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Odds & Ends / Re: Om'riggor Transcripts
March 25, 2021, 03:22:00 PM

I am Nrak of the Dragonmaw. For my hunt, I slayed an Elekk.

My father once slew a Rylak in lands now gone. There are no Rylaks, and no wyrms like in the Highlands. I decided to hunt the biggest thin' I could find.

Grm. Many beasts roam here. Talbuk, those scrawny birds, Clefthood. Fair game. But I'd shame m' ancestors if that's all I went for. I saw an Elekk in t' distance. A big bastard o' a bull. It slowly grazed towards a tree.

I snuck alon' t' grass like, climbed t' tree an'... waited. Took t' lumberin' Elekk 'bout fifteen to twenty minutes t' get near enough..

I leapt from t' brances, axe in hand an' I drove my it down it's thick skull! There I was, a top t' Elekk, my axe lodged in it's noggin'. It trashed an' threw me off, I slammed into t' ground. It lifted me wit' it's tusk an' flung me trough t' air.

I tried liftin' my left arm an' failed, I tried runnin' but my legs refused. I stood m' ground. Fel damn me if I was goin' ter let that son o' a bitch get t' better o' me.

It charged at me. With everythin' I had left I dipped to the side, an' grabbed its hide. I poured all m' might into holdin' on. Barely managin' t' get back on its head.. There I grabbed by axe by the hilt. The beast recoiled in pain.

In it's pain it slammed into t' very tree I jumped from. That was t' moment I needed, to live, to kill. I lodged m' axe from it's skull and brought down t' killin' blow. My axe split it's skull, tore open it's skin. Ended it's life.. That was m' hunt.

Name given: the Slayer
Odds & Ends / Re: Om'riggor Transcripts
March 25, 2021, 03:20:15 PM

So... I didn’t have a plan for where to go or what to hunt. I’ve never hunted anywhere on this world, let alone this region. So I let the spirits guide me.
A part of me felt like I should do north, so north I went. When I crept through that mountain pass, I saw the most beautiful place, like something I’d never seen!
A swamp covered in massive mushrooms, as tall as trees. Like the shorelines back home, but a whole forest of them. Something about it reminded me of the Tanaan Jungle.
Not its flora or fauna or the humidity… or the mosquitos. But something… deeper?     The land itself just felt familiar. I guess it’s hard to explain, so uh- anyway! I knew I had found the right hunting grounds.
I stalked through the swamp, spotting various animals flying between the big mushroom caps. Large fireflies, fanged sting rays, and an animal that looked like some kind of… bat-mushroom-thing. I was trying to figure out how I’d reach the flying animals when I spotted my prey.

Striding through the swamp was a massive creature: as big as a house! It stood upon three tall legs and had two equally long tentacle-like arms. Its body was smaller, about the side of a wolf. It looked sort of like a squid or a jelly fish. And in its centre: a big, glowing yellow eye.
It was a fierce predator, but beautiful and graceful at the same time. I was mesmerized. I’d found my prey!

I watched the animal for a while, hiding in the brush and behind the fungal stalks. Its legs were thin, but covered in a sort of carapace. It reached down with its long arms to grab what I think was a lizard or frog from the mud to eat. I then realized I couldn’t fight it head on. Its weakest point, its softer body, was far out of my reach, but it could easily attack me with its tendrils. I had to even the odds.

I looked around and found these vines growing from one of the mushrooms. I climbed up one and started trying to gnaw through one of the vines- uh, until I realized I had a knife. Heh. I cut and gathered vines until I was satisfied. I tied the varies vines together to create a kind of makeshift rope. I then searched around for a suitably dense part of the fungal forest and I set my trap!

