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The Path of Wisdom

Started by Kozgugore, March 21, 2021, 10:38:33 PM

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A long time ago, the Red Blades were little more than impetuous warriors, seeking glory, fame and honor for either themselves or the highest bidder. All of this changed when the warband settled down in the northernmost reaches of the Old World and reformed into a clan. It takes more than the primal might of the blade to guide a clan into prosperity, and so there came a need for enlightenment: orcs who made it their life's work to pursue religion and matters of the mind. Enter the Path of Wisdom.

Whether it's the Furies of the Old World, the elements of Azeroth, the ancestral spirits, medicinal healing or even matters of the mind, the Path of Wisdom is home to all orcs with an affinity for any one of these aspects. Shamans may be the most obvious choice when it comes to orcs, but even spiritually attuned orcs that are not trained in the arts of shamanism, wise men and women and more recently even mages have a place in the Path. Although the Path's focus lies rooted in the spiritual origins of the clan of old, it offers a place for all orcs who are continuously in search of further knowledge and enlightenment. In doing so, they, too, carry great responsibility in their spiritual duties to the clan as a whole.

The Gosh'kar, or Disciples of the Totem, form the spiritual center of the clan. It is by their guidance that the clan remains true to the spirits and the elements, and by their hand that its orcs remain in good health and do not give in to the malevolent influences of Azeroth. As such, the Gosh'kar are multifaceted in their roles and fill in a myriad of positions within the clan.

Not only do the shamans of the clan ensure that all elements remain in balance and the spirits are adequately honoured and pleased, fledglings to shamanism or orcs that are generally spiritually inclined are also welcomed to learn and harness the clan's spirituality. In addition to these orcs, spellcasters are also welcomed in to help further academical or other magical goals, as well as healers and other learned orcs - even diplomats and scribes. Indeed, the Path of Wisdom and its Gosh'kar carry a multitude of responsibilities, but the path is also a never-ending one: its orcs are expected to always continue seeking further enlightenment and wisdom - both for the clan's sake as well as their own.

Progression as a Gosh'kar:

The Initiates are the first tier in the progression of the Gosh'kar. They have only just made their first steps to enlightenment, and are expected to keep a close eye on their peers and learn from them. When appointed a mentor, they will aid their mentor in the tasks they are given. It is during this time that the Initiates are expected to discover for themselves what future position within the clan would help them best in being of service to their kin.

Seekers form the heart of the Path of Wisdom, standing as fully fledged Gosh'kars of the clan and entrusted to carry out any and all of its core duties in maintaining the clan's balance. Depending on the role they have chosen for themselves to fill in within the clan, they strive to fulfill these to the best of their abilities. The Path of Wisdom does not end here, however: Seekers are expected to continue on expanding their knowledge and skills, as an orc never ceases to learn new things.

While the Path of Wisdom can be home to any orc who seeks to learn greater knowledge of matters of spirits, elements, magics, the mind or otherwise, it takes a particular amount of dedication and devotion to one's profession to rise above the average Gosh'kar. The Keepers are just that: proof that a Gosh'kar's pursuit for knowledge never ends, and that no excuse is great enough to keep an orc from expanding upon one's wisdom. The Keepers know exactly what their role in the clan is and have proven this to their fellow orcs, who have time and again been able to rely upon the Keeper's abilities and wisdom. It is they who have grown wise enough to teach newcomers to the Path of Wisdom, helping them, in turn, find their own lot in life.

The Sages are without a doubt the most experienced Gosh'kar treading upon the Path of Wisdom, second only to the Thur'ruks who lead them. They have proven to be a pillar of the community through the times, known among many of their fellow orcs to have helped out whenever their wisdom or expertise was called upon. The position of the Seer is just so much a position of guidance and authority as it is of reverence and respect, examples for other Gosh'kar to strive for.

Known for their wisdom and experience in all manners of mysticism, the Thur'ruk, or Spirit Speakers, are the clan's spiritual guides in times of both peace and war. They are considered to be the wisest sages among the clan. As such, they are responsible for leading the Path of Wisdom, guiding their fellow Gosh'kar in further search of knowledge and wisdom. They are also the clan's spiritual anchors, responsible for the most important rituals in order to preserve the balance between the clan and the spirits and elements alike.

Both in the times of the old clan as well as the present, it is the Thur'ruk who often serve as the chief advisers of the Wolfking. In addition to this, however, they are responsible for the Gosh'kar that are in their charge, ensuring they never tarry in their never-ending search for wisdom and enlightenment and aiding them in doing so.
Kozgugore Feraleye - Chieftain of the Red Blade


Path Progression

Initiate - Rite of Spirits completed
Seeker - Rite of Vision completed
Keeper - Rite of Bonds completed
Sage - Rite of Ascendance completed

Reports may be handed in either in-game at the corresponding Elder or via a written IC report. Every final task must be reported at a Clan Meeting. If there are no corresponding Elders available for an extended amount of time, you may report to the Chieftain or another Elder as well.

