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Game Related / Addons ?
« on: September 12, 2013, 03:35:42 AM »
Wasn't sure if there was already a topic somewhere on the forums already but anyways :3.

 I thought i'd post this handy addon for rbgs or finding raids, without using the soul crushing horror which is trade chat. Im not a really a raider anymore, but a friend of mine who still raids swears by it. For any of you interested, link below on curse :)


The Campfire / Finding the exiled
« on: May 04, 2013, 04:16:28 PM »
A short story of how i ended up in Winterspring.

Finding the exiled.

Arkail had been only been in Orgrimmar only a few hours and from what he had seen he wasn’t impressed, Fear gripppped the city it was palpable Kor’Khon seemed to be funneling non orcs this way and that, the markets of Orgrimmar in which he had heard so much about full of exotic wares and food from every place on Azeroth were now barren and empty.  He made his way though the streets windows slammed shut as he drew near. Out the corner of his eye there were movements in the shadows people conversing making deals. Nice to know the black market still flourished criminals always found a way to make money it seemed no matter the city or situation.

He arrived a tavern and when he entered the entire population of it stopped and turned to face Arkail. Arkail wetted his lips and stared back ready to see what would happen, after a few moments the patrons of the tavern returned to their games of chance and conversations.  He sat down and ordered a mug of wine  much to the innkeepers amusement and mirth  he was a elderly orc of Draenor origin brown skinned untainted… interesting Arkail thought, he had no time to quiz the old orc for his life story he needed a plan to find these red blades maybe they had been merged into another tribe, he scribbled in his journal, occasionally sipping from his tankard stopping every now and then to ponder any or all situations.

Several hours passed and he had kept to himself it was now dusk and the tavern filled up more all were orcs no other races could be seen, the taverns mood was sombre like something that was afraid to be said. Arkail was lost in this thought when the Old orc innkeeper brought him a fresh mug of wine and with the swiftest of movements muttered something into his ear.
“That fella over there has been watching you since you came in do you know him?” The old orc gestured subtly with his eyes to a darkened corner of the tavern a silhouette of large orc could be seen unmoving staring though his face was hidden. Arkail didn’t respond and the old orc snorted something about the youth of today and went back to his duties. Arkail stared back into the darkness shrouden figure he was  intrigued moments passed and he finished his wine with a gulp, he headed towards the large silhouette Are you looking for something friend he inquired to the shadowy figure, the figure only lit a pipe his face now visible he stared back and said.“No, I  believe you are, come to the cleft of shadow alone… scholar of undercity in one hour you will find what you seek.

*A hour passed*.

He found himself walking though the darkened streets of the cleft the place was empty, a eerie kind of empty he felt he was being watched… suddenly it all went dark he was hit by some kind of magic he was bound and his head covered by a bag a final blow rendered him unconscious. He woke to the sound of a conversation which he couldn’t make out it, he could  tell it was a argument his vision stopped spinning and he see could 4-5 various people gathered around the dimly lit room. A reassuring hand fell upon his shoulder the orc from the bar moved in front of Arkail and said: “Sorry brother a nessercary precaution we saw your little display as you entered the city with those off duty kor’khons”.
“Kor’khons? Arkail replied what? Kor’khons those lunk headed sons of ogres were Kro’khons ?”
He let out a chuckle and said
“what do you fine gentlemen want of me then?“ rubbing the back of head he felt a thick raised lump there.
"Your not  a friend of the kor’khon or our “warchief”  may the ancestors tear him apart in the next world he said with a hiss, I’m Brokka Felfoul a student warlock the people you see around you are friends."

Arkail shifted his gazed around the assembled group each nodding as they where introduced.
 Janos of the forsaken a priest of shadow she entered your mind as you slept she is the reason you’re not dead and that we greet you as a friend. Yuji Flamebender  a shaman of the warsong tribe, he knows where you will find what you seek and his friend and blood brother Huruk Bloodhoof a sunwalker we are a part of the resistance. He nodded at each of them, saying quite a group of individuals indeed…

*Hours pass dawn was coming*

Brokka had explained in detail the extent of the pit of madness that Orgrimmar had become no free thinking individual was safe  from the Kor’khons grasp and that they were planning small exodus whenever they where able from the city and explained that this is where he came in they needed more firepower to break though the blockades that stopped people leaving if things went bad. The city freely he said let  most people enter, none could leave. Orgrimmar had become a honey trap.

