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Part 4: Cannibal Crossing
2nd June 2019

Disaster had struck the orcs with Razaron Madeye’s passing, but they had no time to mourn his loss. Sharguul the great wolf spirit was still captured and his fate rested in their hands! Old Roji returns to Gloom Hollow and beckoned the orcs over to listen to him, he told the orcs that they’ve had another sighting of Xuja the Bloodgiver, she’s at Natha’vor the most renown cannibalistic blood troll village and Roji know’s the back way in! The orcs are led north to an unsettling site, in front of them lay the skeleton remains of the largest turtle the orcs had ever seen. Even Torga the wise and benevolent Loa of the turtles had succumbed to the blood troll menace. Suddenly a large group of blood troll drudges frantically ran towards the orcs, looking over their shoulders as if they were fleeing from something! Some of the orcs disobeyed Rrosh’tul Bloodpaw’s orders to let them through and attacked the drudges, they were left out of position and exposed!

The drudges were running from mud lurker python’s, deadly snakes with venomous bites! The pythons had decided Torga’s shell was a perfect place to nest in and the drudges must of gotten too close. Now they were clan Red Blade’s problem, Kargnar ordered the orcs to attack and they did successfully though Grarshak took a venomous bite. The snakes that had survived the orcs assault had slithered off into whatever nook and cranny they could find, the blademaster promptly was given a antidote potion they had secured from the infamous market traders a couple of weeks ago. Roji led the orcs forward under the giant fin of Torga and towards the secret entrance in to Natha’vor. The orcs would cross a creaking wooden walkway through the trees, what was that? A horn bellowed from around the orcs! The blood trolls had known the orcs were coming! How did this keep happening over and over?

Javelins filled the sky and were about to impale the orcs when, “Ribbit!”. Krag’wa’s blessing had activated in the most extraordinary way, clan Red Blade had taken the time to give a offering to the Loa of frogs and Krag’wa repaid them! A mystical frog tongue sloshed at the spears and rebounded them back at the skirmishers! Many of the blood trolls perished as they repositioned, their ambush left in tatters! They did however have a back up plan, part of the wooden walkway collapsed leaving the orcs stranded. Gashuk attempted to create a portal but the feedback from the surrounding blood magic had made it impossible to travel in such a way. The Rrosh’tul ordered the orcs to climb the tree, aiding those that were injured as they secured themselves past the substantial gap. The skirmishers saw this as the right time to again attack but the orcs were having none of it, in desperation a group of blood trolls turned to their cannibalistic ways and started devouring their own kin! Screams of the fallen trolls echoed around the orcs as they were ripped apart, blood filling the walkway as it dripped down to marshy ground a hundred feet below!

Enraged the blood trolls attacked back slashing Gashuk’s arm but it wasn’t enough. The trolls eventually all fell and the orcs had survived, Natha’vor awaited them as they slowly made there way in to the village. Moans and screams could be heard from the distance as discarded remnants of dead trolls filled the grounds. The orcs stumbled upon a Blood Mother, she was overlooking some crude cages, the cries of anguish were coming from them. The Blood Mother sacrificed a blood troll inside one of the cages by draining it’s blood, it’s corpse crumbled to the floor with a large thud! “Weak, all da trolls ‘ere be to weak!” she says before turning around and facing the orcs! “Ahh, we bin expectin’ ya! So glad ya decided ta show up. Afraid wat ya came lookin’ for ain’t ere’. Dat wolf be gettin’ very very weak now! Hahaha!” the Blood Mother said proud in the fact the orcs came all this way for nothing. “But I can now add ya ta da collection I be makin’” The blood troll points to all the cages filled with half-alive creatures, suddenly her arms stops moving pointing towards a cage with two orcs inside. “Dey too decided ta enter da lands of G’huun! Enough talk now! Guzincha!”

The Blood Mother raised her arms draining more blood from the cages, using her dark magic to create mawfiends. Animated creatures of blood that lunged towards the orcs protecting their master. The battle was fierce but cunningly Dhak, Kulgha, Gaar’thok, Grarshak and Gul’rok took the initiative to sneak behind the Blood Mother and rescue the two orcs held captive, they were gagged and very weak. They fed them some water and food whilst throwing some furs over them, luxuries the other orcs weren’t getting. The Blood Mother trying to cast one of her spells of doom but got interrupted just in the knick of time! Gul’rok returned to face the Blood Mother and as the animated mawfiends were finished off Ragehowl managed to slice the Blood Mothers arm clean off! She howled in pain as Borrock Hardhide wound his giant hammer up before unloading it down on top of her skull, bone and brain splashing over everybody!

Skint and Irkha were the two orcs that were freed, they looked on in shock. Not at what just took place but at the tortollan guide the orcs had be using. They pointed the finger at him, saying he was allied with the blood trolls. Rrosh’tul told the orcs that it was time to move out, it was too dangerous to discuss this here and now. They headed to the Bwomsamdi ruins of Zo’bal to seek refuge, there they confronted Roji. Suddenly the faceless ghost appeared again, the spirits around Zo’bal ruins were angered at the tortollan’s presence. The faceless ghost showed the orcs visions of Roji's past actions, one by one scenes of Roji planning out a potential route through the zandalari city on a map, marking the most troublesome traders and the paths often plagued by thieving saurid. Looking at the direhorn Cera and making notes, before eliminating the threat by aiding in her release into the wilds. Using a scroll at night to call the pterrordaxes to circle the camp, before taking notes on the orc's fighting prowess as they fought them in their nests. Taking away Blackfeather's water filters that was providing the orcs so much fresh water and finally, distinct memories of Roji taking the orcs dangerously close to various camps of the blood trolls, clearly leading them into trouble!

The vision ended as the orcs were enraged, Kargnar kept a steady head knowing that they would need Roji. Roji confessed that his family were captured and he had been forced in to doing these most dishonourable acts. He had sort the help of the Zandalari armed forces, the Horde, and the Alliance outposts to help him free them. They all turned him away. What remains of his family? What of Sharguul? Only one camp remained in Nazmir and Xuja must be there. The orcs had survived the cannibal crossing this day.

