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Razaron Madeye

Started by Razaron, December 20, 2017, 03:39:00 AM

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Razaron by ShadowPriest
Click Here For Fullscreen

Name: Razaron Madeye
Title: The Primal, Champion of the Red Blades, the Insane
Rank: Varog'Gor

Born: -10
Age: 50's
Gender: Male
Race: Orc
Clan: Bleeding Hollow Clan (MU)
Class: Shaman
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral/Chaotic Good

Family: Gorgush (Father, deceased), Kazraka (Mother, deceased), Razara (Grandmother, deceased)
Known Friends: Kozgugore
Known Enemies: Unknown

Razaron is middle aged, average height and his lean green body is slightly underweight for an orc. You notice his scraggly long black beard is filled with fangs from a wolf. He has a long necklace which adorns the tusks of orcs and memories of his past. His left eye is a piercing crystal blue and a battered brown eye patch covers up his right eye. His face has scars that have seen many battles across the years and on his chest, back and arms are some tribal tattoo markings. Madeye adorns a shamanic fur mantle over his shoulders, a bulky brown belt with underlying fur that covers his abdomen and his upper legs end with some lightweight mail. His knees and wrists are wrapped with some stained bandages as he walks across the land with wrapped leather boots.

His attire is quintessentially the bare minimum.

There is still some debate amongst those closest to Razaron that question if he truly is insane? There is a fine line between madness and genius and at times either can be easily mistaken. Razaron has lived a life of loss, grief and torment and this has left him outwardly coming across as cold and uncaring. But deep down this is a safeguard to protect himself from forming close relationships and prevent himself from further pain and sorrow. In actual fact when Razaron does form a close relationship he is overly protective to the point that he would risk his entire life to maintain it, his emotions are often at the extreme ends. Razaron is often a recluse and tends to watch the orcs rather then join in, this is a behaviour he developed as a child when he was seen as an outcast amongst his clan. If pushed however he will join in but he usually won’t be the one to initiate any sort of interactions. Razaron has a odd sense of humour, he often tries to find the funny side of any situations and has been known to make a joke at the most inappropriate moments. Internally he does this as he wants a sense of camaraderie and belonging, he often feels he is out of place.

Razaron can often be chaotic and those who know him best still can’t predict what he’s going to do next. His methods are often very unusual but the orcs can never ignore the success that comes with it. Razaron holds the value of tradition highly as long as it benefits himself and he has been known to hold unfashionable views on the current state of the Horde. Razaron’s faith in the spirits is unquestionable, as a shaman the elements have now become a second skin to him. In time this faith has spread to the greater spirits of the clan and he has formed a spiritual bond with the one known as Sharguul.

Spoiler: Coming of Age • show

Razaron was born in the savage Tanaan Jungle on Draenor as apart of the Bleeding Hollow clan, his mother Kazraka died during childbirth so he was briefly raised by his father Gorgush. Razaron was a weak and frail child, malnutrition played a part because of his mothers death. Gorgush blamed Razaron for the death of his mate and cursed the day he was born. Gorgush was an Elder within the clan and gave up his only child, he wasn’t interested in his only child and forced another family to raise him. This family saw Razaron as nothing more then a outcast and neglected him to the point that it had affect on his physical and mental health, he even developed a stammer.

At the age of five Gorgush had started to show a interest in his son again however Gorgush was deeply conflicted. He saw Kazraka inside of his son but he could never forgive him for her death, nonetheless he started to take Razaron with him on hunts and teach him the basics of survival. Their relationship grew stronger and it was at this point Gorgush started to show Razaron more and more about the ways of the Bleeding Hollow clan. On one unforgettable night, Razaron was taken to the Bleeding Hollow cave to bear witness to a special ritual that culminated with Gorgush losing an eye. A war like no other was on the horizon and every orc of fighting age was drafted to go fight. Gorgush would depart leaving his son behind, Razaron was far too young to go with him but before he parted ways he left his son a gift, it was a gigantic axe that had strange markings alongside the cheek of the head. This axe was a family heirloom that had been handed down over several generations.

All those battle ready were sent to a bloody war with the Draenei, the elderly orcs were left to bring up the young. This was when Razaron met a strange old orc, she called herself the Matron. She scolded him because of his immaturity and taught him the ways of fighting intelligently. The style of fighting he learned was based on a dance, instead of relying on just his orcish brute strength, he would glide and strike swiftly. Razaron was a quick learner and it wasn’t long before yearned to learn more, this was when the Matron exposed him to blood magic.

The world around them started to to die, the rich green jungle had started to wilt. The Matron informed Razaron that she had heard stories of the orcs forming under a banner known as the Horde and feared something terrible was happening. It was shortly after that the Bleeding Hollow clan returned victorious but they weren’t the same orcs anymore, they had drastically changed, they were bigger, green and their eyes burned red after drinking the demon blood. Gorgush returned and demanded that Razaron perform a Om’riggor, a rite of passage for an orc to reach adulthood. Gorgush rage had magnified due to the demon blood and he took out his anger on his son who could never live up to his own high standards. An Om’riggor at Razaron’s age was unheard of, he was far too young but Gorgush’s rage couldn’t be sated, Razaron would either succeed or die. The only life left in the barren land of Tanaan now lived at the highest peaks, he would have to hunt a Rylak.

