Orcs of the Red Blade

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Brothers and sisters,

You wouldn’t of expecting me to be writing you this letter? Razaron Madeye, back from the dead. Much has happened since the last newsletter, on our journey to Nazmir we discovered a new member of Akashok’s pack.. The wolf that was never born, the unborn, Dark Fang and Blackfur, but his name was Sharguul. Sharguul had been imprisoned by Xuja the Bloodgiver in some dark ritual to bring back G’huun, a old god so I’m told? Through all the trials and tribulations, even sacrificing my own life for the chieftain, we succeeded. Sharguul was freed, but we needed perform the darkest of rituals to restore to him what he had lost, blood. The protector of Akashok’s pack, the shepherd of the dead was renewed with the help of Gashuk’s invaluable knowledge in the dark arts. Gashuk had been honoured for his help and he now stands among us as Gashuk Bloodmoon!

When the whispers came to me, they came by Sharguul’s deathly claws. It shattered my soul, I was living but not. Half of me was in a land of limbo, between life and death. With the Dark Fang restored, he restored my soul and instead of leading me to death, he lead me back to the living. With that I became the first disciple of Sharguul and would learn from him, because he didn’t just restore me to life. By Akashok’s will he demanded the Path of Cunning would be reinforced in to the Redblade clan. The Varog’gor would again lead the Gul'thauk and protect the clan from the shadows.

Back in Durotar Gaar’thok got news that trouble was brewing, dark ritualists once again had infested our shores. We successfully managed to defeat them and their dark ways but questions now remain, why were they there? We will have to stay vigilant, we live in dangerous times. On to more happier news, Rokamo was successful in winning last months Vrull’Morah, it was a individual tournament in practice for the Tournament of the Blades that is scheduled for the thirteenth day this month. Will a new champion arise to take Madeye’s banner? Will I even compete? We’ll have to see if anyone is worthy!

This month brought home how important family is, how we must look to each other and protect what we have. Love is the most powerful emotion, we should never forsake it.

For the Blood of Red Blade,

Mor'vaul (June) Events

Mor'vaul, or 'Midyear', marks the beginning of Summer and the hunting season that follows in its wake. With the first half of the year passed, Mor'vaul offers a time to reflect on what has been and what is yet to come in this year. Goals that have not yet been met should be re-evaluated, so that any dormant ambitions may be reawakened once more. In addition to striving for vitality and fertility for the hunts that are to come, steps should be made to strive for that which was previously too high an accomplishment.

[Event] Om’riggor
It is finally that time, where the orcs want to make a name for themselves within the clan. The old orcish tradition of the Om’riggor scheduled for the 11th of Mor'vaul!

[PVP-Tournament] Tournament of the Blades
Who will be crowned the new champion of the Red Blades? This tournament will decide that. The current champion is Razaron Madeye and this takes place on the 13th of Mor’vaul!

**WARNING** This is a PVP tournament!

[Campaign] Shattered Shield: Revenge for Rastakhan!
Zandalar is in mourning. For hundreds of years, Rastakhan has ruled the Zandalari Empire and brought it glory. Now he is dead – a tragic blow for the people of Zandalar. Though his daughter – Talanji – has ascended to take his place as Queen, there is no peace yet. There is a storm coming. A silent cry for vengeance against those who murdered King Rastakhan. The Shattered Shield has sworn an oath to rise and take revenge on behalf of the Zandalari. Now the time has come to make good on that oath.

The Alliance seek to take advantage of the disarray of the Zandalari by infiltrating everywhere possible, with one aim in mind: Undermine Queen Talanji’s authority over her people, and destroy any possibility of the Zandalari being an effective ally to the Horde.

Will you answer the cry for vengeance? The joint campaign starts on the 15th of Mor’vaul, ending early next month!

[Event] Time is a River
There is a disturbance near the Red Blade camp in Nazmir, Karnna heads out with the Redblade clan to investigate on the 16th of Mor’vaul!


[IC] Clan Gathering
Much needs to be discussed after the events that took place in Nazmir! Promotions will be made as the orcs proved their worth to the clan tremendously over the course of the last month! The Clan Gathering will take place on the 23rd of Mor’vaul!