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The Campfire / A Raven’s Trial pt 3
« on: October 20, 2020, 11:34:00 AM »
She was dying, Karnna knew that as her eyes slowly opened, a crimson thread of blood spilled upwards as she continued to sink further into the water.

Is this the end? She thought to herself this is how I die? I expected, something grander. It was a bitter though and she knew it. An assassin should not expect to die heroically or live into old age. Many either get too slow and die on the job, or they quietly fade away, never to be seen again. It seemed Karnna had fallen into the former.

“Let go” came a voice echoing around her, was it her own? No, it didn’t seem like it.

“Let go” it came again, now Karnna could feel panic building up inside her, what was that voice? It was alien to her yet...familiar, she tried to look around and found she was no longer in the moat but in what seemed like endless water and below her total darkness, yet in that darkness she could see...something, shapes shifting and moving within the abyss she was sinking toward.

“Let go...and be one...with us.” The voice was louder now and Karnna struggled to move, yet she had no strength left in her and even the effort to try was only serving to weaken her further.

“You will be one with the shadows, one with the void.” the voice spoke as tendrils of darkness snaked toward her, wrapping themselves around her and pulled at her, speeding her to eternal rest. Karnna let out a scream only to drink in the water around her, she struggled, and tried to fight it but it was of no use.

“No, not like this, there is so much I still want to do!” Karnna wanted to shout. She thought of her brother, there was so much she wanted to tell him, to let him know how much he had meant to her even as he cursed her, then to her sister Kulgha, whom she wanted to keep safe, they had promised to serve as Blood riders together. Her mentor came next, he who warned her of this fate, of becoming too attached to Shadows and it’s dark masters how she wished she had heeded his lessons more carefully. Then lastly to Nakobu, the strange mag’har priest, the one who had stolen her heart, she bitterly cried that she could have stolen his.

“This is where you belong...this is your true home” The voice was louder now and Karnna could barely make out the light above her. Maybe she deserved this fate? Maybe the others had always been right about her, she was a monster, a villain, someone who never truly belonged with the likes of the Red Blades or the Frostwolves.

“You are Karnna Blackfeather, Blood Rider of the Red Blades, sister of my sister, and my friend, remember that.”

That voice was Gul’rok, one of her few friends within the Blades, he had said that to her when she was at her lowest point, when she was ready to give up on the clan and flee into the darkness.

“We are brothers and sisters in arms, you are worth it Blackfeather!” came another voice, of Verzan Skywise, a fellow Nag’Ogar one of whom Karnna had grown to trust; her words had helped keep Karnna from simply walking away from the clan.

Yet that what she was doing now was it not? If she allowed the darkness to take her, she would be betraying the trust they had put in her, no she would not do that she would not give up!

With a surge of strength Karnna managed to pull free of the tendrils of darkness dragging her down and starting swimming upward toward the Light, as she tried to reach the top, she could feel the dark tentacles chasing her trying to catch her again, but she would not let them, she was almost free but it was still so far to the surface, they would reach her before she could make it.

But then a figure dived into the water, she could not make out who it was, it’s hand reached for her and she grabbed and soon she felt herself surging upward and upwards until she felt herself break through and was blinded by a sudden flash of light.

Karnna let out a gasp of air as she woke up and quickly tried to figure out where she was.

It was a campsite, a fire nearby, around them was a familiar landscape, she was back in Alterac Mountains, but how? The last thing she remembered was sinking into the moat of Stormgarde.

“Finally awake? About damn time” came a familiar gruff voice. Turning to see a green figure sitting next to her, his eyes bloodshot and bags hung under them, blueish black hair once done up in a braid, now hanging long and loose, it was her brother, Zarok Frostmane.
“What….how did I?” Karnna began, before her brother raised a hand for silence. “I found you in the ruins of Ar’gorok, you were bleeding, shivering delirious, I had to get you away from there.”  She was stunned, not just the fact she was found far from where she fell, but that her brother had come looking for her, she didn’t even know if he had noticed she had left.