Once the trap was ready, I stepped out in the open near the strider and did my best wounded talbuk impression. Woooouuuuueeeeeh!
Uh, anyhow! The animal slowly turned its large eye towards me and made a startling hissing noise! I turned and ran and, predictably, it gave chase! I made sure to stay out of the way of its grasping tendrils. I was leading it back to where I had set my trap, but the strider had a trick up its sleeve…

A kind of… beam of blue energy shot from its eye and towards me! I didn’t know it could do that and wasn’t prepared. It hit me in the back and I went down. It burned like mage’s fire or a shaman’s lightning. I tried to crawl away when I felt one of its arm coiling around my ankle. It lifted me up towards its maw…

…but I stabbed its arm, causing it to drop me back onto the spongy ground. I twisted my ankle, but I managed to crawl away from it just in time! I ran and turned the corner around the next mushroom. I slid through the mud, grabbed the vine I had left there and waited. Sure enough, the strider rounded corner and strode towards me. I had put the makeshift vine-rope between two fungal stalks and hid it in the shallow water. I waited till the strider was just in the right spot and…
…pulled! The vine was pulled taught and raised up. The beast’s long spindly legs tripped over the rope and it fell down to earth! I had to be quick.
I ran as quick as I could, trying to close the distance. It discharged another beam of energy, but this time I was ready! I dodged, then reached the strider. It laid belly-up and I tried to get onto it to stab its soft underbelly, but the animal fought back fiercely.
It grabbed me with its tendrils and squeezed tight. I stabbed into its underbelly as fast and as hard as I could, trying to kill it before it squeezed me to death! I stabbed and stabbed and stabbed… until its grip loosened. I had killed it!

I kneeled on the wet ground and asked the spirits to guide the soul of this fierce and graceful creature to the afterlife. And I thanked them for showing me such beauty that was the marsh. I cut out the strider’s eye and covered myself in- okay, well, I think it’s blood. There was nothing red inside it. I checked. Uh, but back to the story.

Actually, that was the story! I said one last prayer to the spirits and bade the strider farewell. It was stronger and bigger than me, but I had been faster and craftier! It was a strong beast and it fought well. I’m glad to have hunted it for my om’riggor.

Name given: the Viper
Red Blade Records / Za'karah Sporefang
August 28, 2020, 01:38:50 AM

Name: Za'karah
Alias: Zaka / Sporeorc
Rank: Gul'thauk

Age: 24
Gender: Female
Race: Orc (Mag'har)
Clan: Bleeding Hollow / Marshfur
Class: Herbalist gone warrior
Alignment: Chaotic neutral

Mom: Ilshara Sporekin
Dad: Ma’rogg Sporemaw
Sister: Razma Sporeweaver
Elder: Amkan Soiltender
Known Friends:  Nearly everyone of The Red Blade clan.
Known Close Friends:  Gul'rok Ragehowl, Kyrazha Throatrender, Zelyr the Bloodied, Tahi Emberheart, Srelok Grimtide, Tagrok Valorwind, Urzoga the Unbroken, Magra Emberheart, Nosh'marak Ironclaw and Skint.
Known Enemies: Ma'rogg Sporemaw

Very tall, Muscular and overall a little intimidating. Za'karah is a hulk of a female orc with scars littering her body. She sports white hair, making her look older than she truly is. Her body is adorned with warpaint made out of bonepaste, marking the title as "Warrior" in Bleeding Hollow tradition.

Za'karah always dons different mashups of outfits of stuff she finds or creates. She's a big fan of recycling and makes sure nothing goes to waste. She got her axes from scavenging them off the battlefield or 'finding' them among 'abandoned' settlements.

Za'karah is overall a happy-go-lucky orc. She loves to spend time with friends, but she isn't really good at making smalltalk. She's very outspoken and doesn't beat around the bush. This makes her very direct and sometimes a little rude. Especially towards strangers, as she's not one to sugarcoat words. She's a very honest orc.

But when angered, it's wise to keep your distance! She fights with teeth, tusk and claw and is not dirty of some blood. Za'karah knows how to fight dirty, and will not hold back until her goal is reached. In honourable combat she'll ofcourse keep to the rules. She's not an dishonourable orc, just a little feral and wild in fighting style.

