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Nosh'marak Ironclaw

Started by Nosh'marak, August 29, 2016, 06:12:23 PM

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Name: Nosh'marak Ironclaw
Alias: Nosh
Rank: Rrosh-tul

Age: Early thirties
Gender: Male
Race: Orc
Clan: Shattered Hand
Class: Gladiator/Battle Shaman
Alignment: Chaotic Good

Family: Ak'hazar (Father, deceased)
              Hazikash (Mother, deceased)
              Sakinra Rageheart (Blood-sister by oath)
Known Friends: Srelok Grimtide, Kogra Windwatcher, Skywise Sisters, Magra Emberheart, Kozgugore Feraleye
Known Enemies: Enemies of the Horde and the Clan.

Definitely a scarred and intimidating figure, Nosh'marak stands at about the average height of an orc. His muscular and grey-skinned body makes it clear he's seen many battles, both in the field and the arena. The scar that stands out the most though, is a massive burn scar over the left side of his face, giving him a very ugly face, even by Orcish standards. His right tusk has been broken, definitely a trophy of hand-to-hand combat back in Highmaul. His red eyes, whilst usually intimidating and sometimes even judging, have a strong hint of experience and understanding that only someone truly forged by battle can have.

The most prominent feature of his anatomy is the lack of a right hand; something that can be seen on many, if not all of his clan members. It was originally a sign of breaking free from the Ogre's slavery, but has now been found as a Shattered Hand tradition, done not only by those who have freed themselves, but also by those who wanted to distinguish their heritage from others. The stump is usually covered up though, a set of iron claws attached to it.

His left shoulder dons a tattoo, usually hidden away by his mail armor. The tattoo is of the Red Hand, also known as the Shattered Hand clan's emblem. If one were to look closer at the scars that litter his body, they would see it's not all from battle. Much of it is from piercings and self-inflicted wounds, something that makes it clear Nosh'marak was a Shattered Hand through and through on Draenor. Though some of these scars are seen even when he's in armor, most of them are covered up by a finely crafted, red mail and fur armor, made to allow maximum flexibility in combat whilst also offering protection. It has been painted in the colors of the Red Blade Tribe.

Intimidating and often a serious figure, Nosh'marak is truely a master of banter on the inside. Be careful though, he knows how to hold a grudge!

Coming soon

Things you may know about this character:

  • Nosh'marak when drunk is incredibly cheerful, quite the opposite to when sober.
  • Nosh'marak is half-deaf on one ear, caused in Northrend when a Goblin fired his boomstick right next to him during the Horde Expedition.
  • Nosh'marak used to rip out the bones of his enemies and use them as piercings.

Things you may not know about this character:

  • Back on Draenor, Nosh'marak didn't defect alone from the Iron Horde. He has several allies who left with him, but he was split up from them and is still searching for them to this day.
  • Nosh'marak actually had a brother, who died in labour. He too was a product of rape in the slave pits.

Memorable Quotes:
"Red Blades! Vrull smiles upon us this day, may his gaze allow our blades to strike true, and to ensure we stand victorious over these mutts! Dogs obey and whimper, wolves carve their own path with a roar! Rrosh'ka Valokh! For the Blood!"
"Sort yourself out or I will; and you won't have to face the veil of death sooner than any fortune could ever tell you."
"Dogs obey and whimper, wolves carve their own path with a roar! Let the Alliance hear your cries for battle! Rrosh'ka Valokh! For the Blood!"