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The Great Spirits

Started by Kozgugore, December 11, 2017, 01:22:44 AM

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The Great Wolf, Father
Fatherhood, leadership, strength, law, order

Once, when the Old World was still a place of Furies, colossals and primal forces, the orcs had only just begun to emerge from the sanctuary of their caves. They were newcomers to the World, caught between the conflicts of older races and prisoners to the fate bestowed upon them by forces far mightier than them. It was only by banding together that they could even hope to survive the harsh wilderness. In time, some would learn to harness the harsh nature of the world. Others, however, fell prey to greater forces.

One day, a small settlement consisting of nary more but a single family broke to the might of one of these forces: ogres. None survived the fatal attack, save for a single babe. Reggar was his name, and though the ogre aggressors overlooked him in the slaughter, he was left to the unforgiving elements to wither away. For days, young Reggar cried. Until finally, a curious wolf sought out the source of the cries and happened upon the wailing child in its hour of need. Rather than devouring the helpless child, the wolf did a remarkable thing, however: he seized the babe between his maws and returned him to his den. There, he nursed the child together with his mate, raising it to maturity and teaching it everything about the World, its perils and how to overcome them. Until the day came that Reggar had become wise and strong enough to face this world of enemies for himself. The wolf decided it was time for Reggar to forge his own fate, guiding him out into the World and helping him find a pack of his own. Ten sons and daughters did Reggar sire alongside his newfound mate, Lakora, and when the time to demand blood for blood was right, they set out to vanquish the ogres who laid waste to Reggar's family home. Finally, when the dust of vengeance had settled and the crude blades of Reggar and his pack ran red with ogre blood, the wolf was content knowing Reggar and Lakora's pack was now strong enough to weather any hazard that the World would throw at them, and sent them on their way. Reggar's pack would soon be spoken of as the "Red Blades", in reference to their blades which would always be demanded to be touched red with the blood of their enemies the moment they are drawn from their sheaths. At last, they had become masters of their own fate.

As for the wolf? He turned back to his own pack, for it had grown large and mighty in its own time. Reggar and his Red Blades would not be forgotten, however. In his paternal love and devotion, he would forever watch over them as they continued to bloody their blades throughout the World. Akashok was his name. And as the father and teacher of Reggar and his pack, he would become their paragon of strength, law and order. Their protector in times of need, just as he had once come to Reggar's aid in his. So too for his sons and daughters, and for those who would follow after them carrying the name of "Red Blade", until this very day.

Matriarch, Den Mother
Motherhood, fertility, protection, female strength

Though once a verdant, fertile land, Akala's pack hailed from a domain that had become a barren wasteland. Life was unforgiving there, and each week her pack scraped by to find the bare essentials necessary to keep the pack alive. One day, her parents fell ill, unable to help the pack find the well-needed nourishment to keep everyone alive. Slowly, despair began to infect the hardiness of the pack, as it became increasingly difficult to feed everyone.

Then there came a night when Akala looked up to the moonlit sky. She gazed at the light of the Old World's moon, the Pale Lady, and found herself enchanted by it. A desire to chase after the Pale Lady's light grew within Akala's heart, and undeterred by her siblings' words of caution for the dangers of the wilderness beyond the pack's hunting grounds, Akala set out to pursue the Pale Lady's brilliance. Night after night, she turned her gaze skyward to see where the light might take her. For years, she journeyed from her home in the east to the furthest western reaches of the World, until one day, she set her sight upon a towering mountain; its peak exalted high and mighty above the plains below. When she ascended to the top, the light of the Pale Lady at last shone in full upon Akala, radiating her light upon Akala's fur and turning it into a brilliant, silvery hue. The Pale Lady then at last spoke to Akala. She told Akala of how each night, she chased across the stars to find her lost brother, the Sun. It was because of this chase that she forgot to eat, always trying to catch up with her unbridled brother, and grew thinner and thinner with each night. She asked Akala to help her find more sustenance, that she may take less time to pause for her meal. In return, the Pale Lady promised to renew her pack's hunting grounds back into the fertile lands they once were, for she also saw the desperate plight of her pack every time she passed by them during the night.