“The hell were you even doing Karnna? You’ve been gone for over a week? We’ve been worried” Her brother continues causing Karnna to let out a scoff “Really? Worried about me? I would not think anyone would have cared if I was gone” She hugged her legs tightly as she sat up, her brother frowned “Of course I’d care, we’re family, and you have your new clan waiting for you, no?” She said nothing, looking away she wondered Were They waiting for her? Did they even want her back? After everything? “I’m...not sure” she muttered and for a moment the two sat quietly by the fire.
She was lost in thought, trying to understand everything that had happened to her? Was it all a dream? A near death experience? Or something else entirely? She notice something though a lightness to high, as if a burden had removed from her shoulders, she could no longer feel the oppressive aura of shadows she normally surrounded her, it had been a constant and grew more powerful the more she delved into shadow magic and with it none she suddenly felt...free, happy. She breathed deeply in the cold mountain air and let out an exhale.

“I’m sorry” she finally said, almost startling her brother. “I have not been...easy to deal with, when you needed I sent you away when I should have talked to you, I drifted far from those that were my friends, my family because I felt I didn’t need them, I was wrong so...sorry.”

Zarok smiled “I am glad you’ve started sounding like a Frostwolf again, and I’m sorry too, for causing so much trouble” Zarok got to his feet first and grabbed something and offered it to Karnna. “Here, these were left behind you by...whoever”. It was a case, bearing the mark of the Uncrowned a symbol that those part of the underworld would recognize. Opening the case, Karnna’s eyes went wide, they were a pair of beautiful short swords, both bearing runes of power with them came a note, opening it Karnna read.

“My Dear Student I am glad to see you’ve completed your task, at great personal risk to yourself. I am hopeful that my words to you might finally have sunk in, as I can feel the presence of dark magic around you has faded. Do not let yourself fall to it’s temptation again or next time I fear you will not be able to come back.”

“I believe these new weapons will serve you well, they are Mageslayers, weapons designed for dealing with magic users, use them well, my raven.”

Karnna smiled, she knew now who had saved her that night, her dear mentor, she would not let him down, nor would she continue to allow herself to wallow in self pity.

Closing the case, Karnna got to her feet and stare out into the landscape, the whole of Alterac before her, it was beautiful. It was her home that she loved so dear, but she knew it was time to leave.

“Come brother” she said, with a step in her voice “It is time for me to return to my duties”

The Campfire / A Raven’s Trial pt 2
« on: September 26, 2020, 06:14:17 PM »
Stormgarde, restored to her former glory after the fall of the false king Galen, now stood proudly flying Alliance banners. In its shadow though lies the ruins of Ar’gorok, a once mighty stronghold of the Horde now utterly destroyed and left as testament of the Alliance’s might.

Within it’s ruins two figures watch the mighty city of Stormgarde, a human dressed in black leathers, and a heavy cloak he would almost be a shadow if not for his bright blue eyes shining though. Next to him was an orc, dressed not in assassin’s leathers or Frostwolf attire, but in the garb of an Witherbark Headhunter, in the light of day, it would be a pitiful disguise, but in the middle of the night, with shadows and torch light? One could easily mistake the lithe orc as a forest troll.

“It will be dark enough soon” Spoke the human “Your target will be in the tavern likely trying to stir up trouble, when he leaves, you’ll have plenty of time to catch him alone before he reaches the barracks.”

“And the reason I’m not in my usual gear for this?” The orc spoke in soft feminine tones, clearly frustrated.

“Because if an orc assassin was found out to be behind this, it would result in escalation of tensions, something we’re trying to stop, dear student.” the human purred.

“One: I am not your student anymore, and two: I would work better with my own equipment than this...junk” The orcess bemoaned, looking at her weapons, two crude iron axes and a single hunting spear, hardly strong enough to get through heavy plate armor, but as long as the target is unarmored, they should work just fine. “Yes well, that does remind me of another detail about this mission” the human turned, his once cheery expression turned hard and serious “You are not to use any of your shadow magic during this assassination, Karnna” His voice stern, as a father giving their child an order.
At this Karnna stood up angry, “What?! You want me to go into the middle of an Alliance city, still fully garrisoned, find a single lieutenant and assassinate him and make it out without any of my magic? Why?!” The human, remained unmoved by the she-orc’s outburst and softly said “Because, if what I’ve heard is right, you’ve become too reliant on it, almost addicted, you wield it like a child wield a toy sword, if you do not learn to reel it in, you will be overtaken by it, or have you forgotten my lesions after all these years?”