Added tomorrow!

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Bashul's views

Self view:

I'm Bashul Starsong. And I'm Bashul the Brave. I've shed my skin as the Craven when I joined the Red Blade Clan, as my confidence in myself is growing little by little. I deserve my honourname, and the name given to me by Throatrender. I've survived. I'm alive. And growing stronger.

Yet..I'm physically weak. It's not hard to miss. I'm thin, and I look fragile. I know that my fellow orcs share this opinion. It brings heavy amounts of uncertainty and a lack of self-respect. I know I'm more than physical strength. And I know my gifts could bring me a long way, but I can't help but to think I'm lesser than the other orcs. I've gotten to know many friendly orcs of the clan now that try to convince me otherwise, but I've yet to accept this as the truth.

Spoiler: show
Nickname/ Title: None yet
Considered as: Respected, Trusted, Possible friend

The first one I met of the clan. A very kind and caring individual. He seems to be gifted with the ways of the Light. He is surprisingly muscular for someone with such a soft and welcoming personality.
He has a draenei heritage, and I wonder how much he knows of the Temple of Karabor. Perhaps we could share stories someday to know each other a little better.

Spoiler: show
Nickname/ Title: Skint  / Spiritspeaker
Considered as: Respected, Trusted, Possible friend

Meri, who I first met as Skint, is someone I have a lot in common with. She seems a little fragile (just like me, in a way) but she hides a lot of talent and power. Meri has beautiful hair and an interesting complexion, even though she seems a little embarrassed about it.
We both share the visions of spirits, and both very much dislike crowds. We haven’t had much time to speak to each other just yet, but I hope the future will bring more fruitful conversations.

Meri and Nakobu had their mating ceremony, and I think they’re perfect for eachother. I wish them all the best.

Spoiler: show
Nickname/Title: None / Gul’thauk
Considered as: Valued, Respected, possible friend.

A male with a very stern look. He seems very hostile upon meeting him, but eventually when he warms up, he does seem like a nice man. Tagrok is not overly muscular, but does look like he can pack, and deliver a good punch. He is accompanied with a wolf I’m a bit weary off, but she, named Smoke, seems overall a nice beast.

I don’t know much about him yet, but I’m happy I could help him with a task. Perhaps we should converse a little more in the future. I think he and Tahara might be mates, or at least lovers

Spoiler: show
Nickname/ Title: None yet / Nag'ogar

Considered as: Valued, Respected, Trusted, Friend
A very large, towering orc blessed with a physique of muscle. While he might look intimidating at first, he’s just a friendly giant. He is skilled in the arts of battle, and has impressive tales to share about his scars and tattoos. Beyond his manly good looks houses an over-thinking, sensitive orc with an underlying layer of rage.

We’ve shared some stories together and I’ve helped him decipher things of the past. His father is a funny figure, but his suggestions were not something I would wish for.
I consider him a good friend.

Spoiler: show
Nickname/Title: Ember  / None
Considered as: Valued, Respected, Trusted, Close friend

An orc with a troubling past. Beautiful as she is deadly, she knows what power is and how to achieve it. She can be very blunt and sometimes even mean, but I know that deep within lies an orc that cares alot about the safety and wellbeing of others.

I’ve shared my past with her, and I’ve helped her with discovering some of her own. She appreciated my company since then, and has gone the distance to protect and aid me,

She’s skilled with hammer and anvil, and wherever she goes, fire follows her. Tahi is a strong orc that knows exactly what she wants and how to get it. She’s very direct, but also very protective.
She’s very intimidating at first, but when you cut through the outer layer of stone, you may find a glittering gem.

Tahi approached me with confusion lingering in her eyes. She spoke to me about feelings. And emotions. And she wasn't sure what she felt for me, demanding me to answer if I might be interested in her in more than..being friends.