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Part 3: The Red Night
30th May 2019

Razaron has recovered over the last few days but still looks half the orc he use to be. Luckily for the orcs they have a sense of focus on what they have to do now. They are here to save the wolf spirit Sharguul from the hands of Xuja the Bloodgiver, a vile blood troll. The elders of the clan had asked Old Roji to explore Nazmir and figure out where this Xuja and his blood troll menace could be located, luckily he arrived back at camp with some good news! He tells the orcs of a camp to the north-east named Zal’amak, “Then it settled, we travel to this Zala’muck! Sounds dirty! We leave our wolves behind, for now we do this on foot. I’m sure you know the route Roji?” Razaron quips while Roji scoffs at the remark and beckons them forwards.

The orcs of the Red Blade are on manoeuvres yet again, who knows what lies in store for them on this dark night in Nazmir? One things for sure, Xuja must pay! It’s a full moon as the orcs catch glimpses of it through the vast cypress tree’s in Nazmir, the silhouette of some of the ancient Zandalari ruins dominated the night sky from a far. Darkness will give the orcs the advantage of surprise tonight! Though it wasn’t advantageous when it came to leeches, Goreye, Kulgha, Grarshak, Dhak, and Gul'rok got some suckers attached to them crossing through shallow water. Rhonya and Gaar’thok decided fire was the best way to get rid of them and it did indeed do the trick, though Madeye had a plan to poison them with tobacco.

After being slowed down by the little annoyances the orcs walked in to an open area through the swampy trees, they were close to Zal’amak now but what was that? It sounded like a horn being blown. The orcs cover was blown! Blood trolls appear from everywhere, the orcs had been surrounded! Not just trolls but the biggest Crawg you will ever see stomps in to view and he’s eyes locked firmly on to the chieftain! The crawg charges at Kozgugore, Shrewd quickly intercepts the beast, jumping on it’s back and gnawing away at it’s flesh to try and slow him down! It’s too late or is it? Madeye pushes Kozgugore out of the way as the gigantic horn of the crawg pierces Razaron’s chintin armour. Feraleye lands awkwardly as the crawg tramples his right arm, his wrist now facing the wrong direction. Shrewd jumps off the monstrosity and checks on his master, appearing to try and help the chieftain back to his feet. The crawg frantically swings it’s head back and forth till the impaled Razaron is thrown to the ground fatally wounded. “Hah, Glob proves yet again dat he is special, ya don’t stand a chance orcs!” a Amaki Bloodsinger says to much delight!

The orcs enter a blood lust seeing their Varog’Gor fall as they charge in with no fear at all! The blood trolls never stood a chance, but Glob did. It took countless of axes, daggers and magic to bring the beast down. Finally Naroga climbing on top of the crawg and piercing it’s flesh with her weapon till it collapsed and was still, a mighty kill! Rhonya with the help of Dhak and Gaar’thok tried their best to save Razaron but it was too late, “..Is the chieftain safe..?” Madeye said, his first concern only for Feraleye. Kozgugore was safe, his wrist maybe broken but he would live. “..I’ve seen this moment, it’s been prepared for me..!” Razaron says tapping his eye patch, “..Did I finally proved my worth to you all..? To the clan..? To my family..? Did I..?” Razaron asked with many of the orcs saying he had, Steelheart remarking he proved his worth many moons ago. “..Then I die happy, like all good orcs should.. ..burn me by our tree.. ..So I may smile on you from the otherside..! ..To you all.. For.. the..” Razaron says fading, unable to get his last words out.

Razaron had died, finally succumbing to the wounds inflicted by the humongous crawg. Blood pours out of his chest where the horn of Glob had pierced straight through his armour. The orcs were left in shock, the curse of the Varog’Gor never seems to be letting up. There would be time to mourn Madeye but not right now, they are deep within Nazmir and a Zal’amak remains. A huge sphere of blood was in the centre of the now deserted camp, the orcs searched around and found some bloody crystals, scrolls with dark magic written inside them and four strange blades. Rhonya inspected the blades and then looked around at the other orcs, she could almost smell their blood from a distance! Cravings to stab her clan mates reverberated throughout her mind. Steelheart took a deep breath and focused, controlling the dark urge and instead lash out at the sphere! The sphere was instantly punctured as the blood that formed the shield slowly drained away in to the damp marsh ground. These new mysterious weapons shouldn’t fall in to the wrong hands thats for certain.

The sphere was hiding a gigantic cage, as they took a closer look they noticed that it was empty. The bars bent and claw marks scratched in to the floor and ceiling. Perhaps it was Sharguul’s cage? Whatever was in the cage it wasn’t there now, Zal’amak had cost the orcs much for not much in return, how did the orcs get ambushed so easily? What of poor Madeye and where is Sharguul? Old Roji beckons the orcs over, he insists it’s time to move and he knows a good place to stay, Gloom Hollow. The orcs agreed and followed the old tortollan, Razaron’s body followed being preserved in a bubble by some ancient scroll magic. As they were nearing Gloom Hollow Gaar’thok and Kargnar remarked they saw the faceless ghost again, though Roji insisted they carried on to safety.

A tortollan guard notices Roji, “Old Roji, twice in one week! How’s the family? Still away in in the deep seas?” he said with Roji replying in kind, telling them of what just took place tonight. “You orcs are welcome to stay, make yourselves at home. Tonight we tell the tale of Loh and his two girls and one shell!” the Tortollan guard said as the orcs tried to get their head around what took place. It had been a bloody night, the red night.

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Part 2: A Glimpse into Death
23rd May 2019

The mood in the camp was good despite the obvious dangers that lurked within Nazmir. The sun had set hours ago and now darkness surrounded them, only a few well placed torches and the campfire lit up the surrounding area. Suddenly the orcs started to feel very cold and the world around them was drained of all colour. They froze in place, unable to move, unable to speak. A figure slowly walked towards the camp, it was a shade of a wolf.

“I am the shadow around every corner that protects my fathers pack. I am the shepherd of death that tends to his followers in the after-life.” The wolf said, before pausing and taking a longer look at them. “I am the Unborn, Dark Fang, Blackfur but my name is Sharguul, son of one known as Akashok!” Sharguul said with sorrow in his voice. “Orcs of the Red Blade, I’m glad you listened to the one called Madeye. I had to reach out to a follower who has taken the oath of our father, his illness should only be temporary.” The unborn wolf spirit glancing down at Razaron, “Not many could survive a message from my deathly claws, but he is indeed tougher then he looks!”