Karnna let out a hiss of annoyance “The way I use my gifts should not concern you, as long as the job is done, who cares?” she tried to argue. “They make you reckless, sloppy and worst of all a liability to those around you and yourself, I will not repeat myself on this matter, Karnna, you will not use your powers'' The human stare deep into Karnna’s eyes, his piercing blue eyes felt like more a predator’s stare. With a huff Karnna relented “Very well, I will trust your judgement of master of ravens' ' she spoke with mocking reverence for her old mentor, yet she still respected the human, even admired him. “Good” was all he said as he turned to look up the sky, the sun has finally set and darkness began to engulf the land, “You best get going, good luck, Blackfeather'' and with that, Karnna was off, darting through the shadows of the highlands toward the first city of humanity.

The tavern was as loud and as lively as ever, many humans were still celebrating the reclaiming of Arathi for the Alliance, and the return of the original Trollbane bloodline to retake the throne. It was here, one Lieutenant Haris Gibbons was gloating over how he and his men managed to repel a horde scouting party from Hammerfall or raid the Go’shek Farm. They were lies naturally, but the stories themselves were entertaining enough for the soldiers in the tavern, from outside, Karnna watched through a window for when her mark would finally have enough and leave the tavern, yet at the rate things were doing, it looked ready to go right on till the morning.

She was already frustrated, getting into the city without shadow magic and in what was little more than furs and leaves strapped together was difficult enough, she had almost been caught while scaling the walls and again trying to get through the many checkpoints in the city. It was surprisingly really, just how many Alliance forces garrisoned the city, not just those of the Arathi bloodlines returning from exile to their old homeland, but dwarves of all three clans also garrisoned the city, worst still, paladins of the Silver Hand, through whom had sworn loyalty to the “High Exarch” Turalyon, who Karnna had learnt had recently been named Lord Commander of the Alliance, making him now the second most powerful figure in the Alliance save maybe for Anduin Wyrnn himself.

As she waited for her prey, she began to wonder on her mentor’s words, had she become too reliant on her magic? She knew the cost that came with them and always accepted it yet during her time with the Red Blades, she saw how many disdained her use of them, more so when she’d use them for even she would admit, pity torments of her targets. They had caused a rift between her the clan, and soon her thoughts went back to them, the distrust, her arguments with her elders and Nakobu, even Skywise and Gul’rok confronted her on it, maybe she should have given them more heed.

Finally, the Lieutenant was leaving the tavern, he was accompanied by two other men, thankfully all of them were out of uniform, one headed in a different direction to the two, leaving for the living quarters of the city while lieutenant Gibbons and his friend made for the barracks. Good, Karnna though, it would make this easier.
A silently as she could she followed them in the shadows at they made their way to the barracks, finally as they turned a corner, no witnesses to be seen, Karnna sized the moment, racing from her hiding spot, she drew the hunting spear and hauled it into Gibbons’ friend, it went right through him and he went down without making a sound, Gibbon, still too drunk to realize what had happened, slowly turned as Karnna began to reach him, his eyes went wide with horror as the sudden reality of what was going on hit him, then the axes struck, and his head came flying off.

Suddenly a cry went out from behind her, Karnna turned to see it was the second friend, for whatever reason he had come back after them, and now saw what was a tall green figure in troll garb holding bloody axes, with a hiss, Karnna quickly broke into a run trying to reach the wall were she had entered from.

However at every turn, it seemed more humans were showing up, dammit all, she thought, if I could just cloak myself none of this would be an issue! Suddenly a chunk of the stone wall she was running passed blasted apart, as she turned, she saw a dwarven rifleman had arrived to give chase, it was getting worse and worse by the minute yet still she ran.