She means a lot to me, but I don't know how to feel. I never looked at a woman in that way. I do feel a connection I've not felt with others before. It seems more than just..friendship. But I can't call it love. I know it isn't love.
I want to talk to her about this, but I've not seen her around much. I'm going to try and seek her out.

Spoiler: show
Nickname/Title: Packleader / Tutor
Considered as: Valued, Respected, Trusted. Possible friend.

My tutor is followed by a whole pack of animals. And out of all of them, none of them is a wolf! Which helps my state of mind, especially as she became my teacher. It’s easier to talk to her that way.

Tahara is not a physically strong woman. But she seems to find her strength in many other ways. I was curious to hear that she followed the path of the Gosh’kar as she looked like a huntress to me, but after her stories and explanations, I do think this is a path she should venture on.

She takes time to teach me about the ways of the clan, the spirits and all the other things that go with it. I just hope that our contact doesn’t get lost as soon as I’m no longer her New blood. I enjoy listening to her stories, and she’s overall a very friendly orc.

Spoiler: show
Title: Varog’gor Throatrender
Considered: Respected, Looked up to.

One of the few who welcomed me into the Clan. She seems very savage in her ways at first, but she gives off a deep sense of authority and unfiltered experience. Throatrender knows what to say to make people feel better, but she can turn it around immediately with a witty comment or a strong insult. She’s not one to mess with, but I imagine she’s a valued friend to many.

Spoiler: show
Nickname / Title: None yet / Darkcaster
Considered as: Valued, Respected, Trusted, Admired, Love interest, Close friend

A fellow Shadowmoon, and a strong individual. He might not be very broad or physically strong, but he radiates a great amount of power from his magical gift. It was strange to hear that he might have known my father from his days among the Shadowmoon clan. It brings an odd perspective to the table, realizing how timelines might intertwine.

I’ve grown to admire him. His strength, his persistence and his cunning. While he was very quiet in the beginning, he seemed to have opened up to me about him and his past rather quickly. It feels good to trust him, and I appreciate his company. Veshir’a doesn’t seem to mind him either.

He does seem to have a good sense of humour, hidden underneath the skull-facade. Something simply..draws me to him. Draz'hul is an interesting and talented orc.. I’d like to spend more time with him.

I like him.
There. I said it.
..It's not the same, writing it here, or say it out loud. But.. I do like him. Maybe I'll ever find the courage to say it to him. I've tried, but not yet succeeded. I feel so stupid.

Spoiler: show
Title: Rrosh-tul Ironclaw
Considered as: Respected, Looked up to.

A very strong, and fierce leader figure. He seems to be stoic and battle-hardened, and one that demands respect. I do not fear him, but I do look up to him. I don’t know much about him yet, but I think there might be more to him than meets the eye.

Spoiler: show
Nickname / title: Wolfheart / Wolfmother / Bloodrider
Considered: Valued, Respected.

A friendly female that seems to take a good care of others. I didn’t appreciate her presence at first, but that was only because of a pack of wolves following her. She seems more than meets the eye. A woman that may seem soft at first, but with a fierce bite. It was mentioned before that she’s Gul’rok’s sister, but they don’t look related. It might be one of the blood-bonds that was mentioned before.

She also has a rylakk companion that I saved. She had a bulletwound at her neck, and with the help of some medical surgery and magic I patched her back up. Her name was something with Frost.. I don’t fully remember it. She does gift me presents in the form of dead beasts.. It’s appreciated but, eh.. Unnecessary.

Kulgha surprised me with a wolf pup the other day! She says it might help me overcome my fear. It's a beautiful, small beast with white fur and teal eyes. I'm looking forward to take care of it.

She lost her mate a few days ago. I feel sorry for her. I tried to seek her out to talk, but I couldn't find her. I left offerings for her and her mate at the doors, and moved them to the pyre. I left the flowers for her with the crystal idol to ward off bad spirits. I hope she appreciates it. It's.. the least I could do.

