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Notice Board / Mini campaign: The Tempest
January 13, 2018, 04:22:32 PM
Part One: The Winter Storms


*A hastily scribbled note on the board*

  Red Blade! I have grim tidings from the eastern seas. My cousins, Bragalor and Omrok, are two fine sailors of the Horde navy. I've just come back from visiting them at the Orgrimmar central ward, and they told me frightening tales from their ordeals.
  As you might've heard among traders and fishmarkets, the winter storm season is extremely harsh this year, especially off the coasts of eastern Kalimdor. Many a good ship has struggled to make it to port, from Ratchet to the Bay of Storms. People are calling it the worst since the foundation of Durotar, and those who've lived in these lands longer than us cannot remember a more dire season.

  And for good reason: this weather is not natural. My cousins, and other shipwrecked sailors who've made it back to shore, swear by their ancestors' names that the skies are exacting a terrible tribute on ships and coastal regions on the orders of a "Lord of Storms". I tried to learn more from them, but they're not learned orcs; they're good seafarers, but superstitious nonetheless. All they could muster was talk of "forked lightning" that circled the ship and scorched the decks, and "razor winds" that shredded sails and sailors alike. Whole ships carried off in monster cyclones, and thunderclaps that blew out the eardrums of those nearby.

  I don't know what is going on, but I see people starting to worry, and hear reports of fishing villages being razed up and down the coast. Perhaps it would be wise for us to get involved, track down more information?

  If we decide to investigate, the last bit of information I have is from a buccaneer who says a badly damaged ship sailed in near Ratchet recently, a victim of the unearthly storms. Let me know and we'll head out there as soon as possible.

Dekuul Boarfarmer


=OOC Information=

Folks! I've had this idea trotting in my head for a while now, and since I love RP'ing with you guys, I thought I'd save it for a quality RP guild. This will be a 3-event mini-campaign, themed on mystery, winds and storms and with what I hope will be an epic ending clash.

I won't reveal too much now, but if you're interested, answer Dekuul and join him in Ratchet to start getting to the bottom of this!


Phase 1, Sunday 21st Jan 2018: The Winter Storms

Phase 2, Tuesday 23rd January: On the Tempest's Trail
Phase 3, Friday 26th: The Lord of Storms