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I did see "Androids dream of electric sheep" it was recommended also 1984 too, At a glance they seemed a little too sleek for what I was looking for, too sci-fi might also be a way of phrasing.

Bleh, online books. Gotta get them paper and I'm a sucker for a good Hardback
So far only read books that are related to games or films I've enjoyed. Just started to pick books that I don't know if I'll like from Amazon.
Off Topic / Scarlet Monastery - Library (Books and shit)
February 03, 2017, 03:30:43 PM
Books! Who doesn't love a good book right? I love me some good books and am on the lookout so lets go book worms, whatcha reading? Good/bad? Recommended? Avoid like the plague?

Warcraft Illidan - Probably one of the 1st books I actually read through and enjoyed. It wasn't too bad but there's a moment in the book, if you've read it you know about it, that you just cant help but laugh at. 5/7

Rise of the Lich King - I love me some Arthas, even had a DND character inspired by him. Knowing a bit more about what shapped everyones favourite emo paladin is nice. 6/7

Rise of the Horde - So Ner'zhul wasn't always a bad guy huh, very nice on the background of the Orcs, may have followed Durotan a bit more than I would have liked but still a dank read. Dunno why I need to tell you all as I was probably the only person who didn't read it. 6/7

Through the Dark Portal - I always wondered why Teron Gorefiend was a human surrounded by fel orcs, and now I know and it's pretty cool. enjoyed the majority of the book. 5/7

Lord of the Clans - Makes my least favorite character in the whole of Warcraft a shit load more bearable and less of a mary sue. Can see how Thrall is shaped which is also a plus. 5/7

The Last Guardian - Not Horde related! A shocker right? But still a pretty good read. Enjoyable, can see why Khadgar is an old man in like his 30's and a little insight into Garona.

Traveler - Supposedly a kids book, but a pretty nice one at that. An adventure around Ferelas after the wreck of a ship. Quite the nice read. Book feels great to hold and is very pleasing to look at 5/7

Chronicle I - History of Azeroth, and a damn good way of telling it too. Maps, charts, cosmology, it's really nice and looks amazing on the shelf. Cant wait for Chronicle II 6/7

Metro 2033 - After playing Metro Last light I enjoyed the game so much that I decided to pick up the book. The book really does push the dystopian, post-nuclear war feel with a dash of paranormal. Really nice read 5/7

Metro 2034 - To clash with 2033 is 2034, I didn't really finish this book. Got about 1/2 way and it didn't grab me enough to keep me interested. Too much jumping around and hard to keep track of everything. 2/7

EVE: Source - Ho ly shit. I fucking love the EVE universe. It's the one game that I have a great interest in even after I stopped playing it. I picked this up and didn't expect it to go into so much detail about every NPC faction and important person, even goes into detail of the EVE gate which is amazing. If you like EVE you'll like this. 7/7

Empires of EVE - a small fortune of a book, had to be imported. Details the events that transpired from the launch of EVE Online, from the Northern Wars, the Southern clashes in Stain and Curse, all the way up to the fall of BoB and the Rise of Goons. A great read even better when you realise it's all done by real people and not constructed. 7/7

Bounty Hunters Code - Love me some sci-fi bounty hunting. Good read, goes over thier laws and what they do and the like. Didn't read the bit about the mandalorians but the rest was a nice read. 5/7

The Book of Sith - Now I'm not too into star wars but it was a nice read as I'm more interested in Sith and Bounty Hunters than anything else. Mentions the major players like Plagueis and Malgus and how they came to be. Midichlorians. 5/7

Volo's Guide to Monsters - Now you're probably thinking. Why did you read a DND expansion book? But let me tell you, getting juicy bits of personality of monsters like hags, beholders and Yuan-ti is real nice. Like how beholders are born and what they're like. I love it both as a read and as a DND addition. 7/7

Recently picked up Neuromancer as it's supposedly a super good book that shaped Cyberpunk as a genre and I love me some cyberpunk.
Will update when read.
Game Related / Re: The Going Away / AFK Thread
December 05, 2016, 12:37:17 AM
I'll be unsubbing after a long period of absence. I don't really get my kicks from WoWRPas much as I did pre-legion, Dunno why but I guess things started to feel more and more baron as Legion drew close. I generally do DND for my RP dosage so if people are game for that kind of rabbit hole maybe a guild game would be cool.

