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Off Topic / Uploading from Photoshop and quality loss issues.
« on: October 16, 2011, 03:01:42 AM »
I was wondering if anyone could help me here regarding quality and colour loss when I want to upload a drawing made in Photoshop CS4.

I work on a mac, tried saving in different files, used 'save as web', messed around with colour settings etc. And still I keep suffering from colour loss when I want to upload my drawing... Weird thing is that when I take a screenshot of my drawing I have no quality loss at all.

I've tried looking for a solution everywhere and it's slowly driving me nuts. Can anyone help me with this? I'd really appreciate it.

Off Topic / Looking for help from music experienced people.
« on: November 18, 2010, 06:35:53 PM »
I got an interesting task from college today. In 7 weeks I need to find a song and translate the music into a video. For example stopmotion with everything moving in the rhytm of the music.

And I will abuse my authority to "do research in the arts" and so I'm asking if anyone who has experience with music who can perhaps help me (no, not doing the task yourself. Just helping me) regarding choosing the right song and what I must know in order to "cut" the music into pieces and stick it onto images and all that. Or simply how to do this in i-movie or other programs.

Much appreciated!

Game Related / Cataclysm music
« on: August 17, 2010, 04:58:33 PM »
I found an interesting page on Worldofraids regarding music for cataclysm. Ofc, if you don't like spoilers, don't go there :p


In my honost opinion, blizz is improving on music, but still could improve on the progress of a song.

Music you really should listen to are: Mulgore plains, Night elf theme, Cata Log in music, Skywall, Noble tauren, Tanaris, westfall, orgrimmar

Game Related / Gregs on a holiday!
« on: July 21, 2010, 10:34:18 PM »
Away 23rd till 30th in north france somewhere, at a swim resort with random camping and houses to stay.

Do behave you orcies :3

Game Related / Absent for 5 days.
« on: June 14, 2010, 08:39:40 PM »
Due exams this week I might not come online that much or at all for logical reasons like studying.

So, no worries about gregs not being there!

Event Planning / Orcish Games
« on: March 19, 2010, 11:55:32 PM »
Orcs...It's been too long since we had one of our orcish games. I say it's about time we do another one! With everything going on about and preparing for the future, I'm sure some orcs could use a bit of fun for a change.

We'll be doing our drunken backwards race! And Ballcracker!
The winner of the race gets more drinks! And the winner of the Ballcracker game gets the title Ballcracker!

In Five moons, in Durotar, gathering at Razorhill, at the drum of eight in the evening!

((Wednesday 24 march 20:00 server time in razor hill ))

The Campfire / Untill poison tears us apart (Full story)
« on: February 27, 2010, 02:52:36 AM »
((I'll be posting stories regarding the plotline of greg that recently happened. more parts will follow later on))

The woods of ashenvale were quiet, silent...The sun barely coming through the leaves of the massive trees as shadows covered the surface. It was another day of wandering around in the wilds for Greggar and his worg. A day where you leave your problems behind and enjoy the wilds around you. Greg stopped as he was passing the warsong clan. Sitting on a hill overlooking the fortress and lumberworkers and watching the orcs carefully. Although his eye was most of the times aimed for the male guards ir lumberworkers.

Hours went by and Greg and his worg continued until they reached the cliff overlooking the river from Azshara towards Durotar. The flowing of water echoing through the silent woods giving a peaceful feeling.

Greg's worg was sniffing the bushes looking for something to play with. Until some cracks were heard, Greg's worg made a questioning sound towards the bushing and put it's head inside the bushes. "Silly worg..." Greg thought. A few minutes went by until a loud growl and barking was heard, Greg instantly woke up from his daydreaming but before he could stand up he got pushed off the cliff, falling through the plants growing on the edge, the roots and branches almost choking greg before he hit the ground.

His worg, aiming for shadowy figures, barking, growling and biting. Untill the noise suddenly stopped. Greg slowly tried to get up on his feet, looked behind him and when he looked up to the cliff his vision blackened again as he fell down his knees, two loud gun shots were hurt as blood was streaming out his legs.
Weakened and wounded as greg was he still tried to get up...As slowly a shady figure was nearing him. Cracks of branches and leaves mixed with the sound of clattering bones.
When Greggar's sight returned he saw a forsaken, a female forsaken. Staring down to greg with cold eyes that has no spark of emotion or warmth in it. The forsaken slowly leaned towards greg, a huge stench was spreading as she opened her mouth, the stench of a dozens creatures rotting between her teeth. And then she spoke.

"You, you puny little orc. We all know about you and your past. How you tried to escape the honourless streets of crime and thievery. But we both know you never escape it completely...You will always be an honourless worm of nothing. Now...I have an offer for you, an offer even you can't decline."

The forsaken grinned as showed more of her rotting teeth. Greg snarled and spit towards her direction. "I'll never work for you..." He said.

She instantly cackled. And moves her index finger slowly from right to left. "No...nonono. You WILL work for me, my little pet! You see, if you don't work for us, your little friend will accidentally die from poison. After being skinned alive and all other things we like to do when we're bored. But if you do work for us! Your little worg might survive another day. Perhaps we'll even get you the antidote! Now...what will it be?"

Greggar was furious and could easely kill her right now if it wasn't for the gunshot wounds in his legs. "Fine...I'll do it."
"Excellent! That's what I wanted to ehar my pet! but oh, I have to mention that, if your loose tongue here mentions something about this to anyone...Your worg will instantly be slaughtered...Into little tiny pieces! Starting with the toes, then the paw, the legs, the tail...And my dear sneaky friends over there would just love to keep an eye on you. Woof! The forsaken cackled again at her own words, patting Greggar's head.

