

Take a break man, come back if/when you want. :)
-Gashuk, Son of Garrak-
"When the ashes fall and the green winds blow, the lone wolf dies, but the pack survives."


Agreed with Gashuk! <3
Thanks for all you did, and hopefully we'll keep seeing Karg and you around still!
"For the strength of the Pack is the Wolf, and the strength of the Wolf is the Pack."


This saddens me greatly, However, this is the nature of things.

Sorry to hear you're stepping down, You'll be missed but hopefully we'll see you plenty still here and there.

Okiba Spearbreaker - Nag'Ogar and Warrior Monk of the Horde
"Strength, Discipline, Mastery."


Ah dude I'm sorry to see this. Give your Dane buddy here a poke if y'need a talk sometime.
Rashka Facebreaker - Battlesworn of the Nag'Ogar


It burns us all out after time.
The biggest battle is admitting it to yourself.
Good luck with whatever you chose to do next.

True Blood
Once a Blade Always a Blade.

Retired Right hand of the Blades.
Lived enough to be older and wiser then many pup's

Remember a journey is not a final destination.


I need to visit the forum more...

I hope you refind your purpose in the blades and your fun in rp.
And if not, it was an honour serving with you in the trenches of officerdom. o7

"If you could pour pain into a mold of an orc and then cut off its foot to piss it off, you’d get Srelok." Gulrok Ragehowl


Bit late reply, but I know exactly how you feel! I was officer for a short while and those were some incredibly tough months xD

The game and RP is meant to be fun, and if it isnt, its time to try another way!
"Trueblood, Gosh'kar, Brewmaster, The Jade Orc, Transcendent"