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Author Topic: Awakening  (Read 1358 times)


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« on: November 12, 2017, 07:08:55 PM »

A voice out across the library, Blastblade!
Arkail's one good eye twitched and its monocle dropped into his blackrock coffee. He sighed and fished it out wiping it on his purple tabard. The kirin tor where not what he expected, but time had passed much like it did when he was in Undercity. The world continued on with him barely glancing up from his desk. He was filling a report on one of the various minor relics housed in this part of this library.

 When the voice rang out again. "Blastblade! Damn it you damnable orc, what on earth kind of cipher is this your using and more to the point why are you encrypting it in the first place"

 Arkail picked up the sandwich at his desk and took a bite he didnt respond he chewed it slowly around his mouth as the elderly human figure swirled and materialised in front of him, before he had time to swallow the report landed on his desk with a thud he met the gaze of the elderly human figure and arkail raised his one working brow. The elder was tall for a human near 7ft tall but whip thin to a painful degree draped in purple robes wearing the tabard of the kirin tor his long thin greying beard near his waist, eyes blazing purple with arcane energy.

Well said the elderly wizard, i am waiting. Arkail put down his sandwich and scanned the report he had indeed encrypted the document, and old Red Blade one. One he hadnt used in an age it seemed now. Most odd he retorted most odd indeed  Markaius, here arkail said wont take much, save me re-writing it. A wave of arkail's hand a shimmer of purple blue energy and the pages glowed briefly illuminating before becoming readable. The wizard  snorted and snapped.

“You'll do well to mind your place apprentice, why i got lumbered with an orc of all things is beyond in my day...”
The wizard continued... Arkail maintained eye contact but began running though his meditations, the arcane mathematics of translocation, abjuration, scyring.. he sipped his coffee and nodded. The wizard was finishing up his rant.

“And that my green fellow is why Orcs can never fully master the arts of arcane. Look at you what are you 30-35 and can just about manage the basics why when i was your age i could polymorph my fellow apprentices and translocate them to the other side of the city while blindfolded and”

 ... Arkail tuned out again, and began scanning over the report he had decrypted a simple report about activity around the stonetalon mountains. Now Blastblade the wizard said, straightening himself snatching the report
“dont do it again. I mean really ciphers i could have worked that out of course but i am far too busy for this”
"Of course master Markaius" before Arkail had finished the wizard had disappeared in a haze of purple energy. Arkail took another bite of his sandwich and continued he work his mind however lingered upon the report it was an odd thing to do encrypting that he hadnt even know he had done it. He smiled his crooked smile as he thought of the days that was common place for him, the days within the tribe how he recorded everything, always watching noting every tribes orc details, weaknesses, buttons to press and relations within the tribe.He did his best to keep up with there whereabouts since the link broke and the legions attack caused their parting. But as days turned to weeks turned to months legitimate information of individuals whereabouts became near impossible. He had joined the Kirin Tor to finish out his education to find purpose again and if at the very least find a damn good near death experience if it was all to end anyways.

Time must have passed as his next sip of coffee had become cold, a quick waft of his hand a soft purple glow underneath the cup and it was again a decent temperature he took a sip again when his Master appeared once more before him

 “Blastblade where is the book you where copying it was meant to be on my desk this morning, you do still speak taurahe” 

Arkail looked at his pocketwatch the date read that it was the day after tomorrow already. Most odd he pondered.
“ well i am waiting blastblade i have my own reports to file and present” 
It was at that moment Arkail realised how asleep he had become again. His life had became worse now than it was in Undercity, at least there he wasnt hounded and belittled by halfwits they only ever tried to kill or experiment on him and he could respect that. He missed the world, the undercity the adventures with the tribe. He finished he coffee and took one last bite of his sandwich. He stood up and slammed the book closed scooping it up with one hand, his chair fell back with a crash as he did. The wizard snorted and took a step in front of Arkail

“..and where are you going now you damnable stupid Orc if i...”
 Arkail didnt let the wizard continue his rant in one single motion the book arkail had in his hands had cut short the rant striking the wizard square across his face the wizard spun on his heel and collapsed in a purple robed heap, unconscious upon the floor.
Arkail considered this to be handing in his resignation within the kirin tor. He felt a odd pull towards the Stonetalon mountains it vexed him, gave him a headache and so arkail gathered his things from his quarters. His books, inks satchel filled to the brim and with his good staff he set out for Kalimdor, he had seen enough of the flying city, he longed for a good near death experience.

His sword neatly leaning against his desk as always he had forgotten it.

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Re: Awakening
« Reply #1 on: November 12, 2017, 07:57:16 PM »
You could certainly say Arkail... booked it. *sunglasses*

Loved the read though! A little difficult to discern what's being said when there's no quotation marks, but other than that it's very enjoyable to read about Arky's magical adventures (name for a cartoon right there)! Looking forward to seeing him back!
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