(More to follow!)
Self view: WIP

Views of others:

Spoiler: show
Considered Friend / Valued ally
Looks up to her
The one who got me into the clan. I like the way she thinks, and appreciate her fighting style. She’s an honest orc, like I am. I trust her with my life.

Update: She put her trust in me to speak about her past, and I asked her for advice in return. I appreciate her as a friend and respect her as my Elder. I’ll do my best to do her proud.

Spoiler: show
Considered Friend / Trusted ally
Feels the need to protect her
One of the runts of the clan. Young, naïve and a bit nervous looking. She looks funny, but has a golden heart. I would go the distance to protect her and keep her out of harms way.

Spoiler: show
Trusted ally
Talented healer, questionable background
I haven’t spoken much to him, but he seems trustworthy. He seems to be a bit of a softy and he helps the clan with his mending talents. He cares alot for Skint, and looks like a good friend and lover to her. I’m keeping an eye on him to make sure Skint is safe, however.
I wish to get to know him better. He does talk a bit weird.

Spoiler: show
Considered possible friend /Trusted ally
Warming up to him
While at first I thought he was a grumpy asshole, he seems to be better than I thought. His humour is something I share, and even though he might not agree with my ways, he seems to respect them to a certain extend.

Update: Shared an interesting conversation at the bonfire. He’s more funny than I thought, and I like his sober look on things. Perhaps we could be friends in the future.

Spoiler: show
Neutral grounds / Trusted ally
Earth shaman with admirable strength
I don’t know her well, and I have barely talked to her. I do respect her, but I don’t feel the need to get to know her better just yet.

Spoiler: show
Considered friend / Respected ally
Former tutor, now a valued friend
A troubled woman with a worrisome past that she can’t remember herself.

Update: Urzoga became my tutor. I gained more respect for her, and got to know her better. She seems to have a.. Different side. One that she’s afraid of. I’m interested to find out more about her.

Update: Did the Oath, and now consider her equal. She might go further in life if she dares to open up more. She’s a friend I’m more than willing to protect.

Spoiler: show
Has piqued interest / Respected ally
A bit strange, but nice to look at
A fellow bleeding hollow! He’s higher in rank, and thus I respect him greatly. I wonder what stories he might want to share.

Spoiler: show
[strike] Love interest / Trusted ally  [/strike] Neutral grounds
We fought side by side in battle, and his strength astounds me. For me he’s an axebrother that has given me great respect.
Update: This male has shown me mutual interest. I’m interested in getting to know him better, and perhaps open my heart to him.

Update: He hurt me, and I’m not sure if I can trust him. He’ll have to try his best if he wants to rebuild this, but for now I’m on neutral terms.

Spoiler: show
Considered valued friend / Considered equal / Respected ally
Well-respected and valued, even when troubled.
Behind his grumpy facade hides a caring orc. He has shown me great kindness so far, and his humour matches with mine. I’m curious to see how our bond will grow.

Update: He saved me from a terrible fate in the Swamps. I owe my life to him and I will do everything in my power to return the favour.

Update: We sparred together, and I gained more respect for him. He knows how to fight, and seems to stand his ground more than I thought. I will gladly stand by his side in battle.

Spoiler: show
Respected ally
Someone who respects the dead and the rites coming with it.
I don’t know him very well, yet. But any man that offers to drink with me is considered a respected ally. I wonder what brings him to the clan.

Spoiler: show
Respected ally, Considered Equal
Looks after others, but forgets herself.
She is a very friendly figure and is talented with her gifts of the elements. I wonder what brought her to the clan. I’ve yet to discover more about her.

Spoiler: show
Considered friend / Trusted ally / Respected clansister
My fellow Hollow sister, and newblood.
One of my kin! She’s young and enthusiastic, but uncertain about herself.

