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Those are good points both, and while I like what you're saying Revax, this system is meant primarily for a 'fair' basis to run a tournament or competition. In that spirit, it's got to have restrictions and be kept fairly simple so that anyone can do it and everyone's the same. The dice (and to a degree how you use your bonus) decide the fight.

That said, your idea is rather good but I think that belongs between individuals!
Game Related / Boot to the head: Duel rolling rules.
January 18, 2020, 06:25:42 PM
Boot to the Head - Duel rules

So, what are ‘Boot to the head’ rules? Simply put, boot to the head is a roll based system used by two players fighting a duel, be it in friendly terms or if you’re inclined to a much more lethal conclusion.

The system is in essence the standard system used by many under the so called ‘brawl tree’ in the valley of honor. That going by the following:

1 - Both players do a /roll, the player with the highest roll gets the ‘initiative’ and attacks first.
2 - the attacking player emotes an ‘attempted’ attack, then does a /roll.
3  - The defending player then also does a /roll, if this is lower than the attacking players roll they are hit, if it’s higher they are not and can then emote how they dodge, parry or such.
4 - It then becomes the defending players turn to attack, repeat the process.
5 - This occurs and repeats until one of the two players run out hp (usually 3 or 5hp). First player to remove all of their opponents' hp, wins!

But there is more to it than that, in ‘boot to the head’ rules, you also get a once per brawl ‘bonus’. This bonus is a +50 to an attack or defensive roll (of your choice). This can either help a lot if you roll a 1, or be completely useless if you roll a 100. While it can be a wild card life saver or ender, it can also be rendered completely useless by pure chance also. So use it wisely!

As a standard, if you intend to use your Bonus, Always state so before you make an attack or defensive roll. This is best done in a party or raid chat. for example…

/emote uses his sword to make several swift cutting strikes
/p I’m going to use my bonus now for this attack
(gets a 26) (Add a +50, end up with 76)

The defending player is on 1HP, and desperate to stay in the fight, so they use their bonus too in this fashion…

/p i’m using my bonus as well
(gets a 55) (Add a +50, end up with 105)
/emote expertly defends themselves, parrying the sword strokes with his axe and blocking with his shield.

Hopefully that all makes sense!


On top of that, there are also some other side rules… namely the following!

1 - Emotes should be no larger than one chat box. Duels by rolls and emotes take long enough as is without people writing war and peace across four chat boxes of text.

2 - Trying to force an outcome or trap the enemy player with impossible to stop or block emotes, is not allowed. The rolls decide the outcome. If at any point someone complains their emote cannot be stopped or they can block anything regardless of the rolls, I will disqualify you instantly, no exceptions.

3 - Emoting attempts to kill the other player during an honorable duel or spar using these rules, will result in instant disqualification. If you’ve planned a kill, inform the referee first… it helps.

4 - Healing and mending in tournaments: during a tournament, you may need to fight several times, and being brutally crippled in the first fight then saying you can’t go on isn’t helpful. Potions and immediate magic healing can, should and will be available. If you want to be hurt and have the results carry on after the tournament for further rp, do it after your last fight. Tournaments will not be stopped, paused or held up because “I need a few weeks to recover”. Drink the damn potion.

And that’s about the long and short of it! Hope you enjoy using this system! Any questions, poke me in game or discord!
The Campfire / Re: Journal of a Monk
December 28, 2019, 06:59:57 PM
Saturday, 28th day of the twelfth month,

Well. I found him. Upon arriving in the swamp of sorrows I made the quick journey to Stonard and found him exactly as the old matron said I would, tending the Wyverns.

It took time for me to work up the nerve, and decide the right words, but I spoke to him.

...I will think more on what he told me, before committing them to parchment. I want to share my discovery with the clan first, so it is now to them I return.
The Campfire / Re: Journal of a Monk
December 20, 2019, 12:27:04 PM
Friday, 20th day of the twelfth month,

I have set sail for the swamp of sorrows and the goblin town therein. Hopefully We arrive swiftly.

The weather has been better, allowing for a smooth if cold aired journey. This has allowed me to train, practicing some of the new skills Inspector Pong taught me, as well as hone my tiger style.