Anyways, if people want to keep in contact, and by jove I know you'd all love to keep in contact with me, Ragethunder#2719 is the Battletag where you'll find me mostly on overwatch. Admiral Allah Ackbar my, slightly racist but equally comedic, steam name (The one from southampton Britain, ignore all the posers)

And that's about it, I might pop back on should something drive me to do it (Possibly when I fall so far behind on the PvE front that it's irrelevant to me) Hope to keep in contact with you all to some degree and god speed and all that lark
Off Topic / Re: Behold, Scripture!... OOC stories
November 09, 2016, 11:14:25 PM
Bored so poem, After my DND Paladin and his troope slaughtered follower of his old god

Stood fast against tides or flame
Until the dragon he did go maim
Upon the corpse, proud and tall
This visage did have fool them all
A noble man born of light
But shadow twas not his fight
For this burning light was lured astray
Until the sun set upon his day
Now an agent of evil stands
Age of dark brought about these lands
Rage, anger, hatred and more
These emotions were all in store
Cutting down his fellow kin
A battle of which he’d surely win
Human, elf, dwarf and all
The age of light is sure to fall
Kill the strong and slave the weak
The future of man started to look bleak
Sought no riches, no lands and nor fame
They’ll remember this as the day when “He” came
Game Related / Re: Reasons of absence
October 17, 2016, 11:48:08 AM
While I, in a sense, like Legion from a PvE standpoint as it's been the best it's been since Wrath from an RP standpoint it's probably the worst expansion ever for it. I don't think Broken Isles is very RP friendly as everything scales to you and people below lvl 100 cant even get there. I generally tried at the beginning but it was just highly unenjoyable when compared to all the different characters I got to see lounging around in the barrens. I wouldn't say I've hit burnout (Maybe from a PvE standpoint) I've just not been enjoying the way things have been proceeding.

Quote from: Karak Stormsong on October 16, 2016, 11:33:59 PM
I've had a few comments from newbloods say they didn't feel welcome, too, so I'm not sure what's happening there.

Also to this statement I can confirm, when I was talking to a few people about the guild when they were looking for information their general opinion wasn't too great.
Notice Board / Re: General Announcements and Notes
September 19, 2016, 12:59:38 AM
*A somewhat sharply written note accompanied with a night watch router is pined to the base of the tower.*

During our stay here in the foreign Tauren lands we are to ensure them that we can pull our weight and are not here to leach off of their lands and hospitality.

Each night beyond the hour of 23:00 the designated Trio are requested to maintain watch in the tower to ensure that the tribe is forewarned of any danger that may befall them in the night. Conversation and revelry is encourage to keep oneself awake but remember to remain sharp

*A rough but understandable router has been designated here. Separating three hour intervals from 23:00 to 08:00 with three names being assigned to the corresponding time slot of their watch*

Furthermore, should anything not immediately a cause of danger but a need for concern arise during the night those who witness the event should post, in detail, what transpired either here or verbally to someone of more authority.

*A sizable space has been allocated for the pinning of papers that outline events of concern*

Let us show these Tauren that we can be a worthy ally to have around.

Off Topic / Re: Behold, Scripture!... OOC stories
September 18, 2016, 02:53:44 AM
Inspiration for this one was my Monday DND group and Darkest Dungeon

Down in the bowels of the earth, things stir that would threaten the balance of all living things. Many delve deep into the heart of the abyss to seek wealth, power, redemption. The thoughts and allure of such promises burrows deep into the minds of the weak and the worthy alike taunting and beckoning them to dare to attempt to grasp that which darkness incarnate holds close.

Many go in, few return, and those that do leave a piece of them behind whether it be body, mind or soul. Now four more see themselves worthy to uncover the secrets of this buried and forgotten realm of power and madness.

A holy man, pious to the end, holding aloft the sword of his one true god striking fourth into the darkness to purge it from this world for beings as foul as thee have no place in the realm of the living! Or so he says. A wolf in sheep’s clothing, masquerading as a bringer of light but, perhaps, the releaser of darkness?

A family man. Father, husband, thief. Worming his way around the city streets, swiping coins and pilfering exotics as he peddles off miracle elixirs. It’ll cure you to good health! Restore limbs! Make true your wildest desires! Lies after lies, selling nothing more than crushed berries and dirty water, all for the glint of gold. This one seeks unimaginable wealth, but perhaps the whispers or dark powers will sway?

Lost from a long forgotten land, falling deep into territory never before seen by the eyes of her kin. Thrust from a society so dependent on the use of magic into a world of mundane, general people. The transition with this one may never come but it does not fret. It seeks out the wonders of this new world and is willing to plunge the depths to sate its desire. Perhaps the allure of potent magic would sway its thoughts?

A man of the sea, plundering those unfortunate enough to cross his path. While taking what he can for personal gain he too seeks the guidance and power from a being much greater than he. Offering blessings and comfort to those who live among the waves of the seas. Now stuck on dry land the desire for riches ever sweeter he too walks headstrong into the darkness in seek of glory. Perhaps the riches he desires and the power he craves will come at a price of its own?