The tone of the great wolf spirits voice suddenly becomes louder and deadly serious, “Now on to why you are here, I am in danger and being held shackled somewhere in these mortal lands. The one known as Xuja the Bloodgiver is draining my very being in an attempt to resurrect the one called G’huun! I grow weak and only now because you are close am I able to appear before you. Before you decide if you wish to aid me, please relax, this won’t hurt! I will show you… everything!” Darkness enveloped the orcs, suddenly they were no where, but yet everywhere. They could see but everything was black.

The orcs eyes started to focus and the world around them wasn’t just black anymore, they had partially crossed over to the other side and now appeared as spirits in the realms between the living and dead. Glimpses of Akashok and Akala mourning the loss of Sharguul reverberated around the orcs, “I will always be apart of the pack, my paws may never have touched the hallowed earth but that would not stop me! By my sheer will alone I would not allow my spirit to be forgotten, I had to find the lost fragments of my soul!” Sharguul said speaking of his past. The orcs then began to search the land of limbo and they found more then they bargained with. Ghostly hands from below grabbed at Karnna, they were pulling her into the water attempting to drown her! Nakobu and Dhak managed to evade them and grabbed Blackfeather, dragging her to safety. Gashuk and Kyrazha looked deep within a mirror, replica’s of themselves appeared behind them in the mirror. They turned around and went face to face with their doppelgangers, swiftly they banished them!

Kargnar, Kulgha and Durgrol had the unfortunate task of fending of spectres in the form of children, cries of “Mommy!” and “Where’s my daddy?” made the orcs very unsettled. The orcs refused to attack the children, fearing it was some sort of test against the code. Luckily the children eventually got bored, “We just wanted to play!” as they disappeared. Kran, Kraagara and Gul’rok found books with names if Red Blade legends on them, Akesha, Regger and Kraag to be exact. The books then came alive and started to bash themselves into the orcs with their hardcovers, the orcs eventually were able to keep hold of them as they disappeared in their hands. The tales of the Red Blade legends played through their heads like a vision, perhaps they should seek out one of the clan lore-masters to find out more about them?

As each scenario ended a piece of Sharguul appeared. Claws, fangs, fur and eyes. The orcs returned them to the great wolf spirit as he thanked them before beckoning them forward through this mysterious domain. “I had to learn quickly and protect myself against forces that would do me harm, even here!” Sharguul said just before orcs of the past attacked them. “I don’t want to die!”, “This was not my fate!” they screamed as if it was mere moments before their deaths in the mortal realm. The orcs dispatched the the angry spirits as they watched them cross to the other side, “Some spirits are angered, not wanting to accept their fate. Stay close, this domain isn’t for the faint of heart!”.

Sharguul walked purposely forward in till he halted in front of a small orcish boy. He sobbed as Gashuk tried to console him, he was lost and didn’t realise he had died. He told them of what he could remember, that his mother and father prepared him a dinner, they said it would make him feel better. It obviously didn’t as it had killed him. He then surprisingly pointed at Kargnar and Kulgha, saying they were his parents! Unholy laughter blasted out as the lost soul had disappeared, a haunting experience for the two orcs. The lost orc wasn’t their child but the spirits have a tendency to lie, to mess with the minds of the living. “I am the shepherd of orcs, I help those find peace. The one known as Xuja changed all that, he came with the one called Madeye and a cursed axe, tricking me in to imprisonment.”

Vision of the past took place in front of their very eyes, Xuja the Bloodgiver appeared dragging a unconscious Razaron from behind. Sharguul was also there in all his glory and glared at the blood troll. “Great spirit Sharguul, Ah bring ya dis orc. Da axe he 'ad be cursed, he be trapped now. 'is life be now in ya 'ands.” Xuja said as she tossed Madeye towards the Sharguul, the son of Akashok growled and responded, “You do not belong here troll! But, I thank you for bringing one of Akashok’s pack to me.” He was right, she didn’t belong here. The unborn walked over and smelt the scent of Madeye, confirming his oath of blood. The great spirit knelt down and placed his paws on the Varog’Gor’s back when disaster struck! Xuja had twisted the blood inside of Razaron creating a trap for Sharguul, the howls and cries of a wolf in pain echoed throughout the vision! Sharguul’s legs were now cuffed with a rite of blood, magical shackles holding him prisoner to blood troll’s desire! “Hah hah hah, so foolish, so predictable! Ya would do anyt'ing fo' da pack and now ya be foddah for G’huun! Let da feast of a thousand maws begin!” the blood witch said before the vision ended with her speaking the most disgusting of tongue, “Qam oou uhnish kyth zuq Ongg za fhssh as'rr!”

“Without me the orcs of the past and future may not find peace! Akashok’s pack will always be in danger! This is why I need your help! Will you help this one?” Sharguul asked the orcs as they agreed almost straight away, they would try to find him in Nazmir and free him of Xuja’s cruel magic. Sharguul thanked them but the peace didn’t last long, the void had corrupted it’s way here! Tentacles shot up from the ground attempting to squeeze the life out of clan as three Faceless One’s appeared from the shadows, they were speaking their foul language! “Gul'kafh an'shel erh'ongg w'ssh!”

The battle commenced and the orcs appeared to be losing side, most of them had be caught up and trapped by the void like tentacles. It fell to Dhak Skullsunder to save the day, he leapt forward and struck a mighty blow to those that were held captive. The orcs were released as they all entered a bloodlust! From the brink of defeat they quickly dispatched two old god minions before the last tuck tail and ran, using his shadowy magic to portal away! The strength of the old gods is unquestionable and the orcs had only tasted a drop in a ocean of their full power! For now though they won this battle. Sharguul howled urging clan Red Blade to listen to him! “We’ve been here too long! The void is a plague that has rooted itself even here! There are things even I don’t know, be warned the great threat to us all is coming and we must not linger!”