I have also meditated, and considered several important questions to consider before my meeting with this Dal'garag:

-Why did my parents become Black tooth grin?
-Where they both Blackrocks before?
-How did they die?
-Did they drink the fel blood?
-Was it a rushed decision or a carefully made one, leaving me behind as they went to war?

All good things in time, I suppose. But other questions burn at the back of my mind.
The Campfire / Re: Journal of a Monk
December 18, 2019, 08:51:42 PM
QuoteWednesday, 18th day of the twelfth month,

This will be a brief entry.

My descent from the mountains and departure from Hammerfall was a whirlwind of speed. The knowledge that I am on the right path, and so close to the answers I have long sought spurs me on.

I have ridden hard and fast to Dragonmaw port, we sail for the swamp of sorrows tommorow.

Hopefully the weather is better.
The Campfire / Re: Journal of a Monk
December 11, 2019, 10:48:24 PM
Wednesday, 11th day of the twelfth month,

I found her.

Matron Morath, old and very much now infirm, lives. She is aided by her her Frostwolf son and daughter who have taken to the solitude and refuge this high and secluded place, while she prepares to make her transition to the spirits.

We spoke at length for many hours, it took a great deal of time to jar loose the memory of just me as a pup. But with some effort she revealed a few details. She said my parents and their friend left me with her, before setting out on a great voyage to 'punish' traitors during the second war.

Apparently they did not return, but their blood-brother did. He was a member and raider of the Black tooth Grin clan! I have heard of this clan only in stories regarding the second war, a group of Blackrocks that Blackhand himself created and hand picked to serve the greater clan as scouts and forward raiders.

This clans deeds are varied, but if the Matron speaks true when mentioning a 'great voyage, then they sailed to the Broken isles to hunt down the Stormreavers and Twilights hammer. Did my parents fall on those shores, battling the warlocks?

I have more questions than answers now. But I do have a solid lead. The Matron says my parents friend, an Orc named "Dal'garag", still lives, and may have the answers I seek. Last she knew, he had become one of the flight masters between the burning steppes and the swamp of sorrows.

My journey now takes me south... and I finally have a tangible piece of my heritage. With my own Broken tusk in mind, I am Black Tooth Grin.
The Campfire / Re: Journal of a Monk
December 10, 2019, 11:47:59 PM
Tuesday, 10th day of the twelfth month,

The snow storm has passed. My hand has thankfully not been made a digit less. I found a dead deer in a snow drift, frozen to death I suspect. It'll keep me sustained for a while longer, I need to start heading east along the line of peaks.

She's up here somewhere. I can only hope will find her.

I'll have to give the clans Orcs a proper lesson on how to build shelters when I return.
The Campfire / Re: Journal of a Monk
December 10, 2019, 01:22:22 AM
Monday, 9th day of the twelfth month,

I’m probably going to freeze to death starve to death on the side of this mountainside. A blizzard swept in no sooner than I reached the summit, forcing me to make a hasty snow shelter with a barely grown pine-tree at its center. Its small branches allowed me to build it up solidly enough, even though it’s snug in here.
My last rations are nearly expended, and if the snow does not pass by morning I’ll have to risk the decent in the bad weather on a half full stomach, rather than hope for alternatives, good or bad.

My hands are improperly covered for this weather, and frostbite is a constant danger. I may lose a finger on my left hand.

I’m not sure which spirit to pray to right now, I would plead to my ancestors, but the whole purpose of this trip was to discover who they are. Bugger. Perhaps Vrull is watching, Azolg did give me a fine talisman… though the son of strife answers no prayers. Akashok, don’t let me end up a feast for ravens when spring thaws these snows.

If someone finds this, sorry I wasn’t carrying more coin. If you’re a raven, I hope you choke on my bones someone makes you into a pie.

I could kill for some bacon. i'll make the descent tomorrow, come what may.
Game Related / Re: A very short song.
December 08, 2019, 09:53:58 AM
This spoke to me on a nautical and agricultural level.

The Campfire / Re: All that glimmers
December 07, 2019, 11:28:02 AM
Superb!    :o
The Campfire / Re: Journal of a Monk
November 30, 2019, 12:11:44 PM
Saturday, 30th day of the eleventh month,

It didn’t take long to find out that I will not be staying in the outpost long. Hammerfall is a warm reprieve from winter, both on land and after a long sea voyage. But inevitably, as if I felt the dread of it in my bones, the Grunts and citizens of the outpost all pointed me toward the north eastern hills, and the snowcapped mountains.

