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October 24, 2020, 05:58:20 AM
- Just to meet some orcs..
- "Just to meet some orcs"
repeated the guard impatiently. You came here to meet what orcs, and why, for what purpose, are you conspiring or why the heck can't you answer simplest questions?
- No, look, me never met them. Only want to meet them. That be all, not cons-cons-whatever!
- Ahem. And how do you know they're at Razor Hill? I've been on guard for twelve hours and ain't seen no Red Blades.
- Me not know, me look for them in the morning, now can go to inn? Please?

The guard rolled his eyes.
- Fine, but first, you tell me your name, so I - wait, can you write?
The orc nodded.
- You write here your name. And don't look at me like that, I have my orders. There's talk of unrest that... well, nevermind, write your name here.

The guard handed him a pen and a scroll with a handful of names on. The orc added under them, slowly, "D U M M", in big, flowery letters.
- Dumb! the guard burst into laughter.
- D-oo-m, no dumb! Why you callin me dumb, it's d-oo-oo-m, me name, you wants me name, it's d-oo-m, the orc responded quickly.
- Fine, "Doom", but the clan? Write the clan too.
The orc hesitated. The guard noticed and his mood quickly turned into suspicion.
- Any orc, brown or green, is proud of his clan! What orc are you?
- Me is proud, but not tell..
- You will tell
, the guard snapped, looking towards the garrison across the road. Or you will spend the night with us, and you, you will tell!
- No, no angry, me tell, just not.. Okay.

The orc sighed, and wrote in fancy letters: FLOWERPICKER. Then handed the scroll and quickly entered the inn. The guard wasn't going to stop him. He was too busy with another burst of hysterical laughter.