Rite of Spirits

Totemic Focus

Task: Study the Great Spirit of the Clan and learn what each of them represent. When you have a basic knowledge of each of them, choose at least one Great Spirit to devote yourself to and to be your patron. Carve out your own, personal totem to represent your chosen Great Spirit with. Ensure that you are able to motivate the choices of your Great Spirit and totem when asked.

Requirement: Casual RP

Ritual of the Great Spirit

Task: Host a ritual in honour of your chosen Great Spirit. Choose for yourself how to present this ritual. It can be made as a separate event, or as part of a larger one. Ensure at least five or more orcs are present to witness the ritual. Provide a report of the ritual and your crafted totem to the Thur’ruk.

Requirement: Casual RP / event and IC report

Spirit Quest

Task: Using all the knowledge you have gained of your Great Spirit, venture out into the Wilds to find attunement with your patron. Use this Spirit Quest as a time of learning or to face a personal challenge. Perhaps you have some inner demons to overcome, or a personal question you need answered. It needs to be a matter of both personal and spiritual importance to you. You may involve other orcs in this and turn it into a small event, or keep it personal. Present the results of your Spirit Quest at a Clan Meeting.

Requirement: Casual RP / event and IC report

Rite of Vision

Spiritual Enlightenment

Task: Host at least three rituals of varying kinds on three different occasions. You are allowed to include others in hosting the rituals, but they must be led by you personally. Provide a short report of each ritual performed.

Requirement: Casual RP and IC report

Ancestral Knowledge

Task: Host at least one seminar or story of your own choosing. This could be about a spiritual matter, about elements of the Code of Akashok, about the Clan’s history and ancestors or any other subject that can be considered relevant to the spiritual enlightenment of the Clan. If there is a moral or lesson involved, be sure to include it as well. Provide a short report of what you discussed and any reactions.

Requirement: Event and IC report

Purifying the Lands

Task: Lead the Clan in venturing to a place or object of spiritual unrest and set out to cleanse it. The place or object might for example involve restless spirits or elements, fel corruption or other kinds of dishonorable magics. Provide a report of your mission’s success upon completion.

Requirement: Event and IC report

Rite of Bonds


Task: Expand your sight by looking beyond the Clan and seek out outsiders from whom you might learn of their ways. Be it an ally to the Clan, a traveller on the road, a neutral party or even an enemy, all new insights can be valuable to learn of. Provide a report of your findings.

Requirement: Casual RP and IC report


Task: Choose a clan, organisation or warband that is allied to the Clan and set up a diplomatic mission to seek them out. Ensure that at least two or more orcs join you on your journey. The mission may serve to get to know our allies better, to improve our relations with them, to offer them an opportunity to work together on something or whatever else you deem would be a good means to strengthen our bonds with them. Provide a report of your mission.

Requirement: Casual RP and IC report

Gathering Storms

Task: Come to the aid of a (potential) ally of the Clan by guiding the Clan on one or more events. These allies can either be an NPC faction or a player guild. The desired outcome of this campaign is the forging or rekindling of an alliance between the Clan and its ally. Report the success of your efforts at a Clan Meeting.

Requirement: Event and IC report

Rite of Ascendance

Wisdom’s Guidance

Task: Be a spiritual guide to your fellow orcs of the Clan and aid at least three orcs with a personal matter. This could be a spiritual matter, but also a mental, familial or cleansing matter. Provide a short report of each activity.

Requirement: Casual RP and IC report

Echo of the Earthen Ring

Task: Host at least two Shaman or Clan Moots that touch on topics of your own choosing. A Shaman Moot may be an open floor that discusses one or more spiritual matters, while a Clan Moot is allowed to cover wider topics that orcs among the Clan may not see eye to eye with, with each side of the conflict having one representative. Provide a report of the results.

Requirement: Event and IC report

Call of Flame

Task: Host a spiritually inclined campaign by coming to the aid of the elements, ancestors or Great Spirits of the Clan. This campaign must consist of at least three or more events. Provide a report of the campaign’s results at a Clan Meeting.

Requirement: Campaign and IC report

Rite of Wisdom

Task: The final step to becoming a Sage of the Path of Wisdom. The Thur’ruk will guide you into a spiritually induced journey that will see you guided and tested by your Patron based on the many experiences and trials you have endured throughout your time with the Clan. Success hinges on how you choose to answer the trials laid ahead of you.

Requirement: Officer-led event
Kozgugore Feraleye - Chieftain of the Red Blade


Rituals and Ceremonies

Vision Quest - A personal quest undertaken by the Gosh'kar at will. This may be carried out any number of time, particularly when the Gosh'kar is in need of guidance or self-reflection. The Gosh'kar will ritually prepare themselves for a journey. Once they have arrived on the secluded location of their choosing, they ingest of a prepared mixture of herbs that will send them into a trance. The hallucinations and visions that follow will differ for every orc undertaking the Vision Quest, as will the duration thereof. The Vision Quest may take as little as a day and up to a week, with varying effects to their well-being depending on the orc's mental health. Upon return, the ensuing visions may be shared with a mentor or elder in order to help reflect upon them.
Kozgugore Feraleye - Chieftain of the Red Blade