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Applications / Application: Vragdesh Wolfcry
July 06, 2015, 05:04:01 PM
Name: Vragdesh Wolfcry
Class: Warrior
Level: 96

Tell us something about your (role)playing experience:

I've been roleplaying for about 5 years now, playing on Defias until last year I transferred here. Every now and then I've given the other MMO's a go, but always return to the safe and familiar WoW. I've mostly been playing humans, with a little blood elf RP on the side, but I figured that it might be time to give another favorite race of mine a go, the orc!

And finally, please write a short story and/or IC introduction about your character:

Vragdesh was born in year two after the opening of the Dark Portal to the Warsong Clan. His parents, Vragrim and Akiya, had both gained fame and glory in the war against the Draenei, and Vragdesh was expected to continue the same path as his parents. However, the Horde was defeated before he even began his training, and the clan went into exile. His memories of this period and the homeland of old are muddied, and his first memories are of the long, exhausting journey across the continent, and how they were forced to hide from the human patrols, for years.

Vragdesh began his training with the other younglings of the clan at the age of six, and while he was strong for his age he showed little natural skill to start with, but he was a quick learner and came to wield the axe with great efficiency. According to the customs of his clan, that every Warsong must carry the bones of his first solo kill as a necklace, at the age of twelve he went out to hunt down a beast by himself. After days of tracking, he finally found a rather large bear that he had chosen as his target, fighting it until exhaustion but refusing to give in, he managed to kill it although he was injured in the process, gaining the first of his battle scars. Bringing back the bones of it's paw as proof, he fashioned a necklace out of them, and was recognised as an adult.

When Thrall gathered the surviving orc clans to free his people, Vragdesh had become a wolfrider and fought with his clan in this new Horde to free the orcs from the camps. He came to admire Thrall greatly for his efforts to save his people, and also for restoring their traditions, which he feels important and thought would give them back their spirit as a race.

With the Horde traveling across the sea, Vragdesh quickly found himself in the Ashenvale Forest, fighting against the night elves. In the first skirmishes, he lost his riding wolf and loyal friend, Goremane. Wanting revenge for both his wolf, and his brothers and sisters that had fallen to the elves' arrows, he eagerly drank the demon blood when ordered to do so and in the following battle, he gained his name Wolfcry. When Thrall and Grom freed them of their blood haze once more, he felt shame for how willing he had been to take part in the damning of his people once more. Seeking to redeem himself as his chieftain had done, he fought in the battle of Hyjal, and gained fame within his clan for refusing to give ground and felling demons with vigor.

After the war was over and Durotar established, Vragdesh decided to perform the Om'riggor at this time. Once again, he went out to hunt for days, and finally completed the rite by killing a large male raptor, adding it's bones to his necklace. He fought loyally with his clan and the Horde in the campaigns in Ashenvale, Northrend, Stonetalon and Twilight Highlands, but finally in Pandaria, when Garrosh sought to use the Sha to empower himself and his troops, he left the clan and went into self-imposed exile, refusing to follow a chieftain who would learn nothing from his father and would damn his people once more, forcing brother to fight brother.

He did not participate in the rebellion, or any other fights with the Horde, living as a nomad, traveling across Horde-held lands in Kalimdor and contemplating his past. Finally, when he heard rumors of the new Draenor and the Iron Horde in the villages he bought supplies in, the stories of how the orcish clans used to be rook root. He longed for the days of when their people had been honorable, united, strong, and the wish to live in a clan grew within him again. Having heard of them before, and seen them on the field of battle, he decided to seek out the Red Blade.