As the city’s bells sounded alarm, the panic around the city began to work in her favor, humans yelling in different directions claiming to have spotted her, and the few who had manage to spot her quickly got lost in the chaos, finally she reached the wall, the rope still there, hurrying as best she can she scaled the rope and too late noticed the garrison had already heading her way, the only escape, was a leap into the moat. With a mighty leap she flung herself forward sailing through the air, she finally felt like she could breath, she just needed to dive and…

….Suddenly a sharp pain shot through her, and her graceful leap had turned into a freefall, something hit her, but what? She didn’t hear a gunshot, an arrow maybe? The pain was making it unbearable to think and her mind was giving way to panic. Was this it? This was how she would finally die? How pitiful, was her last thought before she crashed into the waters below, from the shock and pain, her eyes closed as she fell deeper into the darkness below her.

The Campfire / A Raven’s Trial pt 1
« on: September 19, 2020, 06:09:28 PM »
Karnna looked out across Alterac with a forlorn sigh, The clear sky allowed her a beautiful view of the valley stretching out in front of her.

She had forgotten how long she had been home for yet still she felt very alone. She returned with her brother Zarok and his friends after they had been captured and enslaved by dark forces, she had hoped to rebuild bridges with them however it had been, trying. Their cruel masters had forced them to take a diet of addictive substances to ensure they would stay and not attempt to flee, the elders of the Frostwolves had been doing their best to help them overcome this addiction but it was not easy matter.

However despite everything Karnna had gone, stil was still ostracised by the others. Many had learnt of her use of shadow magic and her disrespect of others. So as the elders tended Zarok and his friends with great care, Karnna was left to her own devices.

Now she sat on a hill with only Blackfrost by her side, she had abandoned her assassin’s leathers for traditional Frostwolf garb. With a sigh Karnna’s thoughts turned to that of her sister, Kulgha, she wondered if Mugen was keeping a good watch over her, had she been enjoying the festival with the rest of the clan? Did they even care that she was gone. Would it be better if she stayed here? These dark thoughts constantly bombarded her.

The few times she had been able to speak with her brother again, his moods had been, turnablance, going quickly from angry and frustrated to melancholy and depressed. They had at least come to some understanding, both had made mistakes, that they wanted to put right and neither wanted to part again on a bitter note. However the elders kept them apart mainly to give him time to recover, leaving Karnna mainly wandering the outskirts of the village alone.

“Come on, let’s see if we can’t visit Zarok” Karnna spoke to Blackfrost, her half Frostwolf mount and companion maybe the only thing to never abandon her since she was a child. “Going so soon? And I only just got here” came a smooth accented voice from behind Karnna, as she quickly turned around she saw a tall human man with near pitch black skin with hair just as dark yet silver streaks running across it. His piercing blue eyes staring at her, Karnna would normally had reached for a weapon at this point had it been anyone else, but she knew this man, he had her mentor, a father figure and good friend for many years, Azir Al-khan, one of Ravenholdt’s masters of assassins.

“What are you doing here?!” Karnna hissed, “If any one saw us together I’m the one who going to get in trouble” Karnna quickly scan the area around them, she had not strayed that far from the village, and she could see make out the watchtower at the gate, hoping the sentry was asleep at his post. Azhir laughed musically “You’ve always been overly worried my dear child, I would never intentionally put you in danger, I’m only here to discuss a mission.” He smiled down at her, something Karnna always found unnerving. It was akin to a wolf grinning down at a sheep.

“A mission? I don’t work for Ravenholdt anymore Azhir, you know that” She eyed the master assassin suspiciously, no way he would come all this way to hear no, nor would he wish her to perform a mission for Ravenholdt.
“Unless...this is not a sanctioned mission, is it?” Azhir’s smile never faded “Perhaps not, but I do know it's one you’d be interested in, mainly since it will help your people here” that caught Karnna’s attention.  “Alright, say I am interested, what’s the job?” She turned her back on Azhir focusing instead of calming her wolf, who had been snarling at the human since he appeared. “It’s simple really, there is an alliance lieutenant in Stromgarde, one who does not feel the war is over yet, he been leading sorties into Hillsbrad, and pushing to reinforce the dwarves at Stormpike” That, was indeed a concern, even with the armistice, that did not meant an end to the fighting, Stormpike dwarves still attempted to force out the Frostwolves in Alterac and while the Alliance now fully control Arathi they were eager to “Reclaim” other former Alliance territories. 