It was through this pact that Akala ensured the survival of her parental pack. For three days every month, she would return to the peak of the mountain to provide the Pale Lady with an offering of food. In return, the Pale Lady kept her word. She pulled the waters of the sea back towards the hunting grounds once more, bringing new life to Akala's home. Ever since this pact was sealed, Akala and the Pale Lady share a special bond, and it is through Akala that plights for fertility can be made to all those who have need of it. The moon had also become a focal point from which to not only seek guidance from, but to draw strength from as well, granting boons of both renewal as well as potency.

The Huntress
Self improvement, pride, tenacity, the hunt

Kavara, also known as the Huntress, is one that had been brought into the world as part of Akashok and Akala’s first litter. Born sickly, it was thought that Kavara would not survive the first fortnight. Some say that the Pale Lady herself had a hand in the pup seeing its way through this period. Because of the weakness the pup had shown at birth, the rest of the pack saw Kavara more as a liability. Determined to change this, Kavara sought to improve herself. She did. As the pack went out to hunt, Kavara went along with them, learning from her peers and growing more skilled each time they went out.

The time came in which Kavara became more skilled than her peers, hunting down their prey together, beast by beast. The Huntress, ever so eager to improve herself, challenged herself to go out and see if she could take down these beasts on her own. With effort, she managed to do just that. Clefthooves, riverbeasts, boars, raptors, and some even say a gronn fell to this huntress. After each hunt, Kavara kept the bones of her prey and added them to her collection, to remind her of her success and of the level she had risen to. In her pride, it would seem that none could stand against her as all great prey had been hunted down. All save one.

Kavara found her match when she came to the southern regions, the land of her brother, Vrull. Eager to see more bones added to her collection, the Huntress sought to bring down the beasts of this land as well. While she did, there was one that managed to elude her every single time. It is the pride of the Huntress that drives her, and so she is ever on the prowl to hunt down her eternal prey; Mo’lak.

Followers of this particular matron feel themselves drawn to one of her aspects. Hunters come to honor her and ask for her blessing on their hunts. If they are favored, their hunt is bountiful. If they are not, they will have to prepare for harsh winters. Others choose her to become their matron as they improve and hone their own skills. Uniquely to the other members of Akashok's Pack, the domain of the hunt is shared with her eternal prey.

The Son of Strife
War, honor, dedication

Is it said that far to the southern reaches of the Old World, there roamed an entirely different pack of wolves altogether. One unmatched in strength and number. Its dominion was that of Vrull, once the eldest son of Akashok but now better known as the dreaded Son of Strife.

Vrull had garnered a fearsome reputation among his peers and kin alike. From an early age, he grew weary of standing in his father's vast shadow. Seeking to make a name for himself, he left the Pack and sought his renown elsewhere. Many trials did Vrull overcome before he wound up in the southern regions of the World, where he founded his own pack and had ever since been a scourge to all who inhabited the southern plains. Through sheer force of will and dedication, Vrull carved his own path, stepping out of his father's shadow. It's exactly that which Vrull, then, favors above all else: honor, strength, tenacity, glory and ambition. To think that these things can be earned through any favors to Vrull would be folly, however. The Son of Strife does not answer prayers, nor does he take kindly to those who think any of these things are idly rewarded through anything but sheer blood and toil.

Vrull has little patience for weakness, and rarely does he look upon a mortal with anything but disapproving judgement. He only helps those who help themselves. No offerings or faithful dedication will please this Great Spirit - only the blood of one's enemies and a worthy display of courage and tenacity are enough to earn his approval at best. Do this, and you will feel the strength and endurance of the Son of Strife when you find yourself in most need of it.

The Traveller, The Far Wanderer
Wisdom, learning, discipline

When Akashok and Akala's first litter was born, it were Vrull and Kavara who were the first to come kicking into the World. Lastly, however, was Magor. Ever patient and content to be overshadowed by the unruliness of the two bigger siblings, Magor always appeared to be the runt of the litter. It was no surprise, then, that Magor would venture out into the wide world to forge his own path once he became of age. Little is known of what places Magor visited each time he left the pack for another journey, only to return to share the wildest tales with his mother and father, who listened with great wonder. Further and further away did Magor's journeys continue to take him, always seeking to venture to new, unexplored realms and domains.