Update: I’m considered to be her tutor now to teach her the ways of the clan. I’m sure this will strengthen our bond as we fight side by side.

Update: We hunted together. She has proven herself to be a skilled tracker and stalker, and I am going to do my best to guide her onto her own path within the Clan.

Spoiler: show
Considered valued ally / Respected ally
Blackrock with no limits
This blackrock confuses me. She’s powerful and wise, yet her ways are sometimes questionable. She doesn’t appreciate my humour but doesn’t try to bring me down, and I respect that. I’m curious how our paths will cross again within the clan.

(Concept, to be updated soon)
The Campfire / Za'karah: Fever dreams
February 05, 2020, 12:26:24 AM
The winds howled loudly between the trees, causing them to shake. The wood creaked with every breezy sigh, the branches bowing before the elements. Water startled to trickle down from the heavens. The clouds loomed eerily above, the sun forcing its last rays through them. Hidden below, safe from the upcoming storm, stood a settlement. A small bundle of buildings made out of clay were firmly placed upon the earth. The roofs were made out of thick reeds and roots harvested from the swamp, covered in a dense layer of clay and mucus to keep the water from seeping in. This encampment was the home to the Marshfurs.

Water tapped down upon the roofs in a steady rhythm. Vines had grown over the side of the huts over time, making them hard to spot from a distance. Within these huts, voices bounced off the walls. Conversations echoed around the encampment in hushed, orcish tongue.
“Za’karah, pay attention!” A voice rumbled.
A pair of blood-shot, wide eyes shot open. They belonged to a muscular female orc, seated in one of the huts. Her silver-white hair was falling loosely over her shoulders, making her look older than she truly was. Brown, scarred skin glistened, the oiled surface reflecting the light of a campfire,one of the only light sources within the encampment. She blinked her eyes in response, trying to once again focus her attention on the orc in front of her. “You’re not a pup anymore. Focus.” The voice snarled lowly, belonging to a fragile looking elderly orc sitting on the opposite side of the orcess. “Dabu, elder.” She grunted, ashamed of her dozing off during her class. “ If you want to learn what your path is beyond the ancestral knowledge of herbalism, you NEED to pay attention, young Spore Wolf.” The scrawny elder scowled her, his thin arms resting upon his crossed legs. He pointed a boney finger at one of the herbs in front of them, squinting his eyes. “Which one will bring you closer to the Ancestors, Zakah?”
Za’karah pondered his question for a moment. She knew it was a test. And probably a trick question.. But at the same time, one of these herbs had a potential to-- Za’karah shook her head. “None of these will truly bring you closer to the Ancestors, yet the leafs of the Siren’s song can grant someone visions in their sleep.” The female orc softly spoke, trying to sound sure of her words even though it was at a hushed tone. She looked at the male for approval, but his expression was unwavering. He didn’t spoke. Or move. Or even fill his lungs with air.

“ You are correct. Show me.”
He said, sounding anything but impressed. Za’karah froze as a wave of uncertainty washed over her. She reached for the herb that she thought to be the Siren’s song, and rubbed the leaf between her palms. She then took a deep breath of the deep, minty scent that released from the friction, before putting the leaf under her tongue, and layed down..

Sounds rang around her. What started as voices in the background that talked about their daily business, turned into soft, melodic whispers. Word by word it drew Za’karah in. Like tendrils wrapping around her and dragging her underneath the murky swampwater. She sunk further and further, and when she was completely under, she was surrounded by darkness. All sounds had disappeared. She drifted back upon her feet, to stand in this inky-black void. Before her approached a wolf. A stoic, strong creature with fur that seemed to light up by itself. Radiant, and powerful. Za’karah blinked her eyes as it walked closer. It almost seemed to float within the darkness surrounding them, but every step was one carefully calculated. A voice came from the wolf, but its maw did not move. It was as if she heard it directly into her mind. “ Seek. Discover. Grow.” Za’karah was overwhelmed with the words, her head pounding in anticipation. She tried desperately to link the words together, to understand it, but it was all but a flash in her mind. “ Do not seek logic. Seek to discover who you truly am. Seek, to grow.” It spoke once more, but the female orc could not move or respond in return. The wolf had closed in on her at this time, and they were only a few inches apart. “Don’t be the roots of the tree, that hide and writhe to desperately cling to all around them. Be the branches, and reach out. Step out of the darkness, into the light, Za’karah.” And with that last spoken word, its maw opened and devoured her.