“And what would you gain from removing him?” Karnna questioned, Azhir had never cared for the Alliance or Horde, he had ever been loyal only to Ravenholdt, what was the real reason he wanted this Alliance lieutenant dead?

“You know I can’t tell you unless you agree to the mission, if you truly want nothing to do with this you are free to stay here where your “family” continues to distance themselves from you and hope you can change, or you can come with me, and we can do what we do best.

Karnna remained silent for a while, but in her heart, she knew what she was, she would always be an assassin. “Let’s just get this over with” She said bitterly as the two assassins vanished.

The Campfire / A cruel day’s hunt
« on: September 30, 2019, 07:22:44 AM »
Skrall was hungry, he had been hungry for days, the last time he ate was at least ten circlings of the moon when he feasted on a group of ogres who shouted and threw sharp rocks at him, that had been a good feast. But now his belly was empty and prey had either been too small to eat or too careful to let him get near. Hungrily he searched the fields near the great white mountain for Cleffhoofs to eat, however strangely he could not find any out here as if they had been scared off far from this place. Surely it could not of been him? They had always gathered in this part of Nagrand, maybe other predators had already been here? Then why had not found them or the bodies at least he could eat that. So where are they?

Skrall’s thoughts suddenly broke at the cawing of carrion, as he headed toward the direction of it he found the cause, a plum looking clefthoof seemly dead, lay flat on the field, regardless of what killed it, it was meat, and Skrall knew it would feed. The birds had only managed to break open the hard skin of the beast when Skrall swapped them away, grabbing the clefthoof in both hands he bite down into its belly, gore and blood spilling into his mouth, so delicious. It took only a matter of minutes for the great gronn to devour all the meat on its body, such a rich bounty had left Skrall feeling full and ready to sleep maybe he could rest in the shade of the great mountain and-


A sharp pain shot through the mighty Gronn’s leg, as if he had stepped on a sharp rock, he looked down and saw a tiny hole in the back of his thigh, a small trickle of blood pouring from it. Then came a second bang, this time the pain came from the top of his head, he could feel more blood leaving his body, it did not take him long to find the cause of this time.

A wolf in strange spikes and leather stood on a hill nearby on top of it was a black shape with green skin, it held a wooden stick that bellowed smoke, it must be what did this to him. Though Skrall was certain that he was full, he was certain he had room for this pest. With a bellowing roar he broke stride to catch it.

It had only been a few minutes yet it felt like agonizing hours for Skrall, the wolf and being on top of it had been running circles around him as he tried to grab them, every so often a sudden bang from the creature’s wooden stick would go off and pain surge though the giant, they were not large enough to be threatening more akin to a prick on the skin like stepping on a sharp stone or cutting one’s hand on an ogre’s weapon. Yet something was wrong, Skrall could feel his body getting tired too quickly and his belly, it felt like it was ripping him apart from within. He made one desperate grasp for the wolf, maybe eating it will cure what ails him, however the weight of his own body betrayed him, Skrall found himself falling to the ground and smashing into the grassy plain, his prey easily evading him the gronn tried to raise his hand to grab it and the rider stood there but there was no strength left in him to move it.

“It seems the poison worked better than I had hoped, good I was worried I had used too little in the clefthoof” the strange rider said as it leap from the wolf, as it grew closer. Skrall could barely keep his eye open but he could make it out clearly. It was green skinned, with black leather covering its body with cruel spikes rutting from it’s shoulders. It drew a large talon like thing from its side and pointed it at his eye. “I shall have to make my offering after the gathering, but I am sure the eye will keep.” The last thing Skrall saw was this tiny prey, no this monster was a cruel smile before his world turned red and pain devoured him, then everything went dark left all that could hear was the sound of the wolf riding away and carrion gathering around him.

Game Related / Re: Mythic Keystones
« on: January 03, 2019, 02:23:04 AM »
Karnna - Rogue - Assassination - Any night

Applications / The Dreadwolf Warband Roster
« on: September 16, 2018, 03:34:13 PM »
A warband once part of the Mag’har Horde, it took part in many battles against rebellious ogres, primal encroachments and the restless armies of the Lightbound. Now forced to Azeroth this warband has begun to regain it’s bearings. Ready to forge a place for themselves in this new Horde. This roster documents the active members of warbands who made the journey to Azeroth.

