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Author Topic: Oargoth Bloodscar  (Read 2231 times)


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Oargoth Bloodscar
« on: June 22, 2015, 06:06:28 PM »

Character name: Oargoth
Alias: Bloodscar, Son of Grond.
Gender: Male
Age: 54
Race: Orc
Class: Deathwalker, previous Berserker.

Birth region: Draenor, Tanaan Jungle
Specific area/town: Zeth'gol (Main Universe)
Family: Grond (Father)
Known friends or enemies: Friends: Surviving Bleeding Hollow Clan-Orcs, Archerus Knights (Tenaciously).

Description: Oargoth is a well-built Orc, clearly suited to a life-style of battle. His eyes are a dim dark blue and his skin, dark brown. He has been in a state of undeath since his lethargic days in Lordamere Internment Camp, you can notice that upon observation but he is far from a decaying forsaken with a hinged jaw and jutting ribs.

The skin on his arms is etched with runes; scars that are freshly reapplied as the unnatural flesh mends over, you would recognise them as mostly water or blood symbols, raw and undefined in the style of the tribal Bleeding Hollow Clan.

Personality: Oargoth is a savage Orc; yet he follows his superiors without question, his battle techniques are barbaric without mercy but undeath has given him a sense of control over his berserking blood-lust. He would happily murder an encampment full of women and children, but only if ordered too; he considers himself the ultimate expendable Warrior and would undertake suicide missions for an honourable death - though he often returns alive.

His loyalty to the Horde is unwavering, their forgiveness of his crimes under the Lich King is touching and Oargoth has great pride in representing his Clan within their ranks.

History: Oargoth was born within the harsh Jungle of Tanaan; he was brought up to be a typical Bleeding Hollow Orc. Sadistic, savage and, full of rage. His Hunts were not done with decorum, and ended more often than not with the drinking of the prey's blood staining his chest crimson. He earned his title Bloodscar at a young age, slaying a Worg in a tremendous battle leaving him soaked in it's and his own blood, the Worg had raked his chest and upon it lay three long gash-wounds that made the first of many ritual scarrifications.

He served his Clan well and followed blindly into the blood-craze, drinking Demonsblood as he had drunk Blood many times before and revelled in the after-effects. His Father, Grond, died during the First War and Oargoth was distraught, donning in his Father's Worg-Skin cloak, his skin scribed in Runes by the Shaman of his Clan, he marched into battle to honour his name and all grief was forgotten in each swing of his axe.

Yet the years of War and death were not to end Oargoth, he survived every battle he fought and found himself not slain, but captured. Thrown into an Internment Camp in Lordaeron, crazed and angry at the dishonour brought upon himself and his Clan, he was renowned for causing chaos and whilst the other Orcs fell into a state of lethargy, Oargoth only screamed louder for release. He eventually got it.

Orcs had turnt to cattle, Humans mocked and spat on them. They didn't even care, taking the beatings like an insolant Pup - and when Oargoth lashed back, ripping the throat of a guardsman out with his teeth, he was put down - A lance through his back, his body disposed of in a river.

Yet not even death could keep this Orc tame, washed up, eventually he was risen to be used as a killing machine under the Lich King's grasp - his history of Blood and Rune Magic gave him an edge and he mindlessly slew for the Scourge until his mind was freed. Sickened by his loyalty to such a creature and what he had become, an insult to the Spirits, he finally fell under lethargy, his lust to kill only driven by his unnatural need for it. He stripped himself of his old name Bloodscar, as the scars that had given him the name, mended over, he hated himself and still does to this day.

Only now, that Draenor is reinvigorated and his Jungle is to be besieged, Oargoth has come back to his senses - he seeks to find a group whom he can serve with orcish honour and either kill, or cure, his alternate Clan's fel-thirst, using his own past as a testiment to disdain and foolhardiness.

((A short background brainstorm for my new Orc, subject to small changes.))

-Gashuk, Son of Garrak-
"When the ashes fall and the green winds blow, the lone wolf dies, but the pack survives."