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Last Post Wins (Forum Fatality Edition)

Started by Kogra Windwatcher, February 27, 2017, 05:27:10 PM

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In a back alley in Ratchet, Kronnor is shaking the Pirate awaken.

"Huuhuuh, what? hu? Where? HEY!"
He is awake and tries to get his hands lose, but nothing be happening.
"What do you want?"
"Names does not matter, only who you are" - An old Friend from past, Thar'grash Thunderfury


*Sips her ale as she seats herself at the barkeep's counter, she'd then grunt, licking her dry lips before speaking up;* "'ey, barkeep. Ye know where ter find t'captain tha' wanted protection?*
*She motions with a thumb towards the notice board.*
Rashka Facebreaker - Battlesworn of the Nag'Ogar

Wornag (Kronnor)

*Kronnor grins at the pirate.*
"You're awake. Good. Now, you're gonna tell me what's with the chest and the goblin. Why does he want it so bad? If you tell me everything I want to know you will not end like your friend."


In the Powder keg...

The barkeep squints his eyes at the notice board.
"Ah, that one. Some captain want to transport some goods too Booty Bay, but problem is that he made enemies with some Pirates, but he still need to leave port at some point."

The Barkeep continues cleaning some mugs.
"Can find him at the Docks, Think is name was Captain Ja'Kul, one of them Jungle Trolls fellas."


In the back alley...

We were part of a Pirate crew, but our little common goblin friend wanted a bigger cut, so he decided to steal some loot from the last raid.
Me and my partner cough him and told him to get us lot's of valuable stuff if he wanted to keep his head. He agreed, said he get us a stuff from Ratchet.
Then I don't know how, but he stole the crate filled with Silver from that Shipmaster Goblin and gave it to us."

The Pirate spit at the ground.

"Knew he could not be trusted, gonna bet he turn on you right away too."
"Names does not matter, only who you are" - An old Friend from past, Thar'grash Thunderfury

Wornag (Kronnor)

"So, the silver is not his either then. Guess I'll keep it for myself then. You are free to go now, but try anything stupid and the next time we meet you won't get out alive."
*Frees the hands of the pirate and gestures in a direction, letting the pirate go.*


The Pirate eyes the rifle hanging from your belt, but decides against it and then bolts it.

Your in Ratchet, holding a heavy crate filled with Silver bars.
Man, that thing is heavy.

Ale at the Bar?
"Honest Goblin"?
Talk to Smugglers?
Talk to Captain?
"Names does not matter, only who you are" - An old Friend from past, Thar'grash Thunderfury


*Rashka finishes her mug of ale, and decides to go find the captain.*
Rashka Facebreaker - Battlesworn of the Nag'Ogar


At the dock you find a Jungle Troll Captain. His shirt is way to little for his muscle bound chest.
He is giving order to some sailors who are loading his ship.
He also notice you walking up to him.

"Ya mon, ya be here for work woman?"
"Names does not matter, only who you are" - An old Friend from past, Thar'grash Thunderfury


"Tha' depends wha' ye'll pay." *She'd grunt, eyeing him and his crew briefly."
Rashka Facebreaker - Battlesworn of the Nag'Ogar


"Ya got free grub on da trip, should take no more than three days mon.
Two gold for every day on board, two more for every pirate attack you hold off together with da crew."

The crew was a mix, some humans and trolls and the occasional goblin.
What they were loading up was anyone's guess, it's large crates that are heavy.
"Names does not matter, only who you are" - An old Friend from past, Thar'grash Thunderfury

Wornag (Kronnor)

*Kronnor makes his way to the vendor, seeing he used all his silver for the patching up of his wound.*


Kronnor finds "The Filled bucket", It's cluttered with various items everywhere.

"Come in Friend. I have everything you could need. Be it weapon, armor, trinkets."

> Sell?
Crate of Silvers bars (5 gold) (Haggle?)
> Buy?
Generic Armor (45 Silver)
Spiked Armor (40 Silver)
Generic Sword (35 Silver)
Throwing Dagger (10 Silver)
Magical Armor (2 Gold)
Unknown Ring (5 Silver)
Ask for "Special goods"
> Talk?
"Names does not matter, only who you are" - An old Friend from past, Thar'grash Thunderfury

Wornag (Kronnor)

*Kronnor looks around before turning to the vendor.*
"I want to sell this crate of silver and this rifle. I'll sell both for a total of 5 gold and 40 silver."


The Vendor looks over the rifle.
"Well, it's not the best rifle I seen, looks like it could explode if you do something wrong with it...
But that Silver, I like those friend! You got a deal!"

>Money: 5 Gold, 40 Silver

(I ain't writing all that again (even if I could just copy it))
"Names does not matter, only who you are" - An old Friend from past, Thar'grash Thunderfury


*Rashka eyes the captain briefly, before looking at the crates. She'd grunt, before speaking.* "I 'ave ter see if a person wan's ter join. Gonna think it over, a'righ'?"
*Rashka'd then turn around, heading to find Kronnor again.*
Rashka Facebreaker - Battlesworn of the Nag'Ogar