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Red Blade Records / Broshgar Bloodhammer
« on: August 16, 2019, 12:46:43 AM »

Name: Broshgar Bloodhammer
Alias: "Brosh"
Rank: Grunt

Age: 32 / Adult
Gender: Male
Race: Mag'har Orc
Clan: Warsong Clan
Class: Warrior
Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Family: Parents: Deceased. Mate: Deceased. Close-of-kin: Non-existent.
Known Friends: None.
Known Enemies: None.

Black long hair accompanied with beard. Dark Brown Eyes. A robust body type, broad-shouldered and athletical. Some smaller scars across the torso and medium-sized scars on the back, as if made by lashes and/or blades. Brown skin.

Somewhat laid-back due to recent of events in regard of his past life on Draenor. An Orc who has honor in high regard. He ain't the one who begins a conversation first-hand.

Broshgar had a mother and a father most of his childhood and all the way to his late teens. The mother died in a raid by Lightbound Draenei during his teens and the father was taken by a long-term sickness that made him cough violently and died by fluids in his lungs. His life was spent in Nagrand and lived there until it was ransacked by the fanatical Draenei. Currently lives in the outskirts of Orgrimmar and conducting business in Razor Hill, selling pelts and hides to make a living.

Things you may know about this character:
None thus far.

Things you may not know about this character:
None thus far.

Memorable Quotes:
None thus far.

Other Information:

The Campfire / Past Life
« on: August 12, 2019, 02:04:49 AM »
-Part 1: The Surprise-

"Don't tell him anything, Geka, I want to surprise him."
"Oh I can't wait to see Broshgar's face when you tell him!"

Sahna and Geka giggled while they carried their baskets from the fields and heading back home. The skies were blue with some white Clouds here and there, it was noon. Nagrand was anything but home to the Warsong Clan and it was here, not far from the main camp, where Broshgar and some villagers lived, making a life of their own just like any other Orc.

Broshgar was playing some bone dice with his fellow companions and there were some spectators observing the game. The stakes has risen since they started playing, multiple coins of copper, silver and gold littered the board.

"Don't rely too much on the Spirits, Broshgar, I will have that purse of gold!"

A chuckle escaped him.

"We'll see who'll win, Darok, but I intend to keep my purse of gold.. and yours."

There was a moment of suspense and Darok tossed his dice, it was a fair number he got. It made him absolute certain that Broshgar won't win over his numbers. Darok gave him the dices and Broshgar took them, shaking them in his fist and blows some air in it before tossing the dices down at the board.

Darok groaned out loudly and covered his eyes, leaning backward. Broshgar raised from his chair and shouted with victory in his throat.

"Mine! All mine!"

The spectators cheered him on and Broshgar slided the gold from the board with his arms, down in to his somewhat larger purse. Darok was furious and raised himself from his chair, tossing the board aside in rage and left. To Broshgar however, he couldn't help but laugh, it was such a sweet victory.

All of a sudden he was jumped at from behind with arms around his neck, a laughter which he remembered all to well. Sahna.
"I knew I would find you here, you oaf!"

Broshgar couldn't help but chuckle and lowered Sahna to the ground. He turned and only to grasp her hands within his larger hands and gaze in to her brown eyes. They shared a lovely moment.

"Sahna, my beloved companion in my life, how did it go out there in the fields?"
Her hands went from his to his arms, caressing them gently as she looked in his eyes with a smile.

"We didn't encounter any Draenei this time, but we managed as always."
He gave a brief nod and without anything to tell they went home hand in hand.

Night has come down and both of them sat by the fire, dining a meal of roasted talbuk and some spiced bread.
Sahna looked at him from time to time, hoping for him to notice, she didn't know how to tell him.

"Azuk stopped by today", Broshgar said, "He wanted me to take a group of scouts and venture east to the forest in Talador".
"Oh.. are you going to be there long?", Sahna said with worry in her voice.

Broshgar couldn't help but look at her and embrace her hands with his left hand. Deep down in him, he knew that she was worried to lose him, despite the tensions that had risen with the Draenei and their renewed fanatical faith. The Clan had lost many of their sons and daughters to the doctrine and it's vile ways.

"It's just for a couple of days, my beloved, I am going to be al--"

There was a quiet moment and Sahna leaned forward towards Broshgar, cuddling up herself to his chest and having his arms around her. It made her feel safe, always. Broshgar didn't say a word and just stared at the fire.

"Broshgar.. I.. I need to tell you something".
He laid his eyes at her and they looked upon eachother, she guided one of his hands to her belly and there…

Immediately Broshgar understood. He gazed at her belly a brief moment and then back at her, his lips forming to a wide smile.
Sahna's eyes welled up with tears of happiness and a smile soon followed. Their foreheads met and both of them closed their eyes, enjoying the silence together.

"The Spirits has blessed us..."
"Truly, my beloved Broshgar, truly."

The Campfire / Son of Kogan: The Arrival
« on: July 28, 2019, 03:03:18 AM »
-Part 1: At the beginning-

It was all a red haze, the ground was spilled with Draenei and Orc blood. Both fluids intertwine.
Another Draenei fell and two Orcs followed with. The battle was a slaughter, indeed, but yet one had to continue fighting to survive.