With that the orcs were taken back to the mortal realm and awoke back at the Red Blade Camp, Nakobu and Gashuk looked strangely at the campfire as a ghostly figure with no face was there for a brief moment. Gashuk took it in his stride whereas Nakobu was caught offguard by it, he questioned why he had saw it. Madeye suddenly felt a lot better, like a great burden had been lifted from him which pleased the clan.  The day was over and the orcs knew what they had to do now, find and free the great wolf spirit Sharguul, he was somewhere in Nazmir but where? Wherever he is Xuja the Bloodgiver would be there! 

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Part 1: Three’s a Crowd
19th May 2019

The sun had risen shining it’s beautiful splendour over Razor Hill, the winds rushed past the faces of the orcs, this will make excellent sailing weather. The elements seem to be with them but for what? Madeye had been speaking in riddles for the past few days, mentioning a fetid swampland called Nazmir. The Sea Cucumber, Unsinkable II had arrived at the Echo Ilse as clan Red Blade made the long arduous trip to Zandalar.

Days past but eventually the busy port of Zandalar was in sight, they docked quickly and noticed the merchants unloading their exotic goods from all different regions of the world, this was as multi-cultural as Azeroth can get! The seagulls swooped all around seeking to steal a cheeky snack from the local fishermen, an unlucky Zandalari guard and Kulgha Wolfheart having the satisfaction of tasting bird excrement.

 Despite Razaron’s deteriorating health he beckoned the orcs foward, “Come, we must find Nazmir! Where? Is it to the west? Spirits I call for your aid? Did you hear that? The whispers! More whispers from the shadows!” Madeye said with a confused slur. Some of the orcs, most noticeably Kyrazha and Urzoga seemed genuinely concerned for their Varog’Gor. The orcs were then stopped by a creature with a turtle like appearance, it was a tortollan named Roji. He eyed Razaron Madeye up and down, sensing that despite his sweaty exterior, he may in fact be leading these salty swabs.

After a brief exchange with Roji it was decided that he would be the guide for clan Red Blade, though Old Roji wasn’t impressed with their supplies. According to him they were in no fit state to enter Nazmir so he lead them to some local traders in the Grand Bazaar. When they arrived the traders were arguing, the orcs even tried to interrupt them to no avail. It all seemed hopeless and after some long winded exchanges they only managed to come out of it with the most mediocre supplies. 

The orcs left the trolls to continue their debate as Roji gave a history lesson on the Zandalari capital and it’s Loa’s, Old Roji did like to talk a fair bit and some of the orcs were getting easily impatient. Eventually they made their way to the Zocalo where they were ambushed by a squadron of saurid scamps lead by the Loa of Scavengers, many of the orcs weapons and goods were briefly stolen in till the they fought back and laid the smackdown in to them. Gulrok also managed to find his belt, the orcs saw more then they wished! “Hek hek hek hek hek hek!” a strange laugh surrounded clan Red Blade as they finally managed to escape the chaos of Dazar’alor.

They were nearing Nazmir when Kran, Kulgha and Gaar’thok noticed a strange figure. They spoke of a ghostly spectre who’s whole body was cloaked and it was faceless, Madeye commented that perhaps they were finally witnessing what he be seeing the past month. One bridge remained and it creaked under the weight of the orcs, luckily it was sturdy enough and at last they had reached Nazmir! Roji and Razaron spoke with the Zandalari Captain Rabaz at Zul’jan ruins, he told them they couldn’t stay within the ruins but they were allowed to make camp outside. They did exactly that, it wasn’t perfect but this would be the orcs home for the foreseeable future.

Notice Board / Whispers in the Shadows
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Part 1: Three's a Crowd (19th May 2019)
Part 2: A Glimpse in to Death (23rd May 2019)
Part 3: The Red Night (30th May 2019)
Part 4: Cannibal Crossing (2nd June 2019)
Part 5: For the Blood! (6th June 2019)
Part 6: Return of the Wolf (9th June 2019)

Campaign Map

Razaron Madeye has fallen ill over the last month, nightmares and visions of a land called Nazmir cloud his mind. The orcs of the Red Blade must uncover the mysteries that lurk within this new world, the fate of the clan rests in their hands.

The whispers are growing ever louder, the shadows are watching as darkness comes! Prepare for the worst!

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\o/ yay! Thanks Okiba and thanks everyone in the picture!

Notice Board / Protect the Wagon
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Protect the Wagon
9th March 2019

It all started with a letter from the chieftain, Kozgugore Feraleye. Madeye was asked to reflect on how he could serve the clan best and he pondered this question for several nights. Then he met a strange orc named No'gaw Redart in Shadowmoon Village, No’gaw explained at some length the ordeal he was going through. How Shadowmoon Valley was still a hostile environment and that many traders got themselves killed delivering their goods across the fel landscape. Madeye agreed to help him in exchange for a barrel of wine and the finest made talbuk hide clan tabards, Razaron would give these exclusive tabards to all those that would help him provide an escort for Redart.

The next night the clan was prepared and Razaron would be alpha, he arranged the clan to protect the clefthoof who was carrying all of No'gaw Redart's trade. The orcs would be evenly spread to surround the clefthoof and wagon so any would be attacker would have to go through the might of clan Red Blade first! The first stop on this escort mission would be at Wildhammer Stronghold, No'gaw had a deal in place with the dwarf's that would supply them with kegs of ale. Before reaching the Fortress however they were attacked by the wildlife of Shadowmoon Valley. Felboar's rushed and charged the escort from all sides and even a roaming chimaera sort to test it's luck against the orcs. Notably in the battle the chimaera for a time was crushing the blademaster Grarshak before Vran put an end to the beast's life and it wasn’t long before the rest of the attacking wildlife was slain.

The beer was delivered and the dwarf's were over the moon, they wished the orcs well on their journey and even told them they could join them for a pint. Madeye declined the offer as they had more deliveries to see to and the next stop was Sanctum of the Stars, the elves had been promised some wine and No'gaw had countless barrels on his wagon. They crossed through the southern road of Shadowmoon Valley and past some arrokoa ruins, unfortunately the orcs that were guarding the right side didn't spot the ghostly bird men. They attacked without mercy chirping frantically and casting dark magic that even managed to penetrate the right side of the escort. Luckily Razaron was there and in his own flamboyant style balanced himself on top of the clefthoof and calling on the spirits of the air pushed the ghost backwards giving the clan time to regroup. And regroup they did, moments later the ghosts were dispatched and they continued on their journey.

