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The Going Away / AFK Thread

Started by Kulgar, November 21, 2010, 08:12:31 PM

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Hello everyone. I couldn't find another thread for this sort of thing, so I decided to just make one myself. Sorry if there's always one up like this one.

I have to go away now indefinitely. I do not know if I will return, if ever, but something suddenly came up and now I am having a lot of troubles irl that I really need to sort out and focus on. I wish you all the best of luck in Cataclysm and beyond.

Lots of <3,


Hope everything works out and get back to us asap!
Muzjhath got Iced by Sadok, after Marogg got Stabbed.

-The orc formerly known as Muzjhath formerly known as Marogg


Since there really is no stickied thread for this. I'll steal Kulgars for now!

I'll be going away to celebrate christmas up north with relatives some 600km's away, fully netless, mostly phonereceptionless and out in the woods maybe snowed in.
I'll be leaving on wednesday (the 22nd) early morning, and will return... someday between christmas and new years.

And yes, I am writing this now incase I forget about it later. Wouldn't really surprise me.
Muzjhath got Iced by Sadok, after Marogg got Stabbed.

-The orc formerly known as Muzjhath formerly known as Marogg


My net has gone down, Monday or tuesday I've been told that it'll work again.
So until blizz make a wow iPhone app I'm offline, and Kai is working in the barrens.


Lost all my motivation to play any of my red blades. I'll be back eventually.
Think, assess, act.


Due to it being less than two months to me beginning Army Basic Training I've stepped up my exercise programs and doing that after work strains you, I'll try to be around for events but my wow time is going to be greadly reduced the next few months. Hopefully it'll lighten up once basic training is over and I begin guard duty sometime in august. I'll try to be on for the events I can ofc.


Having stared at the login screen for 15mins I stopped trying to muster the enthusiasm to login.  As my subscription was due to renew in a few days I decided to cancel for now.

All the best to the tribe.
"Man does not cease to play because he grows old...
He grows old because he ceases to play."
George Benard Shaw


I'll be stationed at my old school for a week, starting this sunday. I guess I can come online once in a while to say hello, but I can't really attend anything, I'm afraid.

Thought it would be better if I just wrote this now, so I wouldn't forget ;).


My computer broke. (Again, and worse)
Muzjhath got Iced by Sadok, after Marogg got Stabbed.

-The orc formerly known as Muzjhath formerly known as Marogg


Exams coming up,no wow for me for a while  :P


My subscription expires the 26th and I don't feel like extending it any longer. I'll refrain from a dramatic 'what a long strange trip it's been' post, since it's not really dramatic to move on. I am quite frankly a bit bored with the game -- a clear indication its time to start looking for a new hobby.

So, I'm sure I'll see you guys in-game until then, and I also want to say thanks for the role-play and chat the past years! I can't say this is a definite farewell though, since WoW is as addicting as a shot of heroin, but I'll at least do my best to delay my return! ;D


Wont be on much until im done with my ICA's.
See you later guys!


Just a heads up: I'll probably make my return in July, seeing summer recess starts then (and I'll probably have to work fullltime during the holidays YUCK!).

Missing the role-play thing! I'll stay in touch. ;D


I want to be just like you. I figure all I need, is a lobotomy and some tights.


I'll be internetless for about two weeks starting tonight/tomorrow. Will be back to terrorize you orcs after that.

Don't do anything that'll make Muz have to look angrily at you while I'm gone!
Muzjhath got Iced by Sadok, after Marogg got Stabbed.

-The orc formerly known as Muzjhath formerly known as Marogg