(Creating this to get a finalized idea on how many Mag’har were part of the Warband and what sort of relationship each mag’har might have with each other.)

Name: Azramuzha
Clan: Burning Blade/Warsong
Age: 30
Profession: Blademaster
Warband role: Leader
Short bio: Born to the Blademaster Kyramuzha and the Warsong wolfrider Morgatha Steelfang, Azra was raised in the settlement of his father, Hallvalor, were he would train to become a blademaster like his father. However his warsong blood called him to wander and explore rather than remain with the regimented system of the Burning Blade clan. When call for orcish children to be part of an exchange project with the Draenei, Azra ask to be sent, reluctantly, his parents agreed and Azra would spent many years in the draenei city of Shattrath. Here Azra befriended several orcs whom would join the warband and even many draenei whom he would later face in battle. Years later now a man, Azra eagerly sort out battles and fights across Draenor to prove himself more so when the war with the Lightbound began. During one fateful encounter Azra attempted to slay an exarch on his own, resulting in not only defeat and the near loss of his life, but the breaking of his ancestral blade, ashamed, Azra still carry the hilt of the broken blade, until the day his honor is restored and he can reforged it anew.

The Campfire / Re: A Conspiracy of Ravens
« on: April 28, 2018, 10:29:36 PM »
Wait... What?

I am so confused!

A lot happened between this and the last story...I should of written some inbetween up times was hectic.

The Campfire / A Conspiracy of Ravens
« on: April 28, 2018, 05:54:49 PM »
Karnna awoke from what seemed like a nightmare as she looked around her she realized she was still trapped in this dambleable tower, a prisoner of her own clan. All she wanted to do at this point was break free of this place and hunt down the Satyr that force her to become a weapon against the Horde...but doing so would only incur the ire of the Red Blades, she could afford to so, not after having to gave away so much of her past to them now. They know that she was trained by Ravenholdt and that she practicer of shadow arts, thankfully that was all were able to pull from her. Some of her past was best left untouched.

“It has been so long since I’ve seen you so vulnerable” came a familiar voice, one she has not heard since...Karnna look up as to see a familiar face, as a child she saw it as the face of a monster, now she knew it as the face of her mentor, Azir Al-Khan. Long ago she had spotted him on a nameless battleground finishing the wounded soldiers and those pretending to be dead. Years later she found find herself in Ravenholdt keep and become a member of their guild. Azir had been her teacher and he shown her how to use shadow magic as well as the philosophy of the Forgotten Shadow.

Even in the darkness she could make his face, the piercing blue eyes use to terrify her as a child as did his seemly unnaturally dark skin. His hair also use to blend in with the shadows of the night but now has turned a silvery grey and his had grown more wrinkled with time and stress.

He pulled down her gag and began undoing her chains, “Come, let us get you out of here before the guard wakes”. “No.” Karnna said bluntly, causing Azir to stop. “No?” He asked “If I was to escape I would likely be unable to continue my mission and will be branded a traitor to the Horde. I can not leave now”.
Azir gave a sigh “That does not matter now, even if they do let you go, they will likely try to come up with an excuse to punish you or worse, kill you, just like they did your friend.” Karnna’s brow furrowed she had heard what had happened to Mal’garr, exiled for arguing against orders he disapproved of, he had an attitude of “Oh woe is me” that could sometimes grate on her but she genuinely liked the old orc, he had been one of the few understood that sometimes darker methods and actions were not always an act of evil. To hear him exiled was...disheartening.

“Even so...I need to continue my mission, please.” Karnna look up definitely at Azir, he had always seemed to know better but for once...Karnna felt she knew what she had to do, that if she left now...she will likely never return to the Horde again. Azir study her a moment and then sighed “Very well, but know that this will not end well for you, this “clan” will betray you and when it does...you’ll know where to find us” He began placing  the chains back on and regagging her “The Satyr plans to move again soon, she will send a child to the village of Drosh’gal and with it she will force it to kill it’s parents, I suspect you’ll want to prevent that suspect” Before Karnna could say anything more, she was gagged and Azir as quietly as he had entered was gone. Karnna heard the groaning of the guard outside as they woke up and the only other thing she could hear was the calling of a conspiracy of ravens.