The elves were less then impressed with the timeliness of the orcs arrival, apparently this order was two days late! Redart grovelled at the blood elf apologising over and over again, the blood elf used his magic to transport the barrels of wine off the wagon and paid up, perhaps the elf took pity on No'gaw or maybe he was just fed up of all his whining. The last stop was with the draenei at the Altar of Sha'tar and they made the dangerous decision to move along the east road near the Black Temple. The fel rivers ran for miles from the Hand of Gul'dan, the hand was a gigantic volcano in the centre of Shadowmoon Valley spewing it’s fel taint. The orcs decided to use one of the draenic bridges and they crossed over swiftly but then Gaar'thok and Krim'rosh noticed some fel elementals charging towards them, Madeye ordered the orcs to fortified the left side of the clefthoof. The fel elementals stood no chance against the reinforced orcs of the Red Blade, after mere moments they were banished back to where they came.

They had now arrived at the Altar of Sha'tar and the draenei accepting the goods was not happy with the delay. They had been waiting a month for the delivery of their mystical light-forged crystals but he quickly forgave No'gaw Redart after seeing the contents on the wagon. The draenei quickly paid Redart and the clan made the long trip back to Shadowmoon Valley unscathed, No'gaw showed the orcs their prize before hastily disappearing. Kran was the one to open the crates that were marked with the Bleeding Hollow eye and found that No'gaw had only honoured half of the deal. Two empty bottles of wine and some freshly made tabards were all that were in the crate, Madeye had been duped and the orcs immediately searched the area for Redart but he was long gone. Madeye felt a fool but perhaps this task wasn't about the wine or colours, maybe the reward was keeping everyone safe.

The Campfire / The Cunning Wolf
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The Cunning Wolf

Razaron had just finished talking with the Chieftain as he walked back to the Razor Hill inn. He was over the moon at the news he had just heard, Madeye had proved his worth to Kozgugore and would now go down the path of a Varog’Gor and to him this was destiny. Back during his Om’riggor with clan Red Blade he performed a Bleeding Hollow vision quest that fulfilled a promise he gave to his father when he was all but a cub. The vision revealed how he would die but also presented glimpses of other choices he made in his life and this encounter with Feraleye was one of them. The vision comes as a dream so it’s difficult to work out exactly everything at the time but once it plays out in the future the satisfaction is like figuring out one of the most arduous riddles. Madeye spent the rest of the night formulating a plan on the task Kozgugore had given him, he had to find a wolf that spoke to him without speaking and kill it with his bare hands. Razaron scratched his scraggy black beard in thought trying to understand what the Chieftain had meant, he drunk down the last of his wine and decided perhaps sleep would help clear his mind. 

He awoke the next morning still confused but never the less he collected his belongings and prepared for a great hunt. The barrens was his destination, Kava his trusted wolf carried him from Razor Hill to the Durotar bridge, he slid off her saddle and ordered her to go back to Razor Hill, he would now have to do the rest by himself. Day turned to night and Madeye had found a few wolf packs but none of them spoke to him like Kozgugore had said and he started to think it was a fools errand trying to become a Varog’Gor. Was he really worthy of becoming the eyes and ears of the Chieftain? Feraleye deemed it himself so Razaron carried on throughout the night. During the night with a full moon over Razaron’s head a lightbulb went off in his brain as he said out loud, “I’ve been doing this all wrong, to hunt this wolf I need to become the wolf.” With that Razaron made a small camp fire and removed all his armor, clothes and weapons. He got down on all fours and sniffed the ground, perhaps Kavara had a sense of humour or maybe Madeye was right? Razaron started to feel faint and then he collapsed on the floor, when he finally awoke he was shocked to find he was a wolf in spiritual form. He heard faint sound of howling disappearing around him, he knew who it was. It was Kavara and he thanked her for her assistance in this special hunt. 

Madeye sniffed the floor with his new nose, his sense of smell was far greater now and he had quickly picked up a scent. Before even thinking Razaron shot off in a direction and was moving at extraordinary speed, the hunt was on! Razaron was flying through the long grass of the Barrens, jumping at extreme lengths over long rifts in the ground and part of him wanted to stay in this form forever. He knew he couldn’t, Razaron was a orc of dedication and he had set himself on a goal of protecting those he loved and that was the clan and the Chieftain. His hunt suddenly came to a halt much sooner then he had thought, in the distance not too far away was his prey. He sighed looking at the creature, it was blind in one eye and wounded. Three spears had penetrated the wolf’s flesh but somehow it had survived and it was in enormous pain. Razaron crept closer and saw the scars of previous battles were all to clear, the wolf had been living with the world on it’s shoulders as it frantically tried to carry on. Razaron knew what he had to do, he had to put this creature out of it’s misery.

Razaron stalked the creature using the long sunburned grass to hide his light brown fur and as he got up closer he noticed the wolf was limping, this wasn’t going to be hard at all. He whisper to the spirits to return him to his orc existence and they obliged, Madeye spread his arms out and was about to leap at the wolf when the wolf attacked first! It was playing possum and the wolf must have sensed Razaron was close and baited him out. Before he knew what happened he was on his back with the wolf desperately trying to gnaw at his face! The only thing stopping Madeye falling victim to the wolf was his big green hands that were pushing it’s head backwards. “You think I’m weak do you orc? You fell for my trap! Now I shall eat again tonight!” ringed in Razaron’s head, somehow this wolf was speaking to him without speaking and Razaron found little comfort in discovering he had found his prey. Soon he wouldn’t have the energy to hold the wolf at bay and he would have to do something. Madeye started to spin his legs clockwise and with it the wolf too was starting to spin, moments later he was vertical and the wolf had been frown backwards from the force. Only Razaron Madeye could pull a dancing spinaroonie to save his hide from the depths of defeat! The wolf gave an expression of a grin, “You’ve got moves orc but try this!” The wolf charged at Madeye and before reaching him he slid along the cracked dusty earth, Razaron stepped side on to the wolf and rolled over the charging beast narrowly missing the snapping jaws. “You’ve never met a orc with moves like mine. Time to to finish this!” Razaron quipped back. The wolf enraged at Madeye’e defiance howled in the moonlight and savagely charged again but this time Madeye had a plan!