Razaron climbed to the highest peak and squared off against a gigantic Rylak with only an axe in hand, this would be a challenge for even an experienced orc warrior let alone a child, the Rylak was too much for him. The Rylak was poised to make his final assault on the orc child when suddenly a scream bellowed, it was the Matron, she had engaged the Rylak distracting the beast. She defied her age and battled the beast when she slipped and the Rylak didn’t hesitate to land a fatal bite. Razaron howled with horror, he lifted his axe, his body filled with adrenaline swung the axe down-wards severing both it’s heads in a devastating attack. The Matron was dying, Razaron caressed her in his arms. She revealed her true self to a shocked Razaron, she was named Razara and was his grandmother, the mother of Kazraka. Gorgush and Razara’s relationship had broke down when Razaron was born, Gorgush had threatened Razara to stay away from his son. Razara heeded his warning but it was only when Gorgush left for war she finally introduced herself to her grandson.

Razara had died, Razaron carried her limp body in his arms and a decapitated Rylak head as proof of his kill. Gorgush was far from pleased, he accused Razaron of cheating in his Om’riggor and sort the aid of the Matron, he hurled abuse at his child whilst mocking him and calling him insane. He then named brought a close to the Om’riggor and named his child, he now would be known as Razaron the Insane. Gorgush also informed him that he wasn’t worthy of Gul’dan’s gift and spat in his face, Razaron walked away to the mockery of his clan but he didn’t care, he had a pyre to build for his grandmother. Razaron’s status was never high amongst his clan, especially with his physical prowess being slightly thinner and his occasional stammer. He was always an outcast but even more so after the news spread of his dishonor in his Om’riggor. Even though Razaron never drank the demonic blood it’s affects were spreading, his skin had started to slowly turn green and the Tanaan Jungle had turned in to a barren wasteland. It’s new name now was the Hellfire Peninsula and at the far reaches stood a humongous Dark Portal.

Kil’rogg Deadeye, Chieftain of the Bleeding Hollow clan led the orcs through the portal to a new world, they were some of the first to venture to the other side. They would be used as scouts for the Horde to explore this new alien world. Their explorations would lead them to the Stranglethorn Valley, another jungle, the Bleeding Hollow would be ideal scouts for this terrain but they ran into a problem. The Gurubashi trolls called this jungle their home and they had been watching the orcs closely and had not taken kindly to them entering their territory. Without hesitation the Gurubashi trolls ambushed the Bleeding Hollow orcs, it was a massacre! Razaron was there, fighting side by side watching his clan being decimated by the onslaught. He then veered over and saw his father, he had taken a fatal blow. Razaron rushed over to speak to his father one last time, the demonic blood started to wane and as it did his rage and anger depleted. Gorgush with his last breaths apologised to his son and told him to be his own orc. Gorgush had died and the Bleeding Hollow were broken, they were in full retreat.

As the clan marched back towards the Dark Portal Razaron quickly slipped away, he had lost everything near and dear to him and would rather live a life of a hermit then fight for this fel Horde. He traveled for days to escape from any form of civilisation, he was alone and would be his own orc like his father advised.

Spoiler: Broken • show

Coming soon!

Spoiler: The Return of the Spirits • show

Coming soon!

Spoiler: The Curse • show

Coming soon!

Spoiler: A New Home • show

Coming soon!

Stories & Events:

Coming of Age
(Timeframe: Year -10 to 0)
(Timeframe: Year 0 to 10)
The Cursed Axe
(Timeframe: Year 39)
Varog'Gor in Training
(Timeframe: Year 40)
Whispers in the Shadows
(Timeframe: Year 40)
Tides of Madness
(Timeframe: Year 40)
Eye of Gorgush
(Timeframe: Year 41 to 42)

Things you may know about this character:
  • He can occasionally come across as cold and uncaring.
  • Has a flamboyant way of fighting, often seen dancing in the midst of combat.
  • His methods maybe unusual but you can't ignore his success.
  • Has an odd sense of humour.
  • Is a known spiritual dancer.
  • Enjoys his wine.

Things you may not know about this character:
  • He's from the Bleeding Hollow clan that came to Azeroth through the dark portal during the first war.
  • He's not completely insane.
  • A curse was been placed upon him.
  • He has dabbled with dark rituals and blood magic.
  • Takes all sorts of unusual intoxicating narcotics.

Spoiler: Gallery • show

Carbot Razaron by Razaron

Razaron by ShadowPriest

Razaron performing a ritual by ShadowPriest

Razaron by Acro Winter (Manata)

Razaron in-game art at the Battle of Lordaeron by Nina Ward

Young Adult Razaron by Maja McGowan


Updated and added new art.


Updated personality and added history.

History will be used as a quick recap of Razaron's past rather then having to read all his stories.


Added new art by ShadowPriest