Broshgar, along with his comrades in arms, fought to protect what is left of their people. In the midst of battle, the Orcs shared a quick glance, and they knew who stood up fighting alongside and who fell. Wave after wave, the comraderie became fewer and fewer. One of the latest victims of this battle was one of the closest and dearest to Broshgar. He didn't have any time to grieve, but all that could fuel him was the rage.

There was now a moment of pause and they took the opportunity to make a tactical withdraw. A sudden overwhelming pain overcame him and he fell forward, a piercing arrow hit him in the leg that went deep. With a growl in his voice he told his group to carry on. One stayed and tried to drag Broshgar with him.

"Leave me!", Broshgar shouted, "I am but dead-weight now!"
"Don't be a fool, Broshgar, we need to fall back!"

It was no use to argue.

Not far until they reached the checkpoint and Broshgar could see the massive bulwark of the Draenei army heading towards them. He could feel the vibration in the ground from the running hooves and the tall machinations they brought with. Finally he was put down and there was a hustle, Orcs ran out of their hovels and tents to assume formation to meet the tide.

There was shouting before Broshgar succumbed to the overwhelming tiredness from the blood loss.

Broshgar awoke with a fever from his unattended wounds and it was all a blur. What he could make out of his surroundings, he was laying inside a hut and outside there was an arid landscape, faint shouts of the Orcish language and some shapes moving back and forth outside.

With a weak effort he raised his head and saw that his wounds across his body was attended. Apparently it must've been tended by the Shamans. Feeling the overwhelming tiredness once more he laid his head back and gazed up at the tent's ceiling, still hearing the shouts every now and then. From what he could gather by listening to various voices outside, they were outside a place called Orgrimmar. He has never heard of such a place.

Someone entered the tent and Broshgar turned his gaze slowly towards the one who entered. By the way this shaman looked, it was a bit different outfit to what he's accustomed to. This one is more dressed in light metals compared to the original leather worn by the Shamans and.. green skin?

Broshgar struggled to raise himself but the shaman prevented him by a hand to his chest. "Don't bother standing, warrior, lay still and rest while we tend to your wounds."

Like he really had any choice.

"You are outside the gates of Orgrimmar, the home of the Orcs. You and your people recently arrived on Azeroth."

This surprised Broshgar and he couldn't help himself but chuckle with some effort.

"It's-.. it's just a tale.."
"No. You are here."

There was a sincere voice coming from the shaman and Broshgar simply stared at her. The green skin, the metals she wore…
The shaman began to unwrap the bandages found upon his body and nodded at each inspection, removing the bandages.

"The spirits has been kind to you, warrior, your wounds has been healed."
"W-Why do I feel so-.."
"Tired? It's not surprising, you've been sleeping for three days."

Broshgar stared at her in shock, trying to gather his wits and bearings.
"Three days..."

Applications / Application: Broshgar
« on: July 18, 2019, 02:50:31 AM »
Name: Broshgar Bloodhammer
Level: 33 and rising!

Tell us something about your (role)playing experience:
Started to roleplay on WoW 2007 during the TBC period and I used to rp alot as a Belf. Did some other side RP Projects on other games such as ESO, EVE Online and SwTOR. Roleplay is something I hold dear and after nearly over twelve years of RP, I intend to continue. When it comes to the RP itself, I consider myself as a medium/Heavy roleplayer who finds the Lore to be important.

I wish to share that I've also led Convocation of Elrendar (Heavy Belf RP Guild on Sha'tar server) as an Archon (Highest rank) with Three other Archons (Edanna, Sorlain and Relcha).

And finally, please write a short story and/or (IC) introduction about your character:

(Still on pen&paper stage.)

Draenor. It used to be home, but no longer.
No matter how many Lightbound Draenei he slew, it wouldn't make any difference, it didn't bring closer to victory.
Many of his friends died in the field of battle and he stared in the eyes of Death often but yet he prevailed.
Broshgar was but a mere moment away from Death when he, suddenly, found himself on Another World.
Azeroth. On a planet, in a time unknown to him and his kinsman that followed.

It took him a matter of months before he could settle down and accept the fact that this world and this place, Orgrimmar, is his new home.
He and his kin swore allegiance to the Horde and Broshgar found his familiar place, as a warrior, a grunt who used to be out there in the frontlines fighting whatever that may be a threat not only to him but to his new-found home.

However, finding the right company was a little harder, among the green Orcs he couldn't help but feel himself left out, different from them. The green Orcs didn't follow the 'old ways' to the letter as he and his kin did. And there was much confusion when it came to sharing history.
It occured to him that he had to take some time for himself and decided to learn the lay of the land.

Broshgar lives now on the outskirt of Durotar by himself. It was a simple life he made for himself. Hunting like he used to, fighting when he had to and occasionally selling skin and hides in Orgrimmar, it was a living he accustomed himself to. But he still miss the company of the clan and sometimes, while sitting by his campfire and eating, he remember the stories his father told him when he was younger. About Grommash Hellscream and his defiance against the demons, the visitors that came from the Great Portal and how the Iron Horde became defeated.

Still young, he kept dreaming of finding glory and to live and die with honor. For such was his way and that of his clan. Just like his father and his grandfather before him. Honor was something that he held in high regard.


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