He waited till precisely the last second and quickly fell to the floor, the wolf hit the ground head first and before he could recover Madeye had rolled backwards and had it in a headlock. “Rest now wolf!” Razaron made it quick and broke the neck of the cunning wolf. It was over, Razaron rested against the fur of the beast catching his breath, he had passed his first test. “Now to carry this back to Durotar!” The Varog’Gor in training laughed under the full moon. 

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The Campfire / A Fresh Start
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A Fresh Start

He was alone and would be his own orc? That didn’t last long. Razaron was being stalked by a lone wolf in the thick undergrowth. He would occasionally turn his head to watch that he wasn’t being tracked but this wolf was clever, she would keep her head down and use her sense of smell to follow him. The wolf would stalk him for days, following him deeper in to the swamp to hide away from the world. Days turned to a weeks and the wolf watched him go about making a new life for himself. Razaron had slowly managed to piece together a small hut and a few supplies and the sun set for the night, tiredly he curled up in his furs unbeknown that a deadly giant anaconda had also had his eye on him. The anaconda slithered his way inside his new home and was just a few feet away, it’s long body entering Razaron’s furs and was about to start squeezing the life out of him when the wolf attacked. The Anaconda was being ripped apart by the savagery of this wolf, Razaron shot up and grabbed his axe but his hut was a bloody mess. The anaconda had been killed and now Razaron faced the wolf in complete shock. He looked deep in to her emerald green eyes with his axe raised, something deep within his soul changed as his axe lowered. He knew this wolf was meant to be with him, it was destiny, fate! Razaron walked slowly over to the wolf and knelt down to stroke it’s long brown fur, the wolf’s demeanour had changed dramatically. Just a few moments ago it was a killing machine turning the anaconda inside out and now it was playful and happy. “Neska..” Razaron didn’t even mean to say it, it just came out. Somehow he just spoke her name out loud, it seemed the spirits had chosen them to be together. 

Countless months had past and Razaron and his wolf Neska would live together happily, a perfect duo at surviving deep within the Swamp of Sorrows. They were equals, they shared the same food, water and even furs. Unbreakable was their bond but somethings can be broken, they had just finished a hunt when they heard a commotion in the distance. They tracked down the noise and saw two pink-skins holding a sword at what looked like a pitiful creature, he was in distress and had his hands held up. The creature spoke with them in a foreign tongue which Razaron didn’t understand. What he did understand was their body language and whatever was being discussed was heated, the one pink skin now held the sword to the creatures neck. Razaron felt like intervening but didn’t want to draw attention to himself or Neska so decided to reluctantly just watch. The pink skin holding the sword gave the creature a swift punch to the face with his free hand, the creature fell to the floor in pain. They both started to laugh enjoying every second of it but they had made a fatal mistake, the few seconds that they took their eyes off the creature was the distraction it needed. The bullies in tandem veered back to the floor at the creature and were met with the a fiery blast. The pink skins were instantly burnt alive as their bodies toppled over to the wet marsh ground. Razaron was shocked, this creature had conjured fire from thin air! Razaron in his amazement had stumbled backwards, the clean snap of a breaking branch was enough for the creature to notice them both and with a click of his short stubbed like fingers they were sent tumbling out in to the open. Razaron knew he didn’t stand a chance at fighting a spellcaster of this power, he dropped his axe and closed his eyes waiting for the final blow to be struck.

The creature spoke, “What is an orc still doing in this swamp?” The creature spoke Orcish, how? Razaron opened his eyes and replied, “You speak my tongue?”. “Yes, obviously! Once we traded with your kind on Draenor but you haven’t answered my question orc!” Traded on Draenor? Razaron eyes narrowed as he looked closer at the strange creature, he then realized what it was. He was a draenei, but not a normal draenei, this one looked weak, almost broken. “I turned my back on the Horde, I live a life of a hermit. Just me and my wolf, draenei.” The creature’s raised a brow and looked at him and his companion, “So you know what I am even with my deformity? Hah, you are a peculiar orc aren’t you? There is more to you then meets the eye isn’t there orc?” The broken draenei thought to himself for a moment twiddling his beard like tentacles, “Come with me, let us talk about things.” The broken draenei picked up his stave, turned around and began to walk away. Razaron knew this was his only chance to get away, surely this broken couldn’t out run an orc and wolf? Curiosity however got the better of him and he and Neska followed the broken draenei through the swamp.

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Part 3: The Fate of Madeye
25th November 2018

The time was once upon the orcs. After resting for a few days they had decided to venture once more into the axe and hoped that it would be the final time. They awoke and were surrounded by ancient ruins and after pushing themselves up off the stone floor they were stood face to face with a elderly female orc. “So what brings you to the Matron children?” To her eyes the Red Blade were young Bleeding Hollow children. “Oh, you want to complete the trial of sages do you? Hmmph! Well perhaps a child’s mind can bring with it some new insight.” I’m here investigating a disturbance, come a long now children, don’t get lost!” She said calmly. They followed the Matron in till they hit a wall of energy, “So what do we have here? Oh yes, the spiritual shield that stops us from moving forward. You’ll need to answer correctly these riddles and the spirits will allow you entry!”

The Matron continued, “The beginners test of riddles. This should be fun for you children. Before we start I need a speaker, only one of you now children. Raise your hands!” The orcs discussed amongst themselves and without much hesitation Nar’thak Strongarm was named speaker. “I will now shut out the rest of you for I am the listener and only listen to the speaker. Please, discuss amongst yourselves but when the time is right the speaker answers for you all.” The orcs did as they were told and the Matron gave them five riddles to solve and they replied with five correct answers, Steelskull being noticeably knowledgeable of such tasks. “Oh look, the spirits have blessed you and dropped the shield. Aren’t you all very clever indeed! Come along, lets move to the next phase!” The Matron said before calmly walking forward.