Darkness awaits, beings of pure chaotic powers linger in these befouled halls and with nowhere to go are a living trap ready to be sprung by unsuspecting fools that meander off the path in pursuit of power that is beyond their control. Maybe they will find what they seek, the wealth, power and fame they so crave, but nothing in life is free.

More is coming, eventually when I get the spike of interest. Might continue the original one next.
Off Topic / Re: Behold, Scripture!... OOC stories
August 26, 2016, 03:17:03 AM
More rambling nonsense. Didn't feel as nice to write as the first one but it was barfed out nonetheless

The world is at peace

The forests and woodland vales, filled to the brim with all manner of fey creature that frolic from tree to tree, spreading the continually growing seeds that thicken the canopy. Free they are now to expand outward for by the creators hand the lands have been cleansed of those that would defile them.

Small hamlets, on the far reaching borders of our kingdom. Quiet they live as they peacefully make their way through their lives. But under threat they were from those that wish to take them from their homes and seed their minds with the teachings of the unworthy and the corrupt. Those who would actively go against the will of our creator.

Often it falls to us to defend the land. Large beasts and warlike nations constantly threaten to shake the balance of the land and bring about an era of darkness but those days are over for the faith in our creator has bested the efforts of the faithless and insidious among our species.

The fields lined with soft grass and vibrant flowers, now stained with the blood that was let from our enemies and littered with their corpses so that their once wasted life can now be put to use feeding the worms and insects that call the fields their home.

These kingdoms would call us corrupt, mad or even insane. They do not know the plan of the creator for they are not in it and the creator demands that they be removed but they never come quietly. That’s how the wars started, the lesser ones sought to topple us from our golden throne but what the creator wills comes to pass.

They sought to “liberate” those who acted in the creators name. Saw them as slaves to a tyrannical ideology that seeded their minds with tendrils of corruption. But no! they work tirelessly to the death to further the cause of our creator, in the afterlife they will be smiled upon and taken in as those willing to sacrifice for their betters.

Their war ended poorly for it was not in the plan. Those who stood defiantly even when a cold death came for them now lay face down in the dirt, unburied and forgotten to the winds, for they were to be carved out. The ones that begged, pleaded for their lives are working their way back into the light from the darkness as they work tirelessly to amend their past transgressions against us.

Those that change their minds, try to insight a rebellion and strike out again into the lands not blessed by the light of our creator were quashed. But their minds were tainted by past ideals and must be purified. The screams heard from the deepest depths is merely the light of the maker burning out those impure thoughts, sometimes this comes at a cost.

None stand against us, Those that would dare oppose the holiness of the creator have been put to the sword or put to task. In the end we will always find a way to keep the world at peace.

I'll post more as I type them up, feel free to post your own
Off Topic / Behold, Scripture!... OOC stories
August 22, 2016, 03:37:42 AM
So, I did a search (A small one, it's currently like 2am or some shit) and didn't see a place specifically for OOC related writings. SO IN MY TIRED STATE OF PERPETUAL IDIOCY I WROTE SOMETHING

*Clears throat*

War calls.
As it often does in these lands, with our people. But this time the drums of war beat not to sate our infallible hunger for battle, and glory, but due to pull back our people, all people, from the very brink of extinction.

The skies grow ever darker as the storms roll in fuelled by the chaotic powers of that on innumerable winged beasts that taint the very sky they disgrace with their presence and the souls of the damned and the lost ascend into the gaping maw of the void for them to feast upon eternally.

We march, we ride. This is no foreign custom to us. Columns of steel, blood and bone line the dirt paths that litter the barren landscapes that were carved by our very hands. The metallic tinge of spilt blood clung heavily on the nostrils of men, and the minds of dogs.

We were no stranger to what these foul abominations could unleash. Their barrage of magic’s twisting the very form of those misfortunate enough for it to be called upon. Teeth bladed like the serrated edge of intimidating and torturous weapons carved by those with a hunger for the suffering of others.

But this did not phase us, we were born of blood and molded by steel . Our lives, our very being, is shaped by the endless flow of battle. The bodies of the fallen littering the ground like fallen wheat, buried and forgotten beneath the footprints of an every waging war.

But this time it differs. The enemy is not the pale skin of a man but the blackened scales and hides of a far more foul being. They seek to end us and all those who grace this very land and we stand together. Former enemies in the face of our very destruction, defiantly.

Time changes many things, enemies now allies, living now dead, but there is one thing no time nor action could ever change…

War calls.

I prefer to write in small chunks because setting a small scene is what I like to do.

This was obviously inspired somewhat by Legion Invasions.


kthxbai <3