It was then for the first time Yuji spoke a gruff, honourable old orc: “You seek the red blade tribe they have been exiled I believe they are close to Winterspring as we speak, a long trek, i'm sure with our help you will reach them before they move out of reach” Huruk the sunwalker interjected and said: “They also have no love for the warchief they still believe in the horde though, brother Yuji do you? “ Yuji slammed his fist upon the table with a grin he said: ” My life for the horde”

"Yes yes" said Brokka "lets not get off topic we need to leave as soon as possible Arkail I know you’ve been studying arcane and are quite the Arcanist even if you wont admit it we will need that extra firepower, we will be transporting various like minded citizens though the blockade are you up it?"“I’m a simple scholar Arkail” said with a snort of defiance. “We have no time for games Arkail are you with us" Brokka said he face reddening. “A warlock that cares for his fellow man my, my we are a quite a group but i'm with you if it gets me to what I seek”Brokka smirked and said  “You will find more about oneself when you take your head out of a book and learn what the real world is Arkail you will find that out soon enough believe me.” Suddenly with a hiss Jolan The priest interrupted and spoke: "we have been found we must leave now or perish" her Orcish was terrible, yet the intent was clear.
Brokka flew into a state of readiness grabbing things and giving orders Arkail watched him he was a boy even by his standards yet so driven and focused most pleasing to see he watched him attatched a message to a foot of raven and let it loose. "Damm them blasted Kor’khons" Brokka said as he spat.

They rushed to the meeting point a small group of people had gathered, simple familes mostly, all well armed carrying their meager possesions. It was then the Kor’khon choose to reveal themselves surrounding them, they had been betrayed a Young orc from the exiles gathered laughed as and he went to join the kor’khons, as he did Brokka flew into a rage a dark bolt of energy burst from his palm spilting it open and striking the betrayer in the back of the head sending flipping him over in rain of red inards, dead.

Battle was upon them, Kor’khon were taking no prisoners. Arkail kept his head down doing his best to keep himself alive striking out with his stave and letting out a few bolt of energy here and there not wanting to exert himself he tried to remain calm, this was his first battle since he left the camps many of the group gathered were dead still clinging to their possessions.
It was then in the chaos he noticed the forsaken priest had been overwhelmed Arkail watched helplessly as she fell spouting curses upon them shadows dancing around her as she disappeared behind the stabbing blades of the Kor'khons.Overwhelmed they began to slowly try and retreat to the gates, things seemed bleak. It was then Yuji roared a gout of flame and created a brief wall of flame and some protection, he had been wounded mortally several arrows had pierced him, with a snort he growled
“ Flee brothers flee  I’ve got this..Ancestors give me strength” Blood pouring from his mouth , he roared and charged over the flames engaging many Kor’khons at once in an attempt of holding them back. With a sombre nod Brokka did his best to round up the few remaining survivors not clinging to ddead relative and began to sprint though the gates and too their waiting mounts. It was then Arkail noticed the tauren sunwalker was not with them he turned to see the Tauren re-enter the city weapon raised, Brokka gave Arkail a glance and both knew why he returned. Interesting Arkail thought  the tales are true Tauren where loyal to those considered friends the nature of the oath, it was greater than there instinct of self preservation. He had hoped to speak with the Tauren about his vocation. A pity such a waste.

They reached the town of razor hill some time later, it was there Brokka and his survivors split company with Arkail  they where heading south he was heading east to find the exiled Red blade he thought briefly of joining Brokka and his party south,  his journey felt more important he should record and learn all he can from the tribe. He knew that now more than ever the importance of recording ones history because that it is all we truly leave behind for the future and the future of the Orcish raced seemed in danger of heading back to the old ways of senseless war and mindless bloodlust. He mounted the Wyvern and set a past east for Winterspring.

*Hours later*

The cold night air of Wintersping lapped at face he patted the Wyvern letting the flight master take it, Arkail entered a small settlement of goblins, noise of revilement could be heard coming from it’s tavern Orcish songs and voices could be heard.

Arkail entered the tavern…

edited twice thanks Rorir :) due to god awful grammar and spelling thank you again :)

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