Legend has it that Magor had been granted the ability to travel beyond the veil of the Old World alone. That all times and places were open to him, and that he visited many alternate realities and planes unknown to even the wisest of sages. It was Magor who came at Akashok's behest to bring to Reggar and Lakora and their pack the secrets of fire and iron, allowing them to master the elements as well as their enemies. Even after they parted ways with Akashok, however, Magor regularly returned to seek them out, teaching them other wisdoms such as morals, crafts and the reading of stars. It is only a logical consequence, then, that orcs who live by Magor's ways and wisdoms often turn to him for guidance, and are urged to discover the secrets of both the known and unknown world in order to unravel the threads of knowledge in a never-ending pursuit for enlightenment. Being the traveler that he is, he is also known to guide orcs back on the right path when they have lost their way. His aid then often comes in the form of a spectral bird, resembling a windroc, which seeks to lead the orc back onto the path. This windroc is Aotokk, a companion that Magor met on his travels and that has accompanied him ever since, providing him with eyes and ears from the vantage of the skies.

The Unborn, Dark Fang, Blackfur
Death, devotion, subtlety, safety

Between the veil of life and death lurks the wolf known as Sharguul, ever lingering within the shadows, quietly observing and protecting the clan known as the Red Blade to the best of his ability. Born from the misfortune that caused Akala to lose her litter, The Unborn found its way, through sheer willpower, to be able to live where none other can survive, quietly guiding the spirits of fallen orcs to their final resting place in the hunting grounds.

A sense of duality lingers within the wolf. On one side there is he who punishes and hunts down those that would do harm to the clan and the kin of the Red Blade, this form is known to many as Dark Fang. On the other side there is he who guides the fallen on their final journey to the grounds upon which they will hunt eternal. It is thanks to the nature of Sharguul that he has escaped the attention of the clan for so long, for the wolf does not wish to wander in the center of attention, but rather stays on the outskirts and in the limelight, those who go unobserved have most freedom to protect and judge.

Those who follow The Unborn are often those who put the needs and safety of the pack above their own, who know what it means to sacrifice yet would not do so in vain. It is because of that why he is said to personally guide the Varog’Gor with their steps as they are the closest there is to a physical embodiment of the wolf itself, something he cannot attain.
Kozgugore Feraleye - Chieftain of the Red Blade


Lesser Deities

The Hunted
Self sacrifice, endurance, cunning, the hunt

This spirit is an unusual one within the pantheon. For unlike the rest, this one is a talbuk rather than one of the wolves. In the Old World, Mo’lak roamed the vast plains of Nagrand as the leader of a big herd. He is a young and strong talbuk, but there is one thing that truly sets Mo’lak apart: his cunning.

When Mo’lak was leader of his herd, there were few concerns for his kin. Living in the southern regions of the old world, they had plenty of food as the lands were bountiful. What few hunters dared set their sights upon Mo'lak's herd were quick to find how strong and elusive they were thanks to Mo'lak's wiliness. All was well, until the day came that a new huntress had entered the lands of the herd. This huntress bore the name of Kavara. Every day since her appearance, a member of Mo'lak's herd would go missing. Days turned into weeks, and weeks turned into months. It was then that Mo’lak had employed all of his tricks to try and keep the Huntress at bay. He realised there was but one last thing he could do for his herd. And so he went to face the Huntress, granting his herd the time necessary to migrate someplace else.

Mo’lak went to the open valley and grazed as to draw the attention of the wolf, attempting to look as harmless and as open a target as he possibly could. When he caught wind of Kavara’s presence, Mo’lak did not waver, nor give away that he knew. He simply began to walk away. Kavara followed, for who could resist such a lone talbuk on the plains?

After a few minutes of being stalked by his huntress, Mo'lak suddenly began to taunt the Huntress. This infuriated the proud Kavara, for who was this creature to insult the mighty Huntress who already devoured so many of his kin? It was at this moment that the hunt truly began. Utilizing every trick at his disposal, Mo’lak managed to keep Kavara at bay, chasing her on an endless hunt until this very day. Hiding in every nook and cranny, using the superior speed that he possesses.

Mo’lak, forming the other half of the hunt, is often revered when the orcs go hunting. If Mo’lak sees that orcs are following his teachings, they might be rewarded with good fortune in their hunt, such as their prey suddenly stumbling or the environment or the wind not giving away the orcs' presence.
Kozgugore Feraleye - Chieftain of the Red Blade