Za’karah shot up, drenched in sweat. She rubbed her eyes wildly, her heart and head pounding at the same speed. Her eyes hurt, her head hurt..everything hurt. She looked around her, only to see a trail of blood leading into the hut. Za'karah gasped, sliding backwards as she frantically searched for her axe. Screams rung around her as the small village had erupted into total chaos. She barely had time to recover from her herb-infused dream that she got back on her legs, swaying because of the pounding headache. When her eyes truly adjusted, she saw the body of her teacher, the Marshfur’s Elder Amkan. By briefly inspecting the bloodtrail in the hut, she came to the possible conclusion that he tried to flee the hut, and crawled back in as soon as he was hit by..something. And eventually bled out. Za’karah was covered in bloodied handprints, a brief, yet dark vision jumping into her mind of Amkan scratching frantically at Za’karah, begging her to wake up.
The female orc’s limbs twitched as she took a better hold of the axe, and stepped outside. She couldn’t believe what she saw.
Multiple orcs, in a murderous rampage rushing through the village, mushrooms and roots sticking from their bodies. Their limbs twisted in horrible forms, and purple liquids leaking from their eyesockets. Some of them even lost their eyes, to thorns erupting from their very brains to pierce forward through their skull, leaving the eyeballs rotting instantly on impact. The smell was horrible, but the screams of her family and friends made her block out the horrific sight. Za’karah rushed forward to cleave into one of them, yet as soon as her axe hit one of them, he erupted into spores and gore, leaving her covered. Za’karah covered her mouth instantly in response, hearing the agonising scream of the mushroom-covered orc coming to his senses. “ Please, kill me. End it, please! Let it stop!” The voice begged, gurgling because of its own blood and purple fluids leaking from their ripped skin. Za’karah turned herself, only to see how many of her kin were being ripped open by thorns and root-like arms, infesting them with the spores and seeds from their bodies. 
It was already too late.
From the corner of her eyes she could see two of the abominations closing in on her, but all she could was run. “ Zakah, help me! HELP ME!” A desperate voice called out. Za’karah,who skidded to a halt, turned to see her sister on the ground being mauled by one of the infested creatures. “Razma, no!” She screamed out, rushing forward to help her, only to see her sister’s face being split open by the infested orc. Za’karah screamed out of both horror and anger as she rushed forward, cleaving her axe into its back, where it got stuck. The orc, pulsating with puss-filled growths turned around to look her in the eyes with his one, remaining eyeball. “Weak. Just like your grandmother.”
Za’karah’s heart sank, her mind just spinning when the familiar voice of the infested orc struck her into her very core. “F-father?”

A scream escaped from her maw, as Za’karah awoke from her nightmare. She was drenched in sweat, her eyes wide and her body shaking heavily. A heavy stream of tears rolled down her cheeks, as she sobbed. Za’karah wrapped another fur around herself as she looked down from her tree where she was sleeping, her body quaking in fear and pain. “ I..I should’ve taken more.” She softly whimpered as she desperately searched for her herb-pouch, pulling out a few leaves before hastily chewing on them. She still sobbed softly as she curled herself up into a ball, her eyes locked upon the horizon, where she saw a beautiful sky filled with stars. Below it was the now peaceful village of Razor Hill. Her eyes were wide open as she stared at the scene before her, chewing away at the herbs in her mouth, Waiting that they would carry her off into a comatose state for the rest of the night..