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Author Topic: Plot update thread! Plot: Dwarven Warband  (Read 1017 times)


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Plot update thread! Plot: Dwarven Warband
« on: January 03, 2016, 08:40:52 PM »
Ladies and Orclemen. This is a topic that has been requested a few times in the feedback thread and I was planning on testing it out in the Storm Peaks plot, but I may or may not forgot to do it at the time, so here we go! This is a thread that will show up during plots and will give a brief update on what has happened during plot events. This is for the people that had to miss out on an event for what ever reason! This will be the thread for the Dwarven Warband plot. Once we've finished this plot and move on to the next plot, we'll start with a new thread!

If you have any pointers on how this could be done better, please leave your feedback in the feedback thread and we'll take a close look. Now without further ado, here we go!

Venturing in the Deep (29/12/2015):
Rrosh'tul Gridish Rimeweaver took the pack out to investigate an assault that occured in Venture Bay mere hours ago by the Dwarven Warband in an attempt to find clues on the warband's whereabouts. Once they arrived, they found an Orc warrior by the name of Colonel Sanders. He informed the pack on the assault that had taken place and the pack set out to find clues. There were two storage buildings that were plundered. These were the main objectives of the pack as well.

In the first storage building they found all the crates plundered of their content. They also found some (possible) clues:
- A half eaten sandwich.
- An empty flask that had the smell of a strong alcoholic substance.
- A small stone relic (One you could make a necklace of.)
- Muddy footprints.

In the second storage building they found the following:
- A poorly madeshift mallet.
- A dead rat.
- An empty flask.
- Handmade bullets for a riflle.
- Muddy footprints.

In the attic of the second storage building, they found three Dwarves. A fight took place and the Dwarves escaped. They dropped a map in the process. The map can be found in the spoilers!
Spoiler: show

One of the Dwarves was severely wounded and left a trail of blood behind. The pack persued the trail of blood and footprints left by the fleeing Dwarves. On their way out of the bay, they found Colonel Sanders dead on the side of the road. The trail of blood ended by small abandoned ruins. One of the Dwarves was found dead by the ruins. A trail of footprints was left behind by the two remaining Dwarves. The pack followed the footprints to a small encampment where they found a Troll, an Orc and a Human, all murdered. There was no trace of the Dwarves.
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Re: Plot update thread! Plot: Dwarven Warband
« Reply #1 on: January 05, 2016, 08:49:18 PM »
Logging for Supplies (03/01/2016):

The pack traveled to Blue Sky Logging Grounds to see if anyone had any intel on the Dwarven Warband, but once they arrived there, they noticed two dead bodies. Before they could react they were abushed by two Dwarves. The pack was too late and the raid on Blue Sky Logging Grounds had already started. They took care of the Dwarves and continued sweeping through the grounds. Once a full sweep was complete, the pack had taken one Dwarven prisoner. The remainder died or escaped.
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