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Title: Cleansing Oshu'gun (22/12)
Post by: Kozgugore on December 21, 2009, 02:06:48 AM

As you hopefully know, we have officially left Hammerfall behind us! Instead, other challenges await us out there! Word has reached me a party of draenei and the like will make for Oshu'gun, our sacred mountain, come the 22nd day of the month. Them mission be apparently to cleanse it from any demonic or impure presence so it may once again be pure!

I know some of you orcs, however! Some of you remember the taint we brought to our own lands ourselves! We be part responsible for whatever taint that resides deep within! This alone be enough reason to try and aid the draenei in this undertaking! I know some of you trust them as little as you trust humans, so if not to cleanse the mountain ourselves, we are to at least keep an eye on what them true intentions be.

We will gather in Garadar at the seventh horn, and try to meet with the draenei party out in the field after that! Remember! We be there to kill daemons! No draenei! If you can't stay your blade at the sight of draenei, this will be no place for you! You be free to sit this one out if this be the case! The rest of you - let's kill ourselves some stinking daemon-filth!

For the Blood of the Tribe!
Chieftain Kozgugore Feraleye

(( Tuesday, 22 December, 19:00
Garadar, Nagrand