Greggar looked down the bloodied ground, closing his eyes and cursing every possible curseword he knew in his thoughts... The idea of losing your worg in such a horrible way without being able to do somethign was eating his mind away. But Greg was determined to find a way out, he only agreed because he thought he could just wait a bit and then call for help. But those stalkers are preventing him from doing that... He had little choice, he had to work for her and wait untill an opportunity arises.

But the nightmare has only just begun.

Off Topic / Art Section and creations!
« on: February 21, 2010, 12:55:13 AM »
Renewed topic of the older version. Post here your creations and art!

Better than to make dozens of topics ;)

Game Related / Need peeps for my plotz
« on: January 30, 2010, 12:28:09 AM »
If you people read about it or are smart enough to figure it out yourself in game then you should know about Greg and his situation.

But to make it good and interesting I can't do it alone. So, I'm asking if anyone is willingly to help me with this in game. An alt that can be used for this or something like that.

To avoid spoilers you better contact moi if itnerested and I'll tell you what I plan to do.

The Campfire / Untill poison tears us apart. Two notes
« on: December 28, 2009, 08:36:19 PM »
((So I gave you an idea of why Greg might be away so much. ))

My friend, in the early years you were there for me. You were where I could go to when sadness clouded my eyes. It was you that kept me going. An inspiration for many years of my life. If you didn't gave me the courage to carry on after that night then I would probably have died in the wilds. Even though I did not expect to see you again in Orgrimmar you still gave me somehow the will to carry on.
You cannot imagen the joy I felt when I saw you there with the other worgs in orgrimmar. I suppose a hardened orc shedding a tear should say enough?

Believe me, I wasn't the most joyful orc back then. And your return was the key to smiling more often and enjoy something for once. We almost did everything together since then. We rode to battle, we triumphed, we fled and hid together. And you always kept an eye on me from afar. And I will do so too. I promise that nothing will seperate us again. And if someone ever manages to harm you. Know I will make them miss the feeling of not being crippled and breathe through a pipe.

Do try not to throw me off your back too many times alright? It will make me look like a fool after a while, heh. And again, thanks for everything, friend. Together, nothing will seperate us.

Your orc friend, Grehgar Wolfsong


It's a shame it had to go like this. But you had to be stubborn and keep resisting. I do hope you will cooperate from now on. As we have quite a large collection of antidotes and poisons you might be interested in. Of course you have your own collection and hopefully alot of knowledge regarding exotic poisons gathered from those most lovely fel plants in ashenvale. If not you are always welcome to knock at our door and get acces to our...Unique collection. They are completely free. If you decide to work for us. But why would you ever be interested in our shady business and collection of poisons and antidotes? Unless...You can't find a way to cure your little friend yourself. He must have been getting slightly ill lately isn't he? Shame...

You always know where to find us... If not, we will always find you. Oh and...Could you be a nice orc and not show this to anyone or let your tongue spill this out? We know if you do... Eyes and ears everywhere you know. It would be sad your friend would suddenly be found skinned and spiked on branch now wouldn't it? So if you feel watched at any time, be kind and smile and wave will you? Good.

Oh, and one more thing. Thick thock goes the clock.

Game Related / Laptop died
« on: May 12, 2009, 04:48:52 PM »
As the title said, the laptop I use is dead. After 4 long years :< Now the only opportunity for me to get on the pc is when my bro is not here or when i'm at my dad's every 2 weeks. This means my activity will be even lower than it already was...

But the good part is...Boredome is so big I actually do stuff for school more than usual <,<

Game Related / Hacked!
« on: April 07, 2009, 12:00:03 PM »
Title sais it all... my bro and mine account was hacked somewhere today :( greggar only pvp and naxx set bonuses left...alts naked. my mage also stripped. my bro's characters completely gone and everywhere lvl 1 alts with odd names :( we were able to log back on again but too late...

Off Topic / Italy 29 march - 5 april
« on: March 25, 2009, 07:16:38 PM »
Going to italy with school for a full week. Going there with the bus and back, visiting piza, Rome and other stuff. I was never fond of going somewhere far from my home but hopefully it will be a wonderful trip.

Don't do anything stupid while i'm gone ^^ I'll try to bring pics D:

Game Related / Rp spot open for an orc deathknight.
« on: November 13, 2008, 09:24:48 PM »
Hey, for the ones not knowing what to do as background for their deathknight, I'm looking for an orc deathknight (male preferred) with as background: Either lived at Burning Blade village(ruins now) or somewhere near that, to fill the role as one of the bullies of Greggar back in the pup days.

Greg hated those orcs alot that bullied and even attacked him with a knife (way he got his scar). And it would be nice if someone would fill in one of those bullies that (obviously) died once.

How and such and what you did after I don't mind though :) Just aiming for a bit of rival rp with greg.

Game Related / About our tribe's future
« on: September 07, 2008, 01:05:31 AM »
We all know that the last period little rp happens around and that it may be worrying, but do know I'm planning something for a possible Roleplaying on long term event regarding IC preparations for our orcs to set to northrend and came up with the idea to hand out IC quests to try to get some random rp going on as well.

Also, if you got ideas, don't hesitate to tell us, we won't bite :( in the contrary! We give you booze and hugs ^^ Also, try to use the IC guild chat channel if possible. It's roleplay from a /g away ^^

So, just to let you know peeps and I repeat, don't hesitate to share your ideas to improve rp and activity a bit. Because Activity is not on our side yet again.

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