If I am to find the matron, I must climb, and climb well. I’ve managed to gather sufficient climbing stores, packs of dry and salted food, oil for starting fires and some suitable rope. Climbing tools were more difficult to come by so I had to resort to making some of my own through more make-shift means.

The problem will be finding her. I’m told the upper peaks are much more traversable, but the snows will make it hard going this time of year. With no clear knowledge of her whereabouts I will have to be lucky, and clever. I judge it wisest to work my way from the western to the eastern, return to Hammerfall as a base camp for supplies if that search yields no fruit, then search north to south. Spirits willing, no snow storms or the like form.

Probably best buy some Ram and bear furs too, I have no intention of becoming an Orc-sicle.
The Campfire / Re: Journal of a Monk
November 29, 2019, 10:02:52 PM
Friday, 29th day of the eleventh month,

We arrived safely into the village of Raventusk, albeit after some continued rough weather that regularly saw much of the crew, and myself on one occasion, view what we had for breakfast once again. I hate travelling by ship.

My journey west was prompt, and Vrorg carried me swift and sure, the Half-garn seemed happy to be able to stretch his legs and feel the heat in his lungs with a long run. Thankfully, the Dwarven tunnel remained unguarded, the reason why eludes me, perhaps the Alliance is committed to the armistice and did not wish to force conflict with the Horde by cutting off its outposts. Or perhaps they simply did not have the men to spare. Either way, I am glad I did not have to risk scaling the mountains, they are already thoroughly snowcapped.

I rest now in a sheltered nook, nestled in a thicket pressed against the northern hills. A human farm is clear to the south east… I shall avoid it and make good the rest of my journey to Hammerfall tomorrow while giving the resurgent people of this human kingdom a wide birth.
The Campfire / Re: Streaks of Silver
November 28, 2019, 12:23:51 AM
Finally gotten around to reading this!

Excellent story, you should write more!   :o
The Campfire / Re: Journal of a Monk
November 27, 2019, 10:18:34 PM
Wednesday, 27th day of the eleventh month,

It has been a long sea voyage. The late autumn winds and early winter tides have been very much against us every bumpy wave of the way. The captain of this Galleon is an enterprising Goblin in service to Bilgewater, He assures me that this problem was inevitable but keeps quoting that key Goblin mantra of “time is money” while hinting he’d prefer to charge his passengers on the same basis.

We will land in Raventusk village, in the hinterlands. This takes me some way out of the way from a straight landing off of Hillsbrad or Arathi, but if I want to reach Hammerfall I cannot cross the great wall named of Thoradin of the humans. Stromgarde is a powerful alliance bastion once more, and with the fall of Ar’gorok I can’t simply walk through their lands. No, it’ll have to be over the mountains or through the Dwarven passage.

It’ll be no Kun-lai hike, but the lateness of the year means snow, and those steep slopes are unknown to me. Hopefully the humans and Wildhammer do not guard the tunnel.

I regret that I will not be able to share in this experience with the rest of the clan. But my blood heritage is mine alone, and a history I have to learn for myself. I must admit, now I walk this path I cannot help but admit to myself I feel a degree of apprehension. Did my clan of birth and true parents give me up reluctantly or willingly? Were they honorable or despicable? Perhaps they drank deep of the blood of Mannaroth, or yet still, shunned the dark gift of Gul’dan.

Time will tell.

Also, I forgot to pack sausages. At least the food Kulgha gave me for the journey has kept me going.

The Campfire / Re: Journal of a Monk
November 13, 2019, 10:48:57 PM
Wednesday, 13th day of the 11th month,

At long last I have headed out on my personal journey. A Pilgrimage only I can partake in. My destination? I would tell, if I knew.

It has long been my desire to seek out and discover my origins. My true family, my clan of birth and parents. I have little, if truth be told, nothing to go on. I can only ask those who cared for me as a child, the Orcs of the internment camps. In particular one I remember being known only as 'Matron Morath".

I can't even guess where she is now, or if she is still alive. But after long discussions and searching in orgrimmar the matrons in the orphanage gave me indications she resides now, once again, in Hammerfall. I have a long sea journey ahead of me.

I already miss the comfort and purpose that comes with being among the clan.