The Campfire / A dream of melodies yet to play
« on: April 17, 2018, 05:19:32 AM »
Karnna poured over the notes in her camp, seeking something worthy of a hunt. She had found a patron in Vrull, the Son of Strife, he had given his blessing and marked her weapon. Now to climb the ranks of the Clan she would need to feed him blood of a worthy foe. She had asked locals of beasts in the area as well as contacts she had within Horde military, however none could offer what she wanted.

The local wildlife had been culled to a point that any worthy prey had long been taken and the current battles with the centaurs have close away many more.

An alliance commander would of also been a useful target, however their holdings in Northwatch Keep and Fort Triumph had suffered raids and the current commanders were little more than bureaucrats.

 Rubbing the temple of her head she pondered her situation, she turned her attention to the candles on her makeshift desk and notice they had all but gone out. Tired and annoyed, Karnna was about to replace them when she began to hear...a melody, a sweet melancholy tune that reminded her...reminded... Karnna’s world went dark and she fell into blackness.


Karnna found herself in the crossroads where the Clan would normally meet to discuss matters of import. However she found the clan there staring at her, Vrexxar, Thrash, Mal’garr and many others she recognize a few others that seemed new, she saw in them looks of disgust, horror, anger. As she looked down she saw why. Under her was the body of Kozgugore Feraleye, Chieftain of the Red Blade clan...dead at her feet and her weapon, the bladed gauntlet was stained in his blood.


She in the middle of a small hamlet, must be in the barrens close to the Ashenvale border, it was night and the settlement was in flames. Around her figures battled and clashed but she could not make out who was what.


She was on her Garm, a vicious beast called Grimfang, beside her, Ripclaw, Regnan and Vrexxar as they watched from a hilltop the might of the Horde marching though Ashenvale, they were burning the trees and wildlife as they went.


A strange grove she found herself in, and the melody playing clearly, in front of her in this strange place was a woman with purple skin and large horns, her had legs resembled that of goats, and a wicked tail. Around her ghostly apparitions danced around many elven, but some orcish and humans too.
For a moment Karnna locked eyes with the creature and then.


Karnna shoot up awake, dripping with sweat and trying to regain her breath. She was back in her camp, the melody was gone and things appeared normal. Had it all been a dream from overworking? No something like this could not be a dream, she was certain of it. Going through her notes again she realized something, a series of attacks has occurred around the Ashenvale border, most assumed either Night elves retaliation or quilboars, if there was some truth to these dreams, she knew an attack would come soon to a small hamlet close to the Mor’shan Ramparts, she would ensure this attack will never happen and maybe prevent the others from coming true as well.

The Campfire / At a crossroad
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Karnna found herself pacing around her little camp outside the relative safety of the Crossroads, she prefered it this way, being isolated from others gave her the chance for peace and quiet, to gave herself time to think.

Things had not gone according to plan. Her attempt to summon Anzu the Dread Raven to Azeroth was denied none of the shamans of the Red Blade would attempt such a ritual. While Karnna had no love for the spirit, it was it’s tie to shadow magic that she was after. Now she would have to contend herself with the Great spirits of the Clan. The spirit she though would suit her best was Mo’Lak the Hunted, it was a being known for its cunning, it seems a suitable choice, however the being picky about when or how it would appear to those who sought after it, that could take time, time was thing Karnna lacked.

But there were others, ones who required less effort. Vrull was the Great spirit of war, known as the son of strife, to call on him would require a tribute of blood, something easily acquirable from the many enemies in the Barrens. But he was also meant to be an “honourable” warrior, something Karnna was not, she would gladly cheat, steal and betray others for her ambition but above all, she would have to give up her shadow arts.

Karnna remembered how much suffering she went though, how much she had to sacrifice for it all of it could be lost if she turn to these spirits...was it worth it to become part of this “family”? She looked back to the Crossroads, she enjoyed the company of many there, even having a soft spot for two in particular, could she give up her craft for that? How fitting the name of this town, for now she found herself at a crossroad.

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