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Author Topic: Draz'hul  (Read 337 times)


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« on: November 07, 2019, 06:44:32 PM »
No images for ol' Draz'hul yet!

Name: Draz'hul
Alias: Draz
Rank: Newblood, so none yet. Will update if he finishes his om'riggor one day.

Age: 33
Gender: Male
Race: Mag'har
Clan: Shadowmoon (AU)
Class: Darkcaster
Alignment: Chaotic Good or Chaotic Neutral.

  • Father: Tar'nesh
  • Mother: Zarka
  • Sister: Ralka

Known Friends: Vralga (past), is on friendly terms with all the Orcs as of writing.
Known Enemies: None as of writing


Draz'hul often looks weary, a little ragged and tired. His height is about average for an Orc, but compared to most he stood at a slimmer frame. The most notable thing about his appearance is the white-skull tattoo that covers his face. Partly for style, partly because he admired his former chieftain. He doesn't like wearing a shirt and is often seen wearing only a kilt and a belt to keep it in place. From his neck hangs an ivory idol fashioned in traditional shadowmoon style. The necklace it's self is a leatherstrap adorned with teeth. From his belt he keeps a few pouches and a bag, the bag itself is stuffed with scrolls and parchments. His staff is adorned with a skull and several bones hang from the ornament.

Draz'hul has a rather closed personality. He doesn't seem overtly social and he isn't the most talkative of Orcs, preferring to listen to others instead. He isn't however introverted or opposed to chatting with Orcs, he can and will whenever he feels like it. He just comes across as a quiet Orc.

Other than that he doesn't get riled often, can come across as a little apathic and mostly occupies himself with scrolls, books, parchments and whatever else he can read. He is a bit of a bookworm. He can however be quite impulsive and enjoys challenging himself. He is also a bit of a showoff and can be quite sure of himself, sometimes a little -too- sure.

Draz'hul was born on Draenor, altough the denizens of Azeroth would call it ''Alternate Draenor''.

As a member of the Shadowmoon Clan he grew up learning about the spirits and ancestors, dedicating his craft to communing with the spirits of the deceased. As the Iron Horde started pressurizing the Shadowmoon Clan he, among many others, started communing with the Dark Star, per Ner'zhul's instructions.

Whilst many of his fellow Orcs went mad he managed to maintain his sanity, but in the meanwhile he grew disillusioned with the state of the Clan. He abandoned the clan and eventually found his way into the Horde, offering his services and knowledge. In time he found his way to Azeroth where after a few years of wandering alone, he joined up with the Red Blades.

Things you may know about this character:
  • He used to be a seer.
  • He prides himself on his control of the Void.
  • He gets frequent headaches
  • He joined the Horde when they chased after Garrosh.

Things you may not know about this character:
  • He is bald by choice.
  • He actually already has an Om'riggor name but doesn't use it
  • He hears voices
  • He doesn't like the texture of talbuk meat

Memorable Quotes:
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Other Information:
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