The Orcs crossed a old ruined stone bridge in till at the other side was a huge ogre sitting at a table, “I be Trok-Trok, drinker supreme. If you want to pass the next shield you’ll have to beat me in a drinking contest! First one on floor sleeping loses!” the ogre said pointing at the impassable wall. The Mag’har Sigrak stepped forward, he wished to take up Trok-Trok’s challenge and sat down at the opposite end of the table. They began to drink and Sigrak made a very good start, Sigrak even tricked Trok-Trok initially by pretending to drink when he didn’t. The orcs cheered Sigrak on and also hurled some insults towards Trok-Trok that dented some of his iron confidence, it appeared the Mag'har would win as Trok-Trok was getting very drunk very fast. But the ogre had a second wind and Sigrak started to struggle, it was then that Karnna Blackfeather attempted to poison Trok-Trok’s drink! In hindsight it could of worked, the problem was it didn’t! Trok-Trok noticed Blackfeather and flipped the table in anger, the orcish spirits inside the cursed axe even were woken and not satisfied as they prepared to attack. It was Draklar and Lom’rak’s reasoning and apologies that calmed them down and the orc spirits faded and quickly to defuse Trok-Trok’s rage Strongarm gave a chi-chop to the back of the Ogre’s head. Trok-Trok stood a few inches taller, his eyes wide open and after seemingly few seconds he fell backwards like a tree paralysed. The next shield had fallen as the Matron amusingly remarked, “Well he did say the first one asleep lost!”.

They walked through the ruins crossroad and came across a door with a wall, the door had a sign that said ‘Do Not Enter’. This baffled the orcs for awhile, some even trying to find a way around it before some spiritual wind blew them back. After much discussions about what to do Strongarm walked up to the door and knocked three times. The door and wall disappeared, the Matron was very pleased by this, “Manners children, well done. You’ve shown up some of the adults with this one. On to the next test!” she quipped as she led the orcs forwards. Hilariously they came to another wall and door, this time it was a massive double door with an orcish face on it. Under the orcish face was a sign that said, the magic word is die.

Nar’thak Strongarm tried to give the door some dice and the door abruptly started talking out of the orcish face, “Hey, I don’t want that!”. A talking door, this bizarre event caught the orcs off guard and the door had a pretty unique sense of humour. The speaker was asking it a series of questions and eventually it answered one of them and was tricked in to saying the magic word, die. The door gasps as it said the word it didn’t want to say and sprung open, then after a few seconds it faded away and the door never existed. “Ha, that door was no match for your young minds! Well done indeed!” the Matron said. She beckoned them forwards and after a short while they entered a humongous throne room, upon the throne there appeared to be a shadow a of troll sitting on it.

“I be a Xuja. Hah, ya come all dis way ta save ya little friend. Ya show commitment I give ya dat!” the Shade of Xuja said. The Matron was confused, “I don’t remember this in the trial before, perhaps I should help you children out?” “Orcs and a phantom wanna play da hero do ya? Very well, I ave sum tricks up ma own sleeve ya know!” bellowed the shade before a dozen phantom spirits charged out of nowhere to attack the orcs, noticeably one of the phantom spirits was a small gnome pirate that previously had a unforgettable run in with Razaron on Kul’tiras. “We’re not just a phantom and orcs, but pieces that have touched my grandson's life! For the last time, for honor, lets save Razaron!” The Matron seemed to grasp what was going on better and performed a Zeth’tar dancing ritual that boosted the Red Blades resolve. They battled for a long hard time but the fight was won when Karnna Blackfeather, Jubeka and Drakora’s managed to finish the shade of Xuja off, the shadow met a grizzly end. She was diced, set alight, punctured and finally absorbed with Blackfeather’s shadow magic. “Dis… is… not… over! I shall… return!” as Xuja was no more.

Suddenly the orcs started to feel drowsy and everything went black, a final vision was then seen. Razaron was cradling the Matron Razara after she had sacrificed herself to save him from a rylak. Razaron clutched at his grandmother and let out all of his emotions with a cry that would wake the ancestors. The image remained for a time in till slowly the orcs again awoke in Durotar, the cursed axe was being held by Lom’rak and it appeared to be lifeless. Razaron was standing over the orcs and proceeded to thank them for the efforts in freeing him. He explained to them that the axe was a family heirloom given to him by his father Gorgush and that he didn’t know initially it was cursed. After a time wielding the weapon it would slowly drain the wielders life essence in to the axe. Long ago before Orgrimmar was built it was once put in a frozen like state with the help of his friend Peacemoon, but it also trapped apart of himself inside the axe. That was in till the troll known as Xuja entered Razor Hill and attacked Razaron sensing the blood magic within and reactivating it. Razaron didn’t know the troll but thanks to the Red Blades efforts his life was completely freed from the cursed axe.

Lom’rak Steelskull took the axe to study, wishing to try and preserve Razaron’s ancestral axe as it was a family heirloom. Though others in the clan thought the axe should then and there be destroyed before it could cause anymore harm. Blackfeather spoke with Razaron and informed him that with her contacts she would try to track down this Xuja but for now the story of the Cursed Axe was over.

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Part 2: Fiery Adventure
22nd November 2018

With Razaron still out for the count the clan had little choice but to once again shred some blood to enter the twisted realm of Razaron’s cursed axe. This time however it was different as they awoke on some hills filled with rivers of lava, just then a voice whispered to them. It was an female orc hunter, she was a spirit and she instructed the red blades to look over the hillside, their stood a gigantic molten giant in front of an enormous cave. “We are here, this is where the treasure is! So, amongst you lot who are the best trackers and spotters?” said the orc spirit, with little hesitation Karnna Blackfeather and Drosera Faewolf were selected for the roles. Before anyone could say anything Karnna Blackfeather was off scouting the area trying to find any clues on how to take this monster down, perhaps she was little too fast as unfortunately for her the molten giant had discovered her presence! She threw a smoke bomb down on the ground and quickly disappeared, the orcs waiting on the hill needed no persuasion as they bravely charged down the hill to confront such a monster!

The orcs in melee stood little chance of bringing down the molten giant, their only hopes lay in what the scouts could find or possibly some magical trickery from Gashuk Felhand! Gashuk managed to cast an incantation that tripled the size of Lom’rak Steelskull! He was no longer orc sized but the size of a giant! Battle of the titans, Steelskull tried his hardest, his now gigantic hammer failed to damage the molten giant but it did give the scouts time to find a few useful items. The items they had found transformed the giant from molten to mountain, spilt it into three earth elementals and finally in to three plant elementals. After much hammering Steelskull managed to flatten two out of three of the plant elementals and the MOLTEN THROWER X GAUNTLETS 3000 that was found by Faewolf and Blackfeather were used and burn the remaining elemental into non-existence. The orcs had won a great battle but the orc spirit urged them to hurry in to the cave.

They entered the cave and all seemed calm, perhaps too calm. Then horror filled the orcs, it was the sight of hundred of eyes opening in the darkness! Man-size spiders lept out from the shadows and once more the orcs had to defend themselves! Battling the spiders was tough, they proceeded to entangle and spit poison at the orcs but after a short scurry the spiders quickly dissipated in to the cracks and crevices of the walls. The orcs were too much for them, stepping over their beaten bodies the orc spirit bellowed to the team to follow. They travelled for miles down and through this claustrophobic hollow in till she raised her hand to halt, they had finally arrived. The orc spirit motioned towards the far end of the room, it was the treasure! Just as she motioned a gigantic thirty foot tall, fifty foot wide mother of all spiders shot down from the ceiling! Fortunately the spider had just sensed the orcs presence and they still had the opportunity of surprise, that was until the Mag’har orc Sigrak charged directly at it’s armoured head with a war-cry!

Brave he may have been, but it was a foolish error. Half of the team were now standing directly face on with the beast as it shot out it’s web sticking them too the floor. After much panicking they scraped and muscled their way free and positioned themselves around the legs of the spider, the red blades best bet was to surround the gigantic spider and cut it’s mobility. Blackfeather and Faewolf as ever were scouting the area and managed to find a working fire with firelighters, they also discovered that the spider was defenceless on his upper body and conveniently the ceiling was covered in stalagmites. It didn’t take long before the orcs had a plan in action, attack the legs so they could drop a stalagmite to impale the beast, then use the fire to burn it whilst it could not move! That's what they did and too much success, it was a famous victory for the red blade clan even if it took place in an unusual land. The orc spirit had already moved over to the treasure and had little care for the now smoldering dead spider. She stood in front of her prize and was about to tell them their reward when again it went all black.

Another vision played, again it was Razaron Madeye, he was in a swamp hut hugging what must of been his wolf. It had been shot with an arrow and had perished, as the vision panned more you noticed the wolf was pregnant and everything went bright. They were back in Durotar and it’s sunlight took the orcs eyes a time to adjust, then as before another bell tolled from the axe and the second of three runes had faded. Only one more remained!

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Part 1: Trial of the Warrior
18th November 2018

It was just a normal day in Razor Hill, the orcs were going about their normal routines when suddenly a large explosion occurred to the south gate. The Red Blade quickly assembled and carefully inspected the area when they discovered Razaron Madeye on the floor injured and a terrifying site of his floating axe pouring of blood. Razaron held out a book with his bloody hand before finally losing consciousness, in the book it explained how Razaron’s axe was a family heirloom and how most weapons of power drain the life out of their foes. Well this weapon was different, it gradually drains the life out of the wielder, it was the the price to pay for using this cursed axe. The book stated that blood must be shred to enter the nightmare of the axe and finally break it’s curse. Reluctantly Lom'rak and Drakora gave the offering and as the orcish blood touched the weapon it pulled all the life forces of the orcs in.

They all collapsed around the weapon and awoke in a twisted realm. The realm of the wielders of the axe, how many people had used this axe and how much life energy was stored inside? Suddenly a booming voice surrounded them, “Welcome to the Trial of the Warrior!”. They were in an arena with hundreds of spiritual orcs cheering them on. Gorgush had them complete various tasks, the first had the orcs dispatched some arrakoa warriors which they did with ease as feathery birdmen didn’t stand a chance. The second task however proved quite troublesome, they had to stop a bleeding globe that was being lowered on to them. Four levers had to be pulled at the same time, failure to pull them reset the process and orcs failed many times. It wasn’t helped by some rather argumentative ogres who were led in to the arena to halt the orcs but after much trial and error they managed to do it. The bleeding globe exploded into bloody rain and it harmlessly showered them to a rather bloody victory, Kozgugore Feraleye in particular didn’t enjoy the experience.

The last task Gorgush gave the Orcs was to battle a huge gronn, surely they couldn’t defeat such a foe? He was aggressively dragged in to the arena and he unhappily dropped his club and sat down. Lom’rak Steelskull told all the orcs around him to wait, he noticed that this Gronn wasn’t their enemy. He slowly touched the gronn telling the big beast they weren’t his foes. The gronn gazed at Steelskull for what seemed an eternity in till he finally stood up, grabbed his club and walked out of the arena. Lom’rak got this exactly right, this was the final task and Gorgush entered the arena and congratulated them all. “You surprise me young pups, you learn quickly, a warrior needs to know the wisdom of when to fight. You have passed the trial of the warrior!” Gorgush says applauding with the orc spirits around him.

Suddenly the twisted realm took another turn, this time in a vision. It was Razaron, he was a lot younger and corpses of orcs and trolls scattered the Stranglethorn Vale landscape. He paced faster towards a fallen orc and discovered his father Gorgush with a spear punctured through his gut. Immediately Razaron had fell to his knees trying to help him but alas it was to no avail. Everything suddenly went black and the orcs had awoken back in Razor Hill, the cursed axe was still floating but a bell tolled and one of three runes had faded. Many questions were left unanswered, who caused this all to happen? Would Madeye ever awake from his slumber? It was clear this was just the beginning!

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Part 1: Trial of the Warrior (18th November 2018)
Part 2: Fiery Adventure (22nd November 2018)
Part 3: The Fate of Madeye (25th November 2018)

The Orcs of the Red Blade discover the true horrors that lie within Razaron's cursed axe